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PhyMet, Inc. by PhyMet, Inc.

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1 PhyMet, Inc. by PhyMet, Inc.

2 PhyMet, Inc. Founded in 1986 USDA and FDA certification in 1989 Agriculture Canada certification in 1991 NSF certification for MPF-0696 – The only solid lubricant to obtain NSF certification ISO9001:2000 certified

3 PhyMet, Inc. AMI Cooper Danaher Dodge FAG Kaydon McGill NSK RBC Rexnord SealMaster SKF Timken Torrington Currently approved supplier for:

4 PhyMet, Inc. MicroPoly Composition MicroPoly is a microporous polymer lubricant. It is a mixture of: –Plastics –Oil –Other additives MicroPoly is over 50% oil by weight.

5 PhyMet, Inc. MicroPoly is a “Sponge.” When friction or heat is applied, the “sponge” weeps oil to the surface. This provides constant, consistent lubrication as the bearing rotates. When the bearing is at rest, oil can be reabsorbed by the MicroPoly.

6 PhyMet, Inc. MicroPoly Applications Ball and roller bearings Linear bearings Ball screws Roller chain lubrication Bushings Wheel flanges

7 PhyMet, Inc. All Types of Bearings Ball bearing inserts Ball thrust Cam followers Cylindrical roller Double row ball Housed ball Housed roller Needle roller Roller thrust Single row ball Spherical roller Split roller Tapered roller Trolley wheels

8 PhyMet, Inc. Filled Bearings MicroPoly-filling bearings does not alter the dimensional tolerances of the bearing in any way. As you can see below in the tapered roller bearings, the MicroPoly simply fills the spaces between the rollers and the cage.

9 PhyMet, Inc. Cross Reference Guide Product Code Industrial Applications Food Processing H-1 H-2 Wash Down Applications Upper Temp. Limit Lower Temp. Limit E. P. Additive MPI-0800XX200°F–10°F MPI-0779XX225°F–50°FX MPI-2000X350°F–10°FX MPI-2400XX350°F–15°FX MPI-S700XX250°F–50°FX MPF-0696XXXX210°F–40°FX

10 PhyMet, Inc. When should you use MicroPoly? When bearings are failing due to: –solid contamination –liquid contamination –lack of lubrication –over lubrication When conventional lubrication contaminates the end product or causes safety hazards. When labor or down time costs are substantial.

11 PhyMet, Inc. Benefits of MicroPoly Lubrication Reduces costs associated with labor or down time due to bearing failure Reduces contamination Provides a maintenance-free bearing Extends bearing life Improves housekeeping by eliminating the dripping of grease and oil

12 PhyMet, Inc. Benefits, cont. Reduces scrap rate of parts caused by lubrication dripping onto parts Provides lubrication to difficult to reach applications In most cases, automatic lubrication systems can be eliminated

13 PhyMet, Inc. MicroPoly vs. Conventional Lubrication Grease - about 35% oil suspended in a thickener MPL - over 50% oil Grease - bearing is filled 1/3 to 1/2 full. Overfilling can cause churning. MPL - bearing is filled 100%. More oil is available for lubrication. Due to solid structure, there is no churning.

14 PhyMet, Inc. Limitations Temperature Limitations – see Cross Reference Guide No direct contact with –Acids –Strong detergents Speed Limitations All new applications should be reviewed with PhyMet personnel.

15 PhyMet, Inc. Speed Limitations Single row ball bearing, metal cage300,000 Single row ball bearing, plastic cage 40,000 Double row ball bearing150,000 Angular contact ball bearing150,000 Self-aligning ball bearing150,000 Cylindrical roller bearing150,000 Spherical roller bearing 85,000 Tapered roller and roller thrust bearings 45,000 Bearing TypeNdm Max RPM = Ndm/(0.5*(Bore + OD)) in mm

16 PhyMet, Inc. Example Single row ball bearing, metal cage: Bearing number: 6210 Ndm Value: 300,000 Max RPM = 300,000 = 4,287 RPM 0.5*(50+90) Single row ball bearing, plastic cage: Bearing number: 6210 Ndm Value: 40,000 Max RPM = 40,000 = 571 RPM 0.5*(50+90)

17 PhyMet, Inc. High Speed MicroPoly: MPI-S700 Single row ball bearings, metal cage MPI-S700 MPI-0800

18 PhyMet, Inc. Original Equipment Manufacturers Application:Steering columns in trucks Bearing Type:Tapered roller thrust bearing Problem:Due to severe road conditions dirt, water, and road salt contaminated the bearings. Warranty requirements were not being met. Results: Over 150,000 of these bearings have been filled over 8 years, with no failures reported. Warranty requirements are being met.

19 PhyMet, Inc. Automotive Industry Application: Towmotors, front wheel spindles Bearing Type: Tapered roller bearings Conditions: Heavy load. Bearing life 3 - 12 months. Results: Bearing life extended to 3.5 years. The automobile company saved $337,134.

20 PhyMet, Inc. Power Generating Industry Application: Coal pulverizer grinding wheel Bearing Type: Tapered roller bearings Problem: Coal dust caused bearing seizure, resulting in the dust igniting. Bearing life 9 months. Results: Bearing life extended to 10 years. Fires were eliminated. The company saves $250,000 per year.

21 PhyMet, Inc. Food Processing Industry Application:Feather picker, chicken processing Bearing Type:Single row ball bearing Problem:Washdown of the bearings with water and detergents causes premature bearing failure. Bearing life 3-4 weeks. Results: So far bearings have lasted 9 weeks and are still running. Estimated savings $170,000.

22 PhyMet, Inc. Food Processing Industry Application:Potato chip sizer Bearing Type:UC205-16 Ball insert bearing Problem:Salt and other seasonings contaminated the bearings. Bearing life was 6-8 weeks. Downtime costs are $25,000 per hour. Results: Bearing life has been extended to 18 months. Estimated cost savings over a 6 year period: $4,000,000.

23 PhyMet, Inc. Metal Processing Industry Application:SealMaster SFT 35E – 2 7/16” bore Bearing Type:Housed ball bearing, 2-bolt flange Problem:Buried in sulfur-contaminated sand. Bearing was contained with an end cap. Temperature 110°F. Bearing life 6 months. Results: Bearing life is now 12 months and the greasing schedule has been reduced. End cap was eliminated.

24 PhyMet, Inc. Earth Moving Industry Application:Trenching Equipment Bearing Type:Guide wheels and idler wheels, 22308 spherical roller bearing (axle bearing), FYRP 2 ½” roller bearing Problem:Trenchers run in dusty, dirty, muddy conditions. Dirt and mud are pulled up into the bearings. Results: Life of the idler wheels and axle bearings was extended from one month to one year. Life of the FYRP bearing was extended from 2 months to 2 years.

25 PhyMet, Inc. MicroPoly Lubricants

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