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Mako-Lube Automotive. Company Profile Premium Quality European manufactured products  Well established and extensive product range UK Independent family.

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1 Mako-Lube Automotive

2 Company Profile Premium Quality European manufactured products  Well established and extensive product range UK Independent family owned business  Lubricant manufacturers  Specialist manufacturers Unrivalled Portfolio Based in Manchester UK Working Experience with  Kluber, DuPont, Interflon, Rocol, Bel-Ray, Fuchs Nearly 50 years lubrication management experience Targeting Kluber, Interflon, Rocol, DuPont, Bel-Ray, Nye Lubricants, Lubcon, Certified Lubricants

3 Seat Mechanisms Electrical Devices Cables Universal Joints Steering Column Braking Systems Clutch Systems Alternators Connectors Door Handles Headlamp Inserts Sunroofs Sintered Bearings Window Seals Seating INTERIOR UNDER BONNET EXTERIOR DRIVE TRAIN Suspension Bushings Fan Bearings EGR Valves

4 We offer special lubricants and coatings for a very wide variety of applications on vehicles and in production line maintenance Our group customers include:

5 Automotive Lubricants & Coatings

6 The basics…greases are made up of a base oil, a thickener & additives. We have a full range of high efficiency, performance greases based on mineral & fully synthetic base oils used by many automotive manufacturers and suppliers Standard & special greases with different thickeners from lithium, calcium, barium complex, aluminium complex, sodium and many others for various applications Additives are included to enhance performance and to address the application parameters. For example where a lubricant is needed to prevent corrosion, assist with extreme pressure/loads, extreme temperatures and high speeds or where water resistance or anti wear are issues. Speciality greases

7 GREASE = 100 % More Common Less Common BASE OIL + (70 – 95%) SYNTHETIC OILS Dialkylbenzène Polyalphaolefins Esters Polyglycols Silicones Perfluoropolyethers Polyphenylethers THICKENER + (3 – 20%) SIMPLE SOAPS Lithium Calcium Sodium Aluminium Barium (rare) INORGANIC Bentone Silica Polyurea PTFE & others ADDITIVES Corrosion inhibitors Anti wear Extreme pressure Antioxidant Polymers Anti copper Solid Lubricants Colourings Friction Modifiers Metal powders ADDITIVES (0 – 10%) COMPLEX SOAPS Calcium Lithium Aluminium Barium (rare) MINERAL OILS Paraffinic Naphthenic Composition of Greases

8 Some grease application examples Seating – mechanisms, controls, cables and noise reduction. Plastic compatible greases – low/high temperature Door and sunroof systems – Handles, window regulators/mechanisms, actuators, pivots… Switches – electrical contact greases and mechanical applications Underbonnet – fan bearings, alternator bearings, EGR valves – high temperatures, durability

9 Vehicle Refinement Eliminating trim squeaks and rattles on any type of interior trim component and compatible with all substrate materials, plastics, rubber, metals, leather etc. We also have anti friction coatings and lubricants for use as a slip coat for door and window seals, sunroofs & weather- strips to reduce friction, wear and very importantly noise and judder.

10 Assembly Aids Our products are used as assembly aids on :- Coolant Hoses Window seals & weather-strips Fuel hoses O rings, gaskets & other seals Air conditioning systems Plastic clips Bushings Complete range of fluids, gels & dry film lubricants to aid component assembly and decrease assembly effort & process time, they are compatible with most materials used.

11 Production Line Maintenance Synthetic lubricants which can be used to extend component life, reduce downtime and unscheduled maintenance in:- Paint oven conveyors Trolley wheels High temp’ conveyor chains E-Coat line – bath/washer chains

12 Dry Film Lubricants These products are:- Water or solvent based, dry film coatings Based on PTFE, Graphite, MoS2, Boron Nitrite or other solid lubricants and a binder A thin film of a low friction ‘paint’ or coating Ideal for ‘B’ surface interfaces Require ‘drying time’ or curing The most commonly known dry film lubricants are Molybdenum Disulfide (MoS2 or Moly), PTFE, and Graphite however there are many others.

13 Application Examples

14 Application Examples – Window Regulator Application Description  Window lift regulators  Window regulator guide mechanisms  Cable to drive wheels Application Requirements  “China Desert Sand “ Test  Min & Maxi Temperature requirements (-40 to + 90°C)  Lifetime – durability tests  Water resistance tests  Materials compatibility (plastics, metals..)  Noise elimination Lubrication Points

15 Application Examples – Window Regulator Problem  Ratio of Cost to Technical Perfomance were main criteria to meet demands of major Automotive OEM’s  Guarantee to supply continuity of special of Customer packaging needs for future Product  PAO based grease with good low temp torque and compatibility with plastics Lubrication Points

16 Application Examples – Dynamic Seals Application Description  Dry lubrication (interior and exterior) of a dynamic seal, with a low coefficient of friction. Application Requirements  Decrease of friction coefficient  Dry product  Compatible with seals FPM /ACM (VITON/ Rubber Polyacrylic).  Water Based  The lubricant has to be maintained even with the handling before the assembly.  The lubricant should not trap dust.

17 Application Examples – Dynamic Seals Problem  The customer wanted a water based product.  The lubricant has to be efficient, no migrating, and compatible with rubbers Product  Dry film coating Lubrication Points

18 Application Examples – Automotive Seating Problem  The customer required durable solution to various noise & friction related quality issues.  Compatibility with all materials including plastics, rubber & leather and a wide operating temperature range (-40◦C to 120◦C) Product  PFPE oil (on leather trim)  PAO/Lithium grease (on headrest inserts)  Low temp PAO/Lithium greasse (on headrest inserts)  PFPE oil (on headrest stems) Lubrication Points

19 Application Examples – Starter Switch Application Description  Used on three slides on a starter switch. Application Requirements  300 000 cycles  28 000 cycles at. 40 °C  75 000 cycles at 85 °C  Compatibility with ABS casing  Compatible with POM runner  Compatibility with silicone membrane  Compatibility with polycarbonate button membrane (non visible)

20 Application Examples – Starter Switch Problem  The customer needed a product which would be compatible with multiple materials in particular polycarbonate.  Product endurance  To reduce noise and the force required to depress the button (reduced from 8.5N to 6N). Product  PAO/Lithium Low temp grease

21 Application Examples – Electrical Controls Application Description  Lubrication of electrical controls with varying operational requirements such as on/ off contacts, signal amplification and push activation/ deactivation.  Electric window locks & adjusters  Side mirror regulators Application Requirements  50 000 cycles

22 Application Examples – Electrical Controls Problem  The customer needed a product which would facilitate 50000 operations.  Be compatible with multiple plastics including in particular polycarbonate.  Wide operational temperature range (minimum -40 ◦ C to +85 ◦ C  Inhibition of oxidation to copper Product  PAO/Lithium (polycarbonate compatible)  Ester/Lithium (where polycarbonate absent)

23 Mako-Lube Support Unrivalled Range of specialist Lubricants & coatings Top Quality European Manufactured Local Stocks and Technical Support Multi-Language product labels In House Training available New Product Development Dynamic, Solutions lead partner

24 Thank You Any Questions

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