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1 The Fuel Dice ▐ Introduction and Outlook ▐ As of January 2015.

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1 1 The Fuel Dice ▐ Introduction and Outlook ▐ As of January 2015

2 2 The Question ▐ Is it possible to have a biodiesel refinery containing the entire process from vegetable oil extraction to the ready product? ▐ Is it possible to have it self sustaining without the need of external energy? ▐ Is it possible to employ the most efficient way in producing biodiesel, a continuous process? ▐ Is it possible to produce biodiesel in a zero waste process? ▐ And all this in one single container producing up to 3,000 litres of biodiesel a day?

3 3 We have a solution

4 4 The Fuel Dice

5 5 The Fuel Dice, a complete refinery in a Dice Bio-Diesel Processing Crude Oil Treatment Pure Bio-Diesel Nutrali- sation Filtration Transesteri- fication Deguming Filtration Oil Expelling Oil Expelling Sodium Methylate Acid Oil-bearing feedstock Solid fuel briquettes, or Fertilizer Crude Glycerin

6 6 ▐ The challenge was to shrink a complete large scale bio diesel refinery and oil mill into almost the size of a 10’’ container and to incorporate a highly efficient process to produce biodiesel from any oil bearing feedstock according to international quality norms. ▐ Therefore the Fuel Dice is a fully equipped mini refinery mapping the complete process from oil production, oil treatment, transesterification, excessive methanol recovery, PH levelling and final purification of the bio diesel. ▐ The required power supply and process heat demand is realised by an integrated genset. Multiple unique innovation were created which result in a patent held by Enerdice like: ▐ The specific multistage reactor ▐ The combination vessel to achieve different equivalent residence times of different liquids in one vessel The Fuel Dice, the challenge

7 7 ▐ Compact Biodiesel production unit for Biodiesel in accordance with B100 / EN 14.214 ▐ Full production process from feedstock to the highest quality ready-to-use biodiesel ▐ Contains oil expelling, degumming, transesterification, purification systems ▐ Annually production capacity around 700,000 liters, daily capacity 2,500 - 3,000 liters ▐ Can be operated with any oil-bearing feedstock ▐ Fully automated and continuous production process, no batch production ▐ Self sustaining system; Electronic production control system; Remote production supervision ▐ Size of almost a 10’’ Standard Container, weight around 4 tons The Fuel Dice at a Glance (1)

8 8 The process is divided into 2 blocks: ▐ Block I contains the oil extraction and oil purification. For Waste Vegetable Oil applications, an ion exchange resin purification filtration system is integrated. ▐ Block II the transesterifaction, methanol recovery, the bio diesel purification as well as the ion exchange resin regeneration. Block II stays identical for any oil bearing feedstock and Waste Vegetable Oil application. The Fuel Dice at a Glance (2)

9 9 The Main Frame – High Strength: ▐ The main frame is designed out of high strength Bosch Rexroth aluminium extrusion profiles with the same mechanical properties like equivalent steel structures, yet 30 % lighter The Genset – Three in One ▐ The inbuilt genset is specifically designed, containing a Deutz Diesel Engine and a Leroy Somer Alternator. The B100 approved Deutz engine drives the alternator, but also delivers the necessary process heat through the use of its cooling water and runs the hydraulic system by means of a hydraulic pump mounted on a power take off The Fuel Dice, assorted technical Details (1)

10 10 The Expeller – High Efficiency: ▐ The expeller, a German designed and manufactured device, is driven by a radial piston hydraulic motor from Parker Hanifin (USA) and delivers an efficiency up to 94% The Flash Tank – Nothing left over ▐ The Flash Tank, in combination with a vacuum system, extracts the entire excessive methanol from the produced biodiesel and feeds it back into the process circle The Reactor – High Yield ▐ The 5 chamber two stage Reactor, the heart of biodiesel production, has an efficiency of approx 98%, guaranteed through its design and the use of high performance coalescers The Fuel Dice, assorted technical Details (2)

11 11 The Fuel Dice, assorted technical Details (3) The Centrifuge – Removal of solid impurities guaranteed ▐ The high efficient Centrifuge from Alfa Laval (Sweden) guarantees the separation of solid impurities and residual water from the pre refined oil before entering the reactor The Piping System – Complexity under Control ▐ The piping system and fittings are made from stainless steel Selenoid valves, sensors and pumps are ex proofed The Control System – The brain of the Fuel Dice: ▐ All process algorithms are controlled by a Siemens S7 plc. Different pump speeds are realized by Siemens frequency inverters. The interaction of all control components is accessible through the Siemens Simatic Touch Screen Panel, displaying all relevant process information at a glance

12 12 The Fuel Dice, Development Partners  Chemical Process Design and Assessment  Oil Expelling System  Oil Purification System  Biodiesel Purification System  Power Generation

13 13 ▐ In the developing world, and in tropical climates, Biodiesel is produced from high- yielding oil bearing fruits such as Jatropha, Palm Kernel, Copra, Sunflower Kernel and Macademia nuts to name a few. ▐ In the developed markets of North America, Australia and Europe soyabean, corn and canola are the common sources along with other raw vegetable oils (RVO's) and animal fats including restaurant trap grease. ▐ The Fuel Dice can handle most of the common feedstock without any, or only slight modifications of the expeller set up The Fuel Dice, Feedstock

14 14 During the production of Biodiesel the Fuel Dice automatically produces by-products such as: ▐ Crude Glycerin with a purity of ≥ 80% Raw glycerine represents a further added value. Depending on the world market price it sells for as high as 350 USD per metric ton. The Fuel Dice produces approximately 500 kg per day. Glycerin in its purified version, is mainly used in cosmetics, oral care products or in the food industry. ▐ Press cake from the oil expelling process The press cake is a further valuable by-product. It is used in food mills, as fertilizer or as solid fuel. Usually 1 kg of e.g. press cake from copra sells for 20 cents The Fuel Dice, By-Products

15 15 The Fuel Dice, Production Cost Schematic 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50 55 feedstock cost cost of consu- mables cost of investment overhead & logistics cost for internal fuel consump- tion revenues by products net cost biodiesel 25.51 6.69 2.94 1.76 1.85 9.25 30.50 Production Costing Schematic for copra in PhP per liter and cost of copra @ 17 PhP per kg

16 16 The Fuel Dice, Production Cost Schematic 0 0.2 0.4 0.6 0.8 1.0 1.2 1.4 1.6 1.8 2.0 2.2 feedstock cost cost of consu- mables cost of investment overhead & logistics cost for internal fuel consump- tion revenues by products net cost biodiesel 0.61 0.19 0.10 0.27 0.10 1.16 Production Costing Schematic for canola in AUD per liter and cost of canola seeds @ 230 AUD per metric ton -0.11 Revenues of press cake not considered

17 17 The Fuel Dice, single operation layout in meters Basic Requirements: ▐ Simple concrete slab ▐ Roof ▐ Fence or brick wall ▐ Lockable

18 18 The Fuel Dice, competitive advantages An Affordable Solution Industrial Production on Short Term

19 19 Decentralized production of Biodiesel For large farms and cooperatives to run agricultural equipment on the produced biodiesel The Fuel Dice, application examples Commercial production of biodiesel to be sold to blending facilities. New government regulation in multiple countries to blend conventional fossil diesel with biodiesel increases the demand of biodiesel and constitutes a highly profitable business perspective.

20 20 Decentralized production of Biodiesel and generation of power. The Biodiesel produced by the Fueldice is sufficient to run a genset to produce electrical power of up to 500KVA On remote islands, with sufficient feedstock available, the FuelDice, in combintion with an external genset, can supply electricity for up to 500 households and enough biodiesel to run vehicles or any other diesel engine (e.g. pumps, etc) The Fuel Dice +, application examples On large farms, together with an external genset the produced biodiesel can be used to run the agricultural equipment and to deliver the required electricity to power up the farm facilities

21 21 Power Production in combination with a back end Biomass Power Plant Within a zero waste concept, utilising the entire plant material of the input feedstock, the Fueldice in combination with a back end Bio Mass Power Plant can produce up to 1MW of electricity, depending on the feedstock The Fuel Dice +, application examples Woody Parts Shell Husks Press Cake Copra 16 tons per day 16 tons per day 5 tons per day 5 tons per day Electricity 400 KW Electricity 500 KW Combined Process based on Coconut as feedstock

22 22 Power Production in combination with a back end Biomass Power Plant and Coco Water Processing Facility Within this concept the input feedstock for both, the Fuel Dice and the Biomass Power Plant, is subsidised by utilising the Coconut Water as a further highly valuable product. The excessive heat from the genset exhaust gases as well as from the Biomass Power Plant is used to create the necessary cold for the Coco Nut Water Processing Plant through absorption chillers and to provide the heat for the dryer in order to remove the residual moisture of the feedstock for the Fuel Dices and the Biomass Power Plants The Fuel Dice +, application examples Coco Nut Water Plant Bio Diesel Power Plant Biomass Power Plant Enerdice 10 MW combined Coco Water – Biodiesel – Biomass Power Plant

23 23 Future Outlook and Development Program blank.potx FuelDice MT 3 FuelDice MT 4 FuelDice MT 10 WVODice MT 4 PuelDice+ 500 WVODice+ 500 FuelDice+ 1000 End ProductBiodiesel Power Biodiesel & Power FeedstockAny oil bearing feedstock Any vegetable oil Any waste vegetable oil Any oil bearing feedstock Any waste vegetable oil Any oil bearing feedstock + any biomass Capacity (gross/day) Up to 3000 litres Up to 4000 litres Up to 10000 litres Up to 4000 litres Up to 500 KW Up to 500 KW Up to 1 MW TechnologyFuelDice FuelDice in an upscaled version FuelDice with specific oil purification system FuelDice with independent genset WVO Dice with independent genset Combi- nation of 1 FuelDice & 1 Biomass Plant Oil ExtractionintegratedIntegratedexternalnoneintegratednoneintegrated StatusShow unitProjected for 2015 Median stage of design Projected for 2015 Median stage of design Projected for 2015

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