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1 Safer & Cheaper Home Cleaning Products Green and Clean FINAL Oct 17, 2011-updated 1- 4-12 Materials developed under a grant from the Toxics Use Reduction.

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1 1 Safer & Cheaper Home Cleaning Products Green and Clean FINAL Oct 17, 2011-updated 1- 4-12 Materials developed under a grant from the Toxics Use Reduction Institute, UMASS Lowell.

2 WHAT IS SUSTAINABILITY? Meeting the needs of the present generation of life (human and non-human) without compromising the ability of future generations of life to meet their own needs. 2 SOCIALECONOMICENVIRONMENTAL FINAL Oct 17, 2011-updated 1-4-12

3 WHAT IS GREEN? Products and services that have reduced health and environmental impacts. Some ways a product can be green are: Less toxicity Biodegradable No/low VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) No carcinogens (cause cancer) or hormone disruptors Will not irritate skin/eyes 3 FINAL Oct 17, 2011-updated 1-4-12

4 4 Vida Verde Members - 2009 The Vida Verde Story FINAL Oct 17, 2011-updated 1-4-12 On average, a janitor uses 48 pounds of hazardous chemicals per year

5 Has anyone noticed a respiratory problem when they clean? 5 FINAL Oct 17, 2011-updated 1-4-12

6 6 Potential problems with household cleaners HEALTH ENVIRONMENT Indoor air pollution Poisonous if ingested Corrosive (burns) Toxic cancer reproductive harm disrupts hormone system Irritant (nose, eyes, lungs) All ingredients are not biodegradable Some ingredients break down into even MORE toxic substances Threatens fish, wildlife and humans – in soil, water and air AND they can be expensive!................ FINAL Oct 17, 2011-updated 1-4-12

7 SOME FACTS In 2000, 10% of all calls to the US Poison Control Center were from exposure to cleaning products. Over ½ of those calls were for children less than 6 years old (120,434 calls). According to the EPA – toxic chemicals in household cleaners are 3X more likely to cause cancer than outdoor air pollution Study of 1,915 cases of work-related asthma: 236 cases (12%) were due to cleaning products; 80% of these were new cases 7 FINAL Oct 17, 2011-updated 1-4-12

8 8 HEALTH EFFECTS IMMEDIATE (ACUTE) skin irritation respiratory irritation watery eyes chemical burns asthma attack LONG-TERM (CHRONIC) cancer hormone disruption asthma reproductive problems liver damage kidney damage central nervous system damage FINAL Oct 17, 2011-updated 1-4-12

9 9 ACUTE DANGERS (immediate) CORROSIVE PRODUCTS Severe Burns on eyes, skin and if ingested, throat and esophagus (oven cleaners, drain cleaners, acidic toilet bowl cleaners) CHLORINE BLEACH & AMMONIA NEVER mix – they react with each other to produce toxic gases that damage the lungs Should NOT be used by people with asthma or heart and lung problems Fumes are highly irritating to eyes, nose, throat, lungs FINAL Oct 17, 2011-updated 1-4-12 AVOID!

10 10 MORE ABOUT CHLORINE BLEACH & AMMONIA… Ammonia + Chorine Bleach  CHLORAMINE GASES Ammonia + Lye (in some oven cleaners )  CHLORAMINE GASES Chlorine Bleach + Acids  Toxic Chlorine Gas (in some common toilet bowl cleaners, vinegar is acidic) NEVER mix these ingredients together!!! 10 FINAL Oct 17, 2011-updated 1-4-12

11 ACUTE DANGERS (continued) FRAGRANCES In sensitive individuals, or people with asthma or allergies fragrances can cause: Respiratory irritation Headaches Sneezing Watery eyes Trigger an asthma attack 1/3 of substances used in fragrances are TOXIC (Phthalates – reproductive harm) Fragrances are considered “trade secrets” so their ingredients don’t have to be listed- You just see the word “fragrance” on the list of ingredients. 11 FINAL Oct 17, 2011-updated 1-4-12 AVOID!

12 WARNING LABELS DANGER or POISON May be fatal on short exposure. Specialized protective equipment required. WARNING Corrosive or toxic. Avoid skin contact or inhalation. (ex: drain cleaner) WARNING May be harmful if inhaled or absorbed. CAUTION May be irritating. No unusual hazard Most Dangerous Safest 12 FINAL Oct 17, 2011-updated 1-4-12

13 13 LONG-TERM (chronic) EFFECTS 1. CANCER 2. HORMONE DISRUPTION Chemicals that interfere with body’s natural chemical messages (hormones). They either mimic or block hormones. They can cause cancer, birth defects and immune problems. They can lower sperm counts & increase rate of male birth defects. 3. LIVER DAMAGE 4. KIDNEY DAMAGE 5. CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM DAMAGE (brain, nerves) 6. ASTHMA FINAL Oct 17, 2011-updated 1-4-12


15 15 CHEMICALFOUND INDANGERS A LKYLPHENOL ETHOXYLATES (Many different names such as: nonylphenol ethoxylate, octylphenol ethoxylate, Nonoxynol-9) -All-purpose cleaners -Stain Removers -Laundry detergent -Carpet cleaners -Endocrine disruptors; mimic estrogen; estrogen-sensitive breast cancer -Environmental toxin -Does not biodegrade easily -Altered reproduction and feminization in fish - Can be contaminated with a carcinogen (1,4 dioxane) P HTHALATES -Fragrances (many products; trade-secret) -Endocrine disruptor -Reproductive defects in baby boys -Causes asthma B UTYL CELLUSOLVE (Many names such as: butyl glycol, Dowanol, ethylene glycol monobutyl ether (EGBE), 2- butoxyethanol) -Glass cleaners (ex: ClearVue) -Oven cleaners -Degreasers -Carpet cleaners -Stain- removers -Reproductive problems -Fertility reduction -Embryonic death -Birth defects -Serious kidney and liver problems -Neurotoxin -Suspected carcinogen

16 FINAL Oct 17, 2011-updated 1-4-12 16 CHEMICALFOUND INDANGERS A MMONIUM QUATERNARY COMPOUNDS (ex: dimethylbenzyl ammonium chloride) -Lysol disinfectant - 409 -Toilet cleaners -Disinfectant sprays -Occupational asthma -Some have been linked to decreased fertility and birth defects in mice E THANOLAMINES (mono-, di-, and tri-,) Monoethanolamine (MEA): -Windex Original -Spic and Span Heavy Duty Degreaser -Spic and Span 10X Concentrate Disinfecting All Purpose Spray Diethanolamine: -Softsoap Antibacterial Hand Soap Triethanolamine: -Clorox Floral Fresh 2 Liquid -Orange Energy Pine Sol All Purpose Cleaner -Lysol Brand II Disinfectant Spray Aerosol, Green Apple Scent MONO-: hormone disruption; asthmagen; can form carcinogens DI-: suspected carcinogen, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, kidney, neurological, skin and sense organ and respiratory toxicant TRI-: suspected immune system, respiratory, skin and sense organ toxicant; asthmagen

17 FINAL Oct 17, 2011-updated 1-4-12 17 CHEMICALFOUND INDANGERS G LYCOL ETHERS - Preservatives -All purpose cleaners (including Simple Green) -Bathroom cleaners -Degreasers -Floor cleaners -Reduced fertility -Low birth weight - Developmental toxin - Reproductive toxin T RICLOSAN ( ANTIBACTERIAL & ANTIFUNGAL ) (also called Microban ® and Biofresh ® -Antibacterial Hand Soaps such as: - Ultra Dawn Dishwashing Liquid and Antibacterial Hand Soap, - Palmolive Ultra Antibacterial Hand Soap, - Softsoap Fruit Antibacterial Hand Soap (also in toothpaste, mouthwash, cosmetics, deodorant, kitchenware, children’s toys, clothes, computer equipment) -Endocrine disruption -Increased risk of breast cancer - Persistent in environment - Breaks down into more toxic substances that don’t biodegrade Sweden: In1998, 25% of toothpaste had triclosan- about 2 tons of active ingredient

18 DISINFECTANT QUIZ True or False? 1. Disinfecting is another word that means cleaning. 2. Washing your hands with soap and water is the best way to protect yourself from illness and infection. 3. You should disinfect more often if you have a baby in the house. 4. There is never a reason to use disinfectants or antibacterial cleaners. 5. All bacteria is harmful, which is why it’s important to disinfect. FINAL Oct 17, 2011-updated 1-4-12 18

19 WHY IS THIS SO CONFUSING? Complicated ingredient names Ex: nonylphenol ethoxylate, dimethylbenzyl ammonium chloride Lots of different names for the same ingredient Ex: 2-Butoxyethanol; Butoxyethanol; Butyl cellosolve; Ethanol, 2-butoxy-; Ethylene glycol monobutyl ether; Ethylene glycol mono-n-butyl ether; Monobutyl ethylene glycol ether; n-Butoxyethanol All ingredients aren’t listed on the label FINAL Oct 17, 2011-updated 1-4-12 19

20 FINAL Oct 17, 2011-updated 1-4-12 20

21 21 MYTHS 1. If it’s on the shelf, then it’s safe. Companies don’t have to disclose the ingredients Companies often claim it’s a “trade secret” – especially fragrances 2. If it says “GREEN” or “NATURAL” or “ECO-FRIENDLY then it’s safe & environmentally friendly. FINAL Oct 17, 2011-updated 1-4-12

22 Simple Green products still contain: Glycol ethers (reduced fertility; low birth weight) Ingredient Disclosure on Website Some ingredients on Not disclosing: Ingredients in dyes Ingredients in preservatives Ingredients in fragrances Ingredient Disclosure on Product Label No Makes: Simple Green® and Simple Green Naturals® 22 FINAL Oct 17, 2011-updated 1-4-12 Women’s Voices for the Earth Website

23 Shop for products that:  List all ingredients  Biodegradable  Are plant-based not petroleum-based  pH neutral (not a strong acid or base)  Packaged in pump-spray bottles not aerosol cans  Are third party certified 23 FINAL Oct 17, 2011-updated 1-4-12

24 What to look for…….. Specific ecological labels like: “no solvents” “plant-based” “no phosphates” “biodegradable in 3 to 5 days” Not just “natural” or “eco-friendly” or “green” (ex: Mean Green at Walmart’s is $1.24/qt but no ingredients are listed – is it really “green” – what’s in it? - where’s the proof?) Not just greenwashing….“no CFCs” (CFCs have already been banned internationally) 24 FINAL Oct 17, 2011-updated 1-4-12

25 25 LET’S LOOK AT SOME PRODUCT LABELS FINAL Oct 17, 2011-updated 1-4-12

26 Other Pollution Prevention Opportunities Chemical Substitutions Use vinegar to clean windows instead of a glass cleaner containing butoxyethanol Chemical Use Reduction Dilute as much as possible and use only when absolutely necessary Toilet bowl cleaner – use acid-based cleaners only when needed to remove hard water deposits and stubborn stains. Use a mild product for daily cleaning. Indirect strategies Floor mat at entranceVacuuming Changing the Cleaning Process Add vinegar and baking soda to oven, spritz with water, go to bed! Rinse off in morning. FINAL Oct 17, 2011-updated 1-4-12 26

27 27 IS THERE ANOTHER EASIER WAY? YES!!!!! (and it’s usually cheaper!) PLUS! You don’t need a degree in chemistry! FINAL Oct 17, 2011-updated 1-4-12

28 THE SOLUTIONS! Clean with safer, simpler ingredients!!!!Vinegar Baking soda Castile soap Water Olive Oil a coarse sponge SAFER, SIMPLER and CHEAPER!!!!!! 28 FINAL Oct 17, 2011-updated 1-4-12

29 GREEN INGREDIENTWHAT IT DOES BAKING SODA Cleans, deodorizes, mild abrasive, odor absorber WHITE VINEGAR 5% acid (NEVER mix with Bleach) Cuts grease, prevents mold and mildew, deodorizes, dissolves soap scum; kills 99 percent of bacteria, 82 percent of mold, and 80 percent of viruses LIQUID SOAP (Vegetable Oil based, castile or glycerin- says no petroleum) Removes dirt and grease OLIVE OIL Shines ESSENTIAL OIL (OR EXTRACT- less concentrated) Peppermint, lemon, lavender, etc. Mostly used for deodorizing or scenting cleaners. Tea tree oil is a disinfectant. 29 FINAL Oct 17, 2011-updated 1-4-12

30 DOES VINEGAR REALLY WORK IN REDUCING GERMS? FINAL Oct 17, 2011-updated 1-4-12 30 TURI Lab has shown that when you use 100% (full strength) WHITE VINEGAR, you can reduce bacterial count from 1 MILLION ONE within 1 minute!

31 31 Pre-Made Cleaner Prices All Purpose Cleaner FROM WALMART: Lysol All Purpose disinfectant $2/qt “quats”- occupational asthma, developmental toxin Green Works (DfE) $2.77/qt Windex Surface Cleaner – Vinegar $2.97/qt Meyers All Purpose Cleaner $7.98/qt Glass Cleaner FROM MARKET BASKET: ClearVue $2.79/qt butylcellosolve – kidney and liver problems, etc Green Works $2.99/qt Windex Original $3.68/qt (patented ingredients) Oven Cleaner FROM MARKET BASKET: Easy Off $4.99/lb monoethanolamine (hormone disruption, asthma); diethylene glycol n- butyl ether (developmental and reproductive toxin; “no CFCs “(Greenwashing- use of CFCs is illegal anyway) 31 FINAL Oct 17, 2011-updated 1-4-12

32 32 Furniture Polish FROM MARKET BASKET: Market Basket brand: $1.99/12.5 oz (aerosol) Pledge: $3.49/12.5 oz Drain De- Clogger FROM MARKET BASKET: Mister Plumber $1.39/32 oz (corrosive – burns- strong base) Draino Liquid $2.79/32 oz (corrosive- burns- strong base) Toilet Bowl Cleaner FROM MARKET BASKET: Market Basket brand: $1.79/24 oz (danger, strong acid, burns) The Works $1.59/32 oz (Danger, strong acid, burns)

33 COST COMPARISONS Green RecipePre-Made Cleaner All Purpose Cleaner $0.29 - $2.15 (per Qt) $2 - $7.98 (per Qt) Glass Cleaner$0.29-$0.69 (per Qt) $2.79-3.68 (per Qt) Oven Cleaner$0.27 (per pound) $4.49 (per pound) Furniture Polish $0.43 (12.5 oz) $1.99-3.49 (12.5 oz) Drain De- Clogger $0.75 (per Qt) $1.39-2.79 (per Qt) Toilet Bowl Cleaner $0.67 (per Qt) $1.39-2.79 (per Qt) COST SAVINGS! $2.70-$4.96$14.05-$25.22 33 FINAL Oct 17, 2011-updated 1-4-12

34 34 $2.12/4 lb Baking soda; Walmart in laundry isle $ 2.32/gal White Vinegar; Walmart $ 12.19/32 oz Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap; Hannaford's $16.63TOTAL GREEN INGREDIENTS With these ingredients you’d have enough Castile soap to make 9 quarts of All Purpose Cleaner PLUS enough vinegar and baking soda left over to make: - 4 quarts of Toilet Bowl Cleaner - 1 quart Glass Cleaner - clean the oven 2X (assuming you use 1 lb of baking soda each time) If you bought the same amount of pre-made cleaners the cost would be: 9 Green Works All Purpose Cleaner at $2.77 each = $24.93 4 The Works Toilet Bowl Cleaner at $1.59 each = $ 6.36 1 Green Works Glass Cleaner at $2.99 each = $ 2.99 2 Easy Off oven cleaner at $4.99 each = $ 9.98 TOTAL = $44.26 $16.63 You save $27.63! (plus health care costs!) 34 FINAL Oct 17, 2011- updated 1-4-12

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