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La Boulonnie AJS Process J. Allamargot - May 2014.

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1 La Boulonnie AJS Process J. Allamargot - May 2014

2 Nut’s AJS process The nut is machined on a swiss bar lathe, Tonos Deco 20, tapped by a single point tool. Internal thread is adjusted on a Go gage without play and also with a screw and tested on a special bench (side to side movement).

3 ID thread checking on Tornos Deco 20

4 Screws AJS process The screws come from a centerless raw bar and are fistly machined on Tornos Delta12-4 (Only 2 ends schaft : Hexagonal broach & ball hole. )

5 Hexagonal broach checking on Tornos DECO 20 The hexagonal shape is check with a Go / No Go gage

6 Broaching tool 0,0795 – 0,0805 Accepted until 0,083

7 After they are rolled on a dedicated rolling Escofier machine. External thread is checked with wire gages on the pitch diameter This process gives an advantage in comparison with a single point, no burrs and a better roughness Screws AJS process 80-100-127 TPI

8 Screws checking on Escofier machine

9 Screws AJS process for 170-254 TPI On 170 & 254 TPI, process is different from standard. The OD thread is made by single point tool on the high precision Boley lathe. At this step, the screw is ajusted with the nut. Rolling process is not convenient because the supplier is not able to machine the rolls and the external variation diameter would be to high in comparison with the pitch.

10 After cleaning, nuts and screws are together lapped to improve the smoothness

11 Assembly checking

12 10000 AJS checked in 2013 AJS 1/4-100 Side to side movement The play is checked on a special bench and limited at 40µm (side to side movement)

13 AJS allowances

14 Fichier side to side movement AJS Fichier des tolérances AJS8-100 et ¼-100

15 Special AJS ScrewbushingNutBall Grease for Movement Grease for ball Assembly & cleaning process Standard430FUZ39Pb2 440C 868 Gel FluorocarbonNye Gel 767Astandard V6430FUE9P 440CBraycote 601Apiezon HA47 / A484 > 10-6 Torr or Deep UV304UE9P 440CKrytox 240ACEpoxyA47 / A484

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