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Tech 50800: Champion/Define Presentation Summary of project  Sycamore companies are collecting information on cars from three different locations to.

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2 Tech 50800: Champion/Define Presentation

3 Summary of project  Sycamore companies are collecting information on cars from three different locations to be shipped overseas.  Lack of communication in receiving orders are causing cancelation, delays and customer dissatisfaction.  To improve communications process for better results.

4 Business case: Lack of communication and teamwork contribution The aim of this process is to fix a lack of communication that has a negative impact on the company management and also reducing the profit by %15. The company has three different locations shipping offices in three different states. The policy of the company on the orders is to be shared with all three location to ensure that all the orders being shipped and received on time. It’s easy to think separately of getting the work done, but it have been realized by the managers that there was great power of getting all the orders ready on time when it’s communicated perfectly. By improving the communication skills, management, human resource, sales, and chain supply resources, communication is clearly the grease that makes a good organization great, and it will positively affects the company’s outcomes.

5 Problem statement Sycamore Companies receiving orders from north Africa, middle ease, and Saudi Arabia on certain type of cars that need to be collected and shipped on time. Currently the company has three different location that receiving orders, each location is taking care of their order, looking, collecting and shipping which most of the time causing delays and cancelations instead of sharing the orders with all three offices to make the orders be collected and shipped on time. The problem impacts the organization in the following ways:  Delaying of getting the order and ship it on tome.  Cancelation of the orders.  Customer dissatisfaction.  Bad reputations.  Losing customers.

6 Goal statement, Project deliverables & Scope  Goal Statement: Improving communication skills throughout the locations of the company, and make the customers more satisfied by making their orders ready and shipped on time with good price to avoid the cancelations and keep customers.  Project Deliverables:  Manage the time with all locations that needs to be spend to collect orders.  Manage the expectation shipping time on orders to be shipped to avoid delaying and cancelations.  Increase the length of time on orders with the customers for better service on the orders.  Project Scope: The processing starts immediately the orders are placed. The orders information began send to all offices to start work on the orders and make the shipments ready in one place.

7 Project Schedule TaskownerweekMilestone 123456789101112 Define xx Chapm/define presentation Measure xxx Measure presentation Analyze xxx Analyze presentation Improve xxx Control xx Control presentation

8 Stakeholder analysis Stakeholde r Analysis Project RelationshipCommunication Strategy Impacted By project Can Influenc e Project Outcom e Content/ Process Expert Controls res’cs Has dec. Auth Meet With Reg Invite to Meetings Copy Of mins. No common needed Resp. for comm. Stakeholder District manager xxxxxxxxw.K Office managers xxxxxxxxw.K Sales managers xxxxxxxxw.k

9 SIPOC SuppliesInputProcessOutputCustomers District managers Order Requirements Reporting Requirements 1.Receiving orders 2. Collect information from location managers. 4. Shipping orders Shipping on time Sales managers Office managers Sales managers

10 CTQ Tree Customer(s) CTQ KPOV(s) Receiving Orders TIME Preparation TimeShipping Time Order Information COST

11 Voice of The Customer Analysis  Key Stakeholders Surveyed:  The owner  District Manager  Office Managers  Sales Managers

12 VOC-SWOT Analysis  Strengths  Good experienced managers  High level of education managers  Offering good support and free training and seminars to the location managers by the owner and the district manager  Managements are high skilled and well-maintained.

13 VOC-SWOT Analysis  Weaknesses  Lack of communication between district manager, office managers, and sales managers  Losing important details in the processing when rushing to meet deadlines on the orders.  Lack of awareness of other departments and locations processing when the order supposed to be made

14 VOC-SWOT Analysis  Opportunities  Improve communications skills between managers and locations  Improve communication team skills and offer to help out  Use different ways to communicate effectively  Understand the foundations of functional and interactive communication

15 VOC-SWOT Analysis  Threats  Poor communication can lead to poor relationship between employees  Lack of communication could lead to an unfriendly work atmosphere  Poor customer communication can show up in marketing pieces as well as from the sales force.  Poor of communication can obstruct the efficiency of the company or specific department

16 Rough ROI Analysis By improving the communication skills, it will help employees and managers from highly efficient team, and will enable the employees and managers to trust each other and management. Effective communication will reduce unnecessary competition within departments and helps employee work together harmoniously. Understanding the benefits of effective communication helps the company place a focus on developing a workforce that is able to communicate within the company and with customers, vendors and international business partners. Effective communication causes productivity to increase, to decrease errors and operations to run smoother.

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