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-Hair -Grease -Rent -Spring Awakening -Once

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1 -Hair -Grease -Rent -Spring Awakening -Once
ROCK MUSICALS -Hair -Grease -Rent -Spring Awakening -Once

Your Own Thing ( perfs) took the gender-switching plot of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night and reworked it around the management of a rock band called "The Apocalypse." Your Own Thing ran for three years, then toured. New York's first rock musical hit.

3 HAIR (1968) Hair ( ,742 perfs) had only a shadow of a plot, involving a young rock man who revels in rock and rebellion until he is drafted into the army. He falls in with a tribe-like group of hippies who sing about such pointed social issues as poverty, race relations, the Vietnam war and more. After brief runs off-Broadway (first at Joseph Papp's Public Theatre and then a dance club) composer Galt MacDermot and librettists Gerome Ragni and James Rado revised their "happening" before moving to Broadway where it packed the Biltmore Theatre for almost five years. Clip 1 – 1977 revival TV commercial Clip 2 – 2009 revival TV commercial

4 Hair REVIVALS #1 Apr 29, Jul 01, 1972 Musical, Original Biltmore Theatre, New York, NY #2 Oct 05, Nov 06, 1977 Musical, Revival Biltmore Theatre, New York, NY #3 Sep 20, Sep 20, 2004 Special, Revival New Amsterdam Theatre, New York, NY #4 Mar 31, Jun 27, 2010 Musical, Revival Al Hirschfeld Theatre, New York, NY #5 Jul 13, Sep 10, 2011 Musical, Revival St. James Theatre, New York, NY

5 THE FIlm Released in 1979 Directed by Milos Forman
Choreography by Twyla Tharp Starring Treat Williams (Berger) John Savage (Claude) Beverly D’Angelo (Sheila) Annie Golden (Jeannie) Dorsey Wright (Hud) Don Dacus (Woof) Clip One – White Boys, Black Boys Clip Two – Finale (Let the Sunshine In)

The Me Nobody Knows ( perfs) was a revue-like collage of songs based on poems by inner city children. Jesus Christ Superstar ( perfs) Godspell ( ,651 perfs) Two Gentlemen of Verona ( perfs) Grease ( ,388 perfs) The Wiz ( ,672 perfs) Dude ( perfs) Via Galactica ( perfs) The Lieutenant ( perfs) Rockabye Hamlet ( perfs)

7 GREASE #1 Feb 14, Apr 13, Musical, Original Broadhurst Theatre, New York, NY Eden Theatre, New York, NY Majestic Theatre, New York, NY Royale Theatre, New York, NY #2 May 11, Jan 25, Musical, Revival Eugene O'Neill Theatre, New York, NY #3 Aug 19, Jan 04, Musical, Revival Brooks Atkinson Theatre, New York, NY

8 Recent revivals Rosie O’Donnell and Brooke Shields
Cast on a TV reality show

9 The film (1978) Trailer Directed by Randal Kleiser
Starring John Travolta Olivia Newton-John Stockard Channing Jeff Conaway Didi Conn Favorite Musical Motion Picture 1979 People’s Choice Award Sequel GREASE 2 made in 1982 starring Michelle Pfeiffer and Maxwell Caulfield

10 Pippin – 1972 (1944 perf) 2013 Revival

11 A couple of British oddities
The Who’s TOMMY Willy Russell’s BLOOD BROTHERS


13 Rent ( ,123 perfs) By the late 1990’s, almost every show that made it to Broadway was a corporate product. With the average musical budget running over $8,000,000, it took a lot of people to finance a show, and they all wanted some say in the production. This left no room for amateurs or rebels. Even the much ballyhooed Rent was nurtured for a year by a company that booked and produced national tours. Rent's producers had vision and took a genuine risk, but it was a calculated risk informed by years of business experience. They guided composer-lyricist Jonathan Larson through extensive rewriting in the months before the show opened at The New York Theatre Workshop, and would have encouraged further revisions had Larson lived. As it was, the composer's death on the night of the Off-Broadway dress rehearsal made Rent a cultural cause celebre. As the show moved to Broadway on a wave of sympathetic publicity, no opportunity was wasted.


15 Selections from rent Rent press reel At the 1996 Tony Awards
RENT on Today (2005) At the 2008 Tony Awards RENT 2005 film trailer Final performance of original Broadway run Seasons of Love

16 Rock still lives on broadway
Rock shows recently closed, announced or running include: Beautiful, The Carole King Musical (running) Memphis (on tour) Motown (on tour, returns to Broadway in 2016) Rocky (closed in 2014) Hamilton (Opening soon) School of Rock (Opening soon)


18 VIDEO CLIPS of spring awakening
A brief documentary on the making of Spring Awakening The Bitch of Living Mama Who Bore Me Medley from 2007 Tony Awards Spring Awakening cast does GREASE from annual Easter Bonnet fundraiser 2007

Aida ( ,852 perfs) Mamma Mia ( still running) Movin' Out ( ,202 perfs) Hairspray ( ,642 perfs) Wicked ( still running) Avenue Q ( ,534 perfs) Moved off-Broadway and still running Jersey Boys (2005 – still running) In the Heights ( ,184 perfs) Next to Normal ( perfs) American Idiot (2010 – 422 perfs) Winner of 2011 Grammy for best cast album

20 ONCE (2012)

21 CLIPS from “ONCE” At the 2012 Tony Awards Falling Slowly Gold
The Making of Once Original film trailer Falling Slowly film version

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