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LUCAS OIL STADIUM. FUN FACTS There is enough capacity for seating in the stadium to fill over 1300 buses.

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2 FUN FACTS There is enough capacity for seating in the stadium to fill over 1300 buses

3 Fun Facts There is enough steel used in the construction of the stadium to build over 13,500 Volkswagon Beatles

4 Fun facts It takes more time to bake a pizza than open the 4.5 acre roof


6 Health Department Role Licensing and inspections required by law Provide education Employee health forms

7 Responsibility of Concession Stand Workers Follow County regulations –Exclude sick employees from food service –Practice good hygiene –Maintain sanitation –Avoid temperature abuse –Ensure equipment & sinks are functioning properly –Keep personal food separate Follow Centerplate management rules Provide safe food to the public

8 Foodborne illness … when a person becomes ill after ingesting a contaminated food Biological hazards – molds,viruses,bacteria, parasites Chemical Hazards - cleaning agents,natural toxins,pesticides Physical hazards – bone,glass,metal

9 Potentially Hazardous Foods… Foods that can support the growth of harmful bacteria Foods high in moisture Foods high in protein Food low in acid

10 Examples of PHF Cut Melon Raw shell eggs Raw seed sprouts Garlic in oil mixture Animal food Cut or cooked fruits or vegetables Cooked rice or pasta

11 Sources of Foodborne Illness Food Handler Food Contact Surfaces Insects & rodents Water, air, soil Food

12 Common Foodborne diseases Staphylococcus aureus Escherichia coli 0157:H7 Salmonella typhi Shigella spp. Hepatitis A Norwalk Virus

13 Handwashing Steps Designated handsink Warm water Soap Lather Friction for 20 seconds Rinse Dry on paper towels

14 handsinks on carts Ensure that the handsink fresh water tank is filled with water Ensure the handsink switch is turned on in order to wash hands Ensure sink is stocked with soap & paper towels

15 Preventing contamination from hands Food employees shall not contact ready- to-eat foods - use spatulas, gloves, tongs, or other dispensing equipment Food employees shall wash their hands at appropriate intervals

16 Disposable Gloves  Wash hands before applying þ Change at appropriate intervals þ Dispose after each use þ Apply over open cuts & burns

17 Personal Hygiene  No smoking in LOS facilities  Eating and drinking in the stands is prohibited  Wash hands after smoking, eating, drinking or using the restroom

18 Hair Restraints ËLOS provide hair restraint ËGroup hats or visors that all match ËHair restraints must be worn at all times ËLong hair or beards must be restrained in addition to hair restraint

19 In – Place Sanitizer Luke warm water about 70°F Get sanitizer from 3 bay sink Test sanitizer with test strips 200 ppm Store cloths in sanitizer Change when soiled or every 2 hours Use paper towels when utilizing sanitizer from a spray bottle (bar locations)

20 The “Temperature Danger Zone” Rapid bacteria and toxin production Hot food hot -cold food cold -nothing at room temperature

21 Internal Cooking Temperatures  Chicken breast 140º F  Hamburger, hot dogs & Sausage 140º F  Taco meat, meatballs, pulled pork BBQ 140º F  Holding Temperature 140º F

22 Holding  Hot holding- Above 140ºF  Refrigeration- Below 41ºF  Freezers- Below 0ºF

23 Taking a Temperature  Dial thermometer  Measure in the center of the food product  Insert two inches into product  Read temperature after pointer stabilizes  Sanitize between uses

24 In Use Utensil Storage Store grill utensils on grill when not in use Store all in-use utensils in the product Wash, rinse & sanitize utensils every 4 hours

25 Handling of Ice rStore ice scoop with handle out of ice in ice bins rDo not store ice shovel on grease trap or ground rKeep lids to ice bins closed to minimize airborne contaminates correct incorrect

26 Utensil Washing & Sanitizing Wash in hot soapy water in the left side compartment Middle compartment, clean hot water to remove soap Right side compartment, sanitize in cool water Air dry on drain board

27 Test Strips TQuaternary Ammonia---------200ppm   

28 Storage of single service & packaged food Do not store single service items, buns or popcorn on the ground, on any sink or on the grease trap incorrect correct

29 Personal Items Personal items may not be stored in the stands Personal beverages or food can not be stored in CP ice bins, coolers or freezers

30 Flushing lines Beer drain lines need to be flushed with hot water Ice bins and bar ice bins need to be flushed and emptied

31 Proper disposal of waste water All waste water needs to be disposed of in mop sink or vendor commissary room Waste water includes sanitizer water, steam well water, beer, handsink water, ice bins etc.

32 Clean up Wipe down counters with sanitizer from the three bay sink Clean the floors with chemicals at the mop sink

33 incorrect Store the mop hanging Correct

34 Food Safety Checklist Food Employee Reporting Agreement Food Safety Checklist Health Department inspections Equipment repair sheet

35 THANK YOU! Kelli Whiting Temporary Event Coordinator Department of Food Safety Marion County Health Department 3840 N Sherman Drive Indianapolis, IN 46226 (317) 221-2240

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