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2 2 Customer Support, ECC & ICA Customer Coverage Status – OEM`2-Feb-14 Region Trans it WHS Norms for Domestic11 Norms for Europe63 Norms for China73 STARTERSNorms for North America73 #WHSPART NUMBERMODELCUSTOMER EUROPEAN /NA/ AP WHS STOCKS TRANSIT STOCKS TOTAL Average Weekly Volume CUSTOME R COVERAG E - WKS Shortfall Quantity to meet norms Comments 1A&S3M5T 11000CFDV6Saarlouis/Valen A&S6G9N 11000FADW10Ford OEMs A&S6G9N 11000ABI4Ford OEMs A&S7G9N 11000ACSIGMAFord OEMs A&S8G AAASTON MARTINAston Martin A&SAV6N 11000CASIGMA GTDIFord OEMs A&SCV6T 11000DBV408Ford OEMs A&SF1FT 11000EBF1FTFord OEMs A&SF1FT 11000MAF1FTFord OEMs A&SDG9T 11000AA Ford OEMs SML SIGMA GTDIVolvo Obsolute on 30th Mar'15 13SML ESMVolvo SML I5PVolvo SML SIGMA SIDVolvo Obsolute on 6th April'15 16SML DV6 - SSVolvo (63)Obsolute on 6th April'15 17SML I5P SSVolvo nos availed at SML whs CHINA I5P SSVolvo Volume 50 %, Awaiting confirmation from customer nos return back to Comstar due to foreign materials inside the container.

3 3 Customer Support, ECC & ICA Customer Coverage Status - OEM2-Feb-14 Region Transi t WHS Norms for Domestic11 Norms for Europe63 Norms for China73 STARTERS Norms for North America 73 #WHSPART NUMBERMODELCUSTOMER EUROPEAN/N A/ AP WHS STOCKS TRANSIT STOCKS TOTAL Average Weekly Volume CUSTOMER COVERAGE - WKS Shortfall Quantity to meet norms Comments Domestic Customers 19TVS-P X1TML / FIAT TVS-P X1 COMMTML / FIAT TVS-P FIREFIAT Discussion is going on with customer to cater parts to them. This is because of last four months they didn't pulled as per their schedule 22CHETAK SUPER ACE Supplied as per Schedule 23AXPRESS NANOTML (840) 716 Pcs are under TML plant as starters. 24TVS-HF ALP15Ashok Leyland D3 - 8G1T11000BA 25BAY 8G1T 11000BAD3Ford OEMs BAY AV6N 11000CASIGMA GTDIFord OEMs BAYCP7C3U 11005AAARMATURECOMSTAR NA BAYAC3U 11390AASOLENOIDCOMSTAR NA

4 4 CodeRegionOct-14Nov-14Dec’14 Jan’15 to date Production AHVFAAsia-Pacific100 AHVFCEurope92100 AHVFGNorth America – Bay100 AHVFHComstar LLC USA Service AHVFCEurope D ispute Rejected AHVFGNorth America – Bay95 57 dispute rejected Dispute Rejected 85 under Dispute AHVFHComstar LLC USA GUR4AComstar LLC USA Refresh Date: 02 nd Feb 2015 Data period: 27 th Jan to 01 st Feb SUPER-G Rating Summary Oct’14, Nov’14, Dec’14 & Jan’15: Customer Support, ECC & ICA

5  Customer critical parts for next two weeks  Nil  Critical parts to be produced this week at Comstar to avoid line stoppage at Customer Jatco – After Market ( Armature Shaft not available) 3S6T AD (B+ Insulator not available) 2T14 CC ( Frame shortage) 2T1U AM (Yoke Pulley Not Available  Critical Containers for next two weeks  Nil  FCSD long pending parts to be produced this week to avoid lost delivery performance  Nil  Starters Produced against the production plan in % Customer Support, ECC & ICA Week 47 (17th Nov'14 Week) Week 48 (24th Nov'14 Week) Week 49 (01st Dec'14 Week) Week 50 (08th Dec'14 Week) Week 51 (15th Dec'14 Week) Week 52 (22nd Dec'14 Week) Week 2 (05th Jan'15 Week) Week 4 (19th Jan'15 Week) Week 5 (26 th Jan'15 Week) Week 6 (2 nd Feb’15 Week) Production Plan Qty Produced against the Plan Difference (249)26(445)9017(861) (-782) Achieved in %

6 6  EXT - WHS sales booking status SML Whs – Sales booked up to 2 nd Feb’15 A/S Whs – Sales booked up to 2 nd Feb’15 BAY Whs – Sales booked up to 2 nd Feb’15 China Whs – Sales booked up to 2 nd Feb’15  Customer Reconciliation Status BAY Whs – Completed up to 28 th Dec’14 SML Whs & A/S Whs - Completed up to 28 th Dec’14 China Whs – Completed up to 28 th Dec’14 Comstar LLC (NA) - Completed up to 28 th Dec’14 Direct Customers – To be Completed Jan’15 Customer Support, ECC & ICA

7 7  Aftermarket Budget Volume Vs Actual - So Far in Jan’15

8 8 Customer Support, ECC & ICA  Aftermarket pending orders - Approximate value is Rs. 1.75Cr Item NumberOEM RefProductTotalValue FB MEStr AB ACStr G9N ACStr BYU AAStr X ACStr S6U EEStr S7T DCStr M5T AEStr M5T CFStr T14 BCStr G9N FAStr G9N ECStr YC1U AFStr T14 CCStr S6T FCAlt S6T ADAlt S6Y ADAlt S7T CFAlt YC1U EAAlt T1U BEAlt T1U CFAlt T1U AMAlt AMDF5C 11000AA6C1T AAStr Grand Total ,351,392

9 9  Aftermarket Orders Aging CustomerItem NumberOE RefProductQuantity OpenDue DateAge Remarks AEE S7T DCStr /22/ Awaiting for shipment EDR T14 CCStr /22/ DTS G9N FAStr 45.01/5/ Awaiting for shipment DTS G9N ECStr 45.01/5/ DTS T14 CCStr 45.01/5/ DTS S7T CFAlt 45.01/5/ Awaiting for shipment DTS YC1U AFStr 45.01/5/ Awaiting for shipment EDR G9N ACStr 30.01/5/ EDR FB MEStr 10.01/5/ Awaiting for shipment ARTEC YC1U AFStr /12/ Awaiting for shipment EDR AB ACStr 45.01/12/ Awaiting for shipment BIGOT T1U AMAlt 25.01/15/ BIGOT S7T DCStr /19/ BIGOT AMDF5C 11000AA 6C1T AAStr /19/ HCA YC1U EAAlt 45.01/22/ HCA S7T CFAlt 20.01/22/ EDR T14 BCStr 45.01/22/ CASCO S6T FCAlt /31/ CASCO S6T ADAlt /31/ CASCO S6Y ADAlt 20.01/31/ CASCO T1U BEAlt 90.01/31/ CASCO T1U CFAlt 90.01/31/ CASCO T1U AMAlt 90.01/31/ CASCO X ACStr 96.01/31/ CASCO S7T DCStr /31/ CASCO S6U EEAlt /31/2015 7Awaiting for shipment CASCO M5T CFStr 30.01/31/2015 7Awaiting for shipment CASCO M5T AEStr 30.01/31/ CASCO G9N FAStr /31/2015 7Awaiting for shipment CASCO BYU AAStr 20.01/31/2015 7Awaiting for shipment CASCO G9N ACStr /31/2015 7Awaiting for shipment

10 10  AFTER MARKET PARTS SALES HIGH LIGHTS Sales Value for week 4 (26 th Jan to 01 st Feb’15) – INR 2,670,597 Sales Value for the Month to Date (Jan’15) - INR 4,495,941 Sales Value Year to date (YTD) – INR 4,495,941 ( INR 4 Million)  Aftermarket Orders availability Status Product Open Orders as on 26th Jan'15 Fresh Orders received Quantity produced last week Quantity Shipped last week Additional Qty on Comstar Total Balance Open Quantity as on 02nd Feb’15 Min. Required by this week Starters Alternators Total

11 11 Customer Support, ECC & ICA Oct’14 – 17.2Lakhs. Nov’14 – 9.7Lakhs Actual. Dec’14–12.7Lakhs Actual. Jan’15 – 24Lakhs planned and 24Lakhs Actual

12 12 Action plan for further reduction and support required : 42Lakhs will be opening for 1 st April’15 and Of which Action planned  21Lakhs can be sold before July’15  12Lakhs is retained for next whole year orders based on previous 3years customer pull  4Lakhs material planned to bring back to Comstar India – Part sailed and ETA Chennai on 1 st week of Mar’15 along with Solenoids Support required  5.72 Lakhs BB5Z 11002C – Lying at Bay Ware house and need CBG support to get release for FCSD NA Customer Support, ECC & ICA

13 13 Customer Support, ECC & ICA  Container Tracking - Europe ETA at Europe (RTM / Zeebrugee) Shipment Date Cutoff Date WarehouseForwarderLinerContainer NoOriginal ETA Revised ETA 1 Revised ETA 2 Revised ETA 3 Actual ETA Tentative Delivery Plan Actual Delivery date Transit Delay Total Transit Time 3/Sep4/SepSMLDHLCMACMAU /Oct 7-Oct15th Oct15-Oct041 4/Sep A&SCEVAEVERGREENFSCU /Oct13/Oct12/Oct 12-Oct16-Oct /Sep11/SepSMLCEVAEVERGREENIMTU /Oct 12-Oct16-Oct /Sep A&SCEVAEVERGREENTGHU /Oct19/Oct20/Oct 20-Oct 24-Oct843 18/Sep SMLDHLCMATGHU /Oct 20-Oct 24-Oct036 18/Sep A&SCEVAEVERGREENLTIU /Oct20/Oct 20-Oct 23-Oct135 25/Sep A&SDHLCMAHLXU /Oct 27-Oct 30-Oct035 26/Sep2/OctRound TripCEVAEVERGREENDFSU /Nov 10/Nov 10-Nov 13-Nov142 30/Sep2/OctRound TripCEVAEVERGREENFSCU /Nov3/Nov 3-Nov5-Nov6-Nov135 8/Oct9/OctA&SDHLCMAHLXU /Nov 13-Nov035 14/Oct16/OctSMLDHLCMAHLXU /Nov18/Nov 18-Nov 21-Nov136 14/Oct16/OctA&SCEVAEVERGREENMRKU /Nov 14-Nov 20-Nov035 16/Oct Round TripCEVAEVERGREENPONU /Nov 14-Nov 19-Nov034 30/Oct SMLCEVAEVERGREENTGHU /Nov 28-Nov3-Dec28-Nov029 29/Oct30/OctA&SSCHCMAECMU /Dec 8-Dec 039 5/Nov6/NovA&SSCHCMATGHU /Dec 8-Dec 032 5/Nov6/NovRound TripCEVAMaerskMSKU /Dec 5-Dec /Nov13/NovA&SCEVAMaerskTEXU /Dec 12-Dec /Nov13/NovA&SCEVAMaerskMRKU /Dec 12-Dec /Nov13/NovSMLCEVAMaerskPONU /Dec 12-Dec 5-Jan053 20/Nov Round TripCEVAMaerskTGHU Dec 5-Jan046 19/Nov20/NovA&SCEVAMaerskPONU Dec /Nov A&SCEVAMaerskPONU /Dec 25-Dec 6-Jan040 27/Nov Round TripCEVAMaerskMRKU /Dec 25-Dec 5-Jan039 4/Dec SMLCEVAMaerskPONU /Jan 16-Jan 20-Jan1547 4/Dec A&SCEVAMaerskINBU /Jan 1-Jan 6-Jan033 18/Dec A&SCEVAMaerskSCMU /Jan 11/Dec A&SCEVAMaerskMAEU /Jan 18/Dec SMLCEVAMaerskPONU /Jan 4/Dec SMLCEVAMaerskPONU /Jan 23/Dec25/DecRound TripCEVAMaerskMRKU /Jan 26/Dec25/DecA&SCEVAMaerskMSKU /Jan 8/Jan A&SCEVACMAECMU /Feb 8/Jan SMLCEVACMACMAU /Feb

14 14 Customer Support, ECC & ICA  Container Tracking - USA ETA at USA (Newyork) Train = 49 days Truck = 42 days Sl.No Shipment Date Cutoff Date ModeForwarderLinerContainer No Original ETA Revised ETA 1 Revised ETA 2 Revised ETA 3 Actual ETA Tentative Delivery Plan Actual Delivery date Transit Delay Total Transit Time 6331-Oct03-NovTrainSCHHAPPAGHLXU Dec06-Dec08-Dec10-Dec22-Dec Oct03-NovTrain to TruckSCHHAPPAGHLXU Dec06-Dec08-Dec10-Dec 12-Dec Nov TrainSCHHAPPAGCPSU Dec06-Dec10-Dec14-DecDec-14Dec-2315-Dec Nov10-NovTrainSCHHAPPAGHLXU Dec14-Dec Dec-2222-Dec Nov10-NovTrainSCHHAPPAGHLXU Dec14-Dec 05-Jan Nov10-NovTrain to TruckSCHHAPPAGGESU Dec14-Dec Dec-1717-Dec Nov17-NovTrainSCHHAPPAGHLXU Dec Dec-1919-Dec Nov17-NovTrain to TruckSCHHAPPAGHLXU Dec Dec-2323-Dec Nov TrainSCHHAPPAGBMOU Dec30-Dec 12-Jan Nov24-NovTrainSCHHAPPAGFSCU Dec30-Dec 14-Jan Nov24-NovTrainSCHHAPPAGHLXU Dec30-Dec 14-Jan Nov TrainSCHHAPPAGHLXU Dec30-Dec 15-Jan Nov01-DecTrainSCHHAPPAGHLXU Jan04-Jan 16-Jan Nov01-DecTrainSCHHAPPAGHLBU Jan10-Jan 22-Jan Dec TrainSCHHAPPAGHLBU Jan10-Jan 22-Jan Dec08-DecTrainSCHHAPPAGTCLU Jan10-Jan 23-Jan Dec08-DecTrainSCHHAPPAGHLXU Jan16-Jan18-Jan 8009-Dec15-DecTrainSCHHAPPAG ITAU Jan18-Jan 8113-Dec15-DecTrainSCHHAPPAGHLXU Jan18-Jan 8215-Dec TrainSCHHAPPAG TGHU Jan 8318-Dec22-DecTrainSCHHAPPAGHLXU Jan25-Jan 8419-Dec22-DecTrainSCHHAPPAGHLXU Jan25-Jan 8626-Dec29-DecTrainSCHHAPPAG HLXU Jan 8824-Dec29-DecTrainSCHHAPPAGTRLU Jan 9006-Jan12-JanTrainSCHHAPPAG HLXU Feb 9207-Jan12-JanTrainSCHHAPPAGHLXU Feb 9409-Jan12-JanTrainSCHHAPPAGHLXU Feb 9820-Jan26-JanTrainSCHHAPPAGHLBU Feb Jan26-JanTrainSCHHAPPAGTGHU Feb

15 15 Customer Support, ECC & ICA  Container Tracking - CHINA ETA at SHANGHAI (CHINA) Shipment Date Cutoff Date Mode Forwarde r LinerContainer No Original ETA Revised ETA 1 Revised ETA 2 Revised ETA 3 Actual ETA Tentative Delivery Plan Actual Delivery date Transit Delay Total Transit Time 6-Jun TruckSCHHYUNDAITGHU N/A 7-Jul Jun BargeSCHHYUNDAIBMOU Jul17-Jul 2-Aug5-Aug146 4-Jul BargeSCHHYUNDAIFCIU Jul29-Jul31-Jul 21-Aug Jul BargeSCHHYUNDAIBMOU Aug13-Aug 1-Sep745 1-Aug BargeSCHHYUNDAITRHU Aug 15-Sep Aug BargeSCHHYUNDAIFCIU Sep17-Sep 13th Oct13-Oct Sep BargeSCHHYUNDAISEGU Oct 6-Nov Sep3-OctBargeSCHHYUNDAICNSU Oct 19-Nov Oct BargeSCHHYUNDAITRHU Nov22-Nov 18-Dec Nov BargeSCHHYUNDAITEMU Dec 10-Jan Nov28-NovBargeSCHHYUNDAITRHU Jan 12-Dec BargeSCHHYUNDAIBSIU N/A 24-Dec26-DecBargeSCHHYUNDAIHDMU N/A

16 CYCLE COUNT ACTUAL – WEEK 05  CATALYST & VARNISH / ALL MODEL ENDPLATES / SID & NANO ARMATURE Classification Parts counted Week -03 Jan-15 Total PlanJan-15 So far Class 'A' Class 'B' Class 'C' Total Variance details: Gross Variance 261,068 Net Variance 83,230  CATALYST & VARNISH / ALL MODEL ENDPLATES variance Booked  SID & NANO ARMATURE to be booked by this week


18 18  Engineering Change Control Status ECC TOTAL OPEN CHANGES DEPT WISE Dept No. Pending activities TOTAL OPEN CHANGES 93 Changes Implemented 110 Changed on Hold 1 Changes Closed/Dropped 81 PD 20 Purchase 33 SPE 27 MFG 13 Quality/IQ 3 CBG 1 MPL 1 ECC 5

19 19  Pending CMCs Stratification ECC 2011 & 2012 Pending CMCs DESCRIPTIONNO OF CMCs Number of CMCs open since Number of CMCs open since Number of CMCs open since Number of CMCs open since CMC Number Requestor Dept CMC Raised date Change DescriptionPart number Current supplier proposed supplier Current Status Revised target/ decided in meeting Dept CMC00262Purchase13-Dec-11 Steel to Aluminium End Plate - VP6G9U AA (Al) instead of YS4U (Steel) YS4U 11051BAEgonGencor Ramp down of existing steel end plate & Customer approval-Aft Mkt & TML 19-Jan-2015ECC CMC00384Purchase23-Feb-12 Additional sourcing of F7RU 11448CA Bush to SSPL F7RU 11448CA (F7RU 11448CA1) GKN IndiaSSPL Re-FCR access in online system 18th July'14 20th Aug'14 10th Sep'14 TBD SPE/IQ CMC00407Purchase11-Apr-12 Alternate source for VP6G9U 11051AA End plate to JAEIL Metals VP6G9U 11051AA to AB Sunbeam/ Gencor Jaeil Gencor die modification FCR Rejected RFI to be given 19th Jan'15 23rd Jan'15 SPE CMC00414Purchase26-Apr-12 Fully finished VP6G9U 11010CA Armature shaft from SRIMUKHA VP6G9U 11010CA (new part no: CP6G9U 11010EA) TKP + InhouseSrimukha FCR Rejected RE-PPAP inspection rejected 9th July'14 15th July'14 TBD SPE/MFG CMC00441SPE18-Oct-12 Drill depth added CPBV5U 11131AA-Gencor (also SCR00798) CPBV5U 11131AAGencor re-Build / IQ to clarify 12th May'14 16th Jun'14 4th July'14 TBD IQ

20 20  Pending CMCs Stratification ECC 2013 Pending CMCs 2014 > 6months 35 Pending CMCs of which 12CMCs for Rohith Springs, 4 CMCs for Saalasar Cu Wire CMC Number Requestor Dept CMC Raised date Change DescriptionPart number Current supplier proposed supplier Current Status Revised target/ decided in meeting Dept CMC00491Purchase17-Apr-13 F2TU 11135AA Hsg Bush alternate source SSPL(ALP) F2TU 11135AAGKN ITalySSPL RE-PPAP. Cost finalising 2nd Jul'14 TBD Purchase CMC00534Purchase30-Oct-13 Additional sourcing for VP6G9U 11390AA Solenoid assy Huanfang automobile(China) VP6G9U 11390AAIn_house Huanfang automobile(Chi na) Re-PPAP 4th Dec'14 7th Jan'15 10th Feb'15 SPE CMC00610PD28-May-13 Two piece F8RU 11A206AA Shunt - Busbar for all LXB and ser B models - Necco F8RU 11A206AA (CP7G9U 11055BA & CP2S6U 11055BA ) AVONecco CP7G9U PPAP Submission. TBDPURCHASE CMC00611PD1-Nov-13 Fiber band instead of 1C3U 11A163AB steel band in ESM & F series models 1C3U 11A163AB(CPBV5U 11A163AA) NeccoAngutest plan TBDPD CMC00614PD1-Nov-13 Fiber band instead of F7RU 11A163AA steel band in All LXD models F7RU 11A163AA (CP6G9U 11A163AA) NeccoAnguPV Testing 20th Aug'14 TBD PD

21 21 ECC BUILD STATUS FOR THIS WEEK CMC NUMBERDESCRIPTIONPART NUMBER CURRENT SOURCE PROPOSED SOURCE Model No. of motors required Chunk Build request date Build completion date Build ageing Remarks (in days) CMC00562Drive spring CP4PFF 11A000AA BaumanRohit Chunk-21b 25-Dec Pending CMC00563 Solenoid spring CP6PSS 11399AABaumanRohit CMC00564 Solenoid spring CP6PSS 11A189AA BaumanRohit CMC00574 Solenoid spring CP6PSS 11A184AA BaumanRohit CMC00714 Carrier Rod CP6PSS 11A187AA AswinWill power CMC00715 Plunger Ring CP6PSS 11A188AA AswinWill power

22 22 ECC TEST IN-PROGRESS DESCRIPTIONMODEL NO OF MOTORS REQUIRED BUILD COMPLETION DATE TEST START DATE TEST AGING Status (in days)(in Months) CHUNK - 22A6G9N 11000FA294-Nov-145-Nov-14913Need result CHUNK - 22B Nov-14-Nov-14913Need result DV6SS CHUNK - 22C6G9N 11000AB289-Oct-1410-Oct Engine occupied by New program. So could not able to start Engine durability test. Target : End of Jan’15 Tube Frame 8G AA1013-Oct-1414-Oct Need result 2.5mm Frame Retainer New tool & China Drive new Grease 8G1T 11000BA1310-Nov-1411-Nov Part received & testing yet to be started(Delay due to lab migration activity) Target : End of Dec’14 Tube Frame 8G AA211-Dec-1412-Dec Need result 3mm Frame F81U 11A171AA Seal form TEKLIGHT


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