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What is FOG? Issues at NCSD Combating the problem.

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2 What is FOG? Issues at NCSD Combating the problem

3 What is FOG? Fats, Oils, and Grease Fats – solid at room temperature Examples include butter, shortening, meat trimmings, dairy Oils – liquid at room temperature Examples include vegetable oils and salad dressings Grease – turns to liquid when cooking but solidifies when cooled Examples include gravy, mayonnaise, meat fats

4 How a Grease Trap works

5 Why is FOG a problem?

6 FOG clogs sewer lines Results in service calls for NCSD personnel

7 Stormwater Sewer System Could result in SSOs

8 Clogs in Sewer Lines Result In: Service calls from NCSD Crews Costly repairs to sewer lines Overflows into streets, ditches, and waterways Backups into businesses and homes

9 Build-up in wet wells Results in maintenance costs for NCSD

10 Costs to NCSD Cleaning of pump station wet-wells $38,500 for ½ Northwoods PS (FY 2014) $38,500 for ½ Northwoods PS (FY 2015) $43,000 for ½ Popperdam PS (FY 2015) New Vacuum truck $400,000 60,000 Gallons pumped from PS Disposal Costs

11 Grease pushed to WWTP WWTP not designed to handle grease New stricter NPDES Permit

12 How NCSD is handling FOG? Tried using “bugs” Very expensive No visible results Test trials from various vendors Chemical/biological treatments No visible results New test trial FY 2015 Best method for handling FOG? Reduce/eliminate introduction into the system

13 Food Service Establishments Best Management Practices Cleaning Log Inspection Log Inspection Report Brochure Postings

14 All forms located on NCSD Website

15 Amendment to the Use Resolution Requiring BMP for food service establishments Allowing NCSD to recoup cost for service call relating to grease Civil Penalty ($100/day) for not implementing BMP Civil Penalty ($100/day/instance) for not maintaining records

16 Elsewhere in SC PCBs introduce into sewer system Illegal dumping into grease trap by hauler Some utilities are requiring grease traps to be secured with fencing, locks, cameras, etc Lessons learned: Monitor your grease trap closely NCSD program will help

17 NCSD is asking for your help Reduce amount of grease disposed of into sewer system Reduce amount of grease build-up in sewer system Maintaining grease traps Keeping sewer rates as low as possible

18 Fax Numbers: (843) 764-2655 (843) 764-2659 (843) 574-3249

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