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The most trusted high performance eco-friendly asphalt repair/maintenance product.

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1 The most trusted high performance eco-friendly asphalt repair/maintenance product

2 1) Mixture of asphalt cement, aggregate and petroleum cutbacks 2) Petroleum cutbacks are asphalt cement solvents 3) Product is temporary in nature CONVENTIONAL COLD PATCH


4 1) comprised of asphalt cement, aggregate, recycled asphalt and sustainable asphalt softeners (Natural asphalt softeners do not act as a solvent) 2) a high performance permanent asphalt repair 3) a direct replacement for conventional high performance cold patch GREENPATCH IS…

5 An enviromentally friendly liquid used for CHIPSEAL applications

6 CHIPSEALING…  -uses the same ingredients as asphalt concrete paving but the construction method is different.  With chipsealing, a thin layer of liquid is sprayed to the road’s surface followed by placement of small aggregates (chips).  The chips are then compacted for maximum adherence to the asphalt.  -is a pavement maintenance practice that extends pavement life and provides a good driving surface.

7 CHIPSEAL LIQUID being applied to road surface

8 Finished CHIPSEAL process

9 Current CHIPSEALING ingredients  Emulsions, asphalt cement & aggregates  Cutbacks, asphalt cement & aggregates  GreenSeal, asphalt cement & aggregates

10 1) GreenPatch contains 40-70% recycled material 2) Elimination of petroleum solvents 3) VOC compliant 4) No leaching of hydrocarbons What makes GreenPatch “GREEN”?

11 What is GREENSEAL?  Eco-friendly sustainable asphalt softener  Direct replacement for the conventional cutback-chipseal liquid  Superior performance vs. chipseal emulsion

12 1) Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) 2) Compounds that are emitted as gases from certain solids or liquids 3) VOC’s include a variety of chemicals that may have short and long term adverse health effects 4) VOC’s can contibute to the formation of smog and are known to cause respiratory ailments 5) Conventional cutback asphalt contains high levels of VOC’s. What are VOC’s?



15 1) GreenPatch liquid concentrate is price competitive with other high performance cold asphalt liquid 2) There are no additional steps in manufacturing or installation of GreenPatch 3) High use of recycled material reduced the need for virgin aggregates 4) Extended life of product eliminates the need for repeat applications GreenPatch Economics

16 GreenPatch ™ Paving the way.... to go GREEN.

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