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Mercer County Junior High I.S.A.T. Information for Parents.

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1 Mercer County Junior High I.S.A.T. Information for Parents

2 I.S.A.T. Preparation Ensure students are here every day and on time Ensure students are completing their assignments – Going over Math, Science and Reading Vocabulary – Looking over assignments prior to being turned in – HIGHLY ENCOURAGE students to read for at least 15 minutes a night Ensure they get enrolled in an after school program

3 I.S.A.T. Preparation During testing: – Ensure student get enough sleep – Ensure student get to school on time – Ensure student gets a good breakfast – Ensure student comes to school with a positive attitude

4 Reading Skills for Parents to Work with Students Read for at least 15 minutes a night with student – Read a variety of reading materials ranging from newspapers, magazines, and books (TIP: Try to find something that interests the student). Ask questions to check for comprehension, predicting, main idea, or vocabulary

5 Subjects Areas Tested on I.S.A.T. All grades will be tested in Reading and Math Science will be tested at the seventh grade level Writing will be tested at the eighth grade level

6 I.S.A.T. Math Both 7 th and 8 th grades will be assessed Test Format: – Multiple Choice – Short Response – Extended Response

7 Math Multiple Choice Samples

8 Math Extended Response Samples


10 I.S.A.T. Reading & Writing Both 7 th and 8 th grades will be assessed in reading Test Format: – Multiple Choice – Extended Response Only the 8 th grade will be assessed for writing – Scored using a rubric Focus Support/Elaboration Organization Conventions Integration

11 Reading Multiple Choice Sample Sharks by Herbert F. Zim Which of these explains the organizational pattern of paragraph 3? A)Cause and effect B)Sequence C)Compare and contrast D)Persuasive

12 Reading Multiple Choice Sample The mystery & history of SOAP By Sharon J. Huntington In paragraph 9, one end of a molecule of soap is hydrophilic and one end is hydrophobic. What does hydro- mean? A)Agent B)Grease C)Water D)Side

13 Writing Sample Your school has adopted an incentive program that rewards students for straight A’s. Do you think this is fair? Do you agree or disagree with this program? Assignment: Write a persuasive paper stating your point of view. Is the action taken by your school fair or unfair? Give reasons and explanations to support your opinion.

14 Writing Sample (continued) Directions Take a few minutes to plan your paper. Make notes on the other side of this page. 1.Decide if you agree or disagree with the school’s incentive program. Take one position. 2.Think of reasons to support your opinion. 3.Organize your ideas carefully. 4.Manage your time to allow for writing a closing. After you have planned the paper, begin to write. Finally, proofread your paper to check for correct sentences, puncuation, and spelling.

15 Science Multiple Choice Samples

16 Resources The Illinois State Board of Education provides resources to anyone interested in knowing more about the I.S.A.T. The website is – Click on ISAT – IL Standards Achievement Test The website has practice tests, powerpoints on test preparation, policies, and other information

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