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TOP 2000 Fields of application Agriculture Industry Marine Ropeways Construction Machinery Municipal Machinery.

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1 TOP 2000 Fields of application Agriculture Industry Marine Ropeways Construction Machinery Municipal Machinery

2 BASICS AUTOL TOP 2000 had been tested according to all important tests of the DIN 51 528 Miscible and compatible with Li greases and therefore applicable as an alternate to most used greases

3 PROPERTIES The most significant properties are: extremely high adhesive powers high water resistance, salt water as well as emulsions from the metal working area neutral behaviour against many materials among others sealing materials and plastics clear friction reduction in the slideways high oxidation resistance and therefore suitable for prolonged regreasing intervals high mechanical stability takes care of the lubrication film strength best suitable for applications with shock loads respectively vibrations good transportability in central lubrication systems (also pipe length with more than 70 m) High viscous base oil Adhesive powers Water resistance AUTOL TOP 2000 AUTOL TOP 2000 Excellent wear protection Good transportability Universally applicable

4 TECHNICAL DATA Colourgreen fluorescent Thickener, Soap basisspec. Ca NLGI grade 2 Density at 20°C g/m³0,91 - 0,95 Base oil Viscosity (DIN 51 562 T. 2) (Mineral oil + synth. Polymer) 40 °C mm²/s800 100 °C mm²/s 70 Viscosity index (ISO 2909)160 Speed indexn x dmmax.300.000 Pen-Ruh/Walk (DIN ISO 2137) 1/10mm265/295 Prol. work penetration 10 5 DH1/10mmless than 30 Roll stability, Penetration loss l4 h1/10mm20 Flow pressure (DIN 51 805) + 20 °Cmbar76 0 °Cmbar120 - 10 °Cmbar290 - 20 °Cmbar525 - 30 °Cmbar1200

5 TECHNICAL DATA Drop point (DIN ISO 2176)°C150 Behaviour against water DIN 51 807 3h/90 °C0 Emcor (DIN 51 802)0/0 Copper corrosion (DIN 51811)1 Oil separation (DIN 51 817 N) 7d/40 °C %1 FE 9 (DIN 51 821) F50120 °Ch130 FE 8 DIN 51819 t. 2 nw at room temp. and F0 80kN mg 1 Timken-Test, O.K. load (ASTM D - 2509) lbs 55 VKA welding load (DIN 51 350T. 4)N3000 VKA (DIN 51 350 T. 5 procedure D) 1h/300Nmm0,5 Solid foreign substances (DIN 51 813)< 25 µmg< 10 Ash (Oxid) %1,3 Application temperature °C-30 - +120 Designation DIN 51 502KP 2 G-30 ISO 6743-9 ISO-L-XCBHB2

6 AGRICULTURE Increased requirements due to: high-performance tractors high shock loads of the moving parts application under severe conditions such as - dust load - wind and rain deadline pressure requires max. safety

7 AGRICULTURE Requirements: high load carrying capacity shock load (driving with load) water resistance Front loader

8 AGRICULTURE PEST MANAGEMENT Requirements (Gun): high adhesive powers on slideways for height adjustment of the jibs shock loads (driving with opened jib) resistance against spray medium

9 AGRICULTURE CULTIVATION Requirements: best seal of the bearings against dust and humidity highest pressure absorption buffer action at shock load

10 WOOD INDUSTRY Requirements: good pressure absorption capacity best lubrication on slideways suitability for shock load good sealing capacity Recommended by ESTERER for the lubrication of bearings. SAW MILLS

11 ROPEWAYS Requirements: good wear protection high load carrying capacity broad application temperature range best water resistance/water washout best corrosion protection Application: Wendelsteinbahn, Bayrischzell

12 MUNICIPAL MACHINERY Severe application condition at the use for winter maintenance Requirements: good lubricity at low temperatures best corrosion protection salt water resistance good transportability (lubrication in the winter) Best practical experiences in Communal offices of different cities and road maintenance staffs Recommended and approved by Schmidt Winterdienst and Kommunaltechnik

13 CONSTRUCTION MACHINERY Requirements: highest pressure absorption best water washout good sealing against dust vibrations Application at Fa. BOMAG

14 MARINE Requirements: best corrosion protection water resistance best lubrication properties long grease intervals INLAND WATER TRANSPORTATION

15 MARINE Requirements: best EP properties water resistance suitable for central lubrication systems for long regreasing intervals HARBOUR EQUIPMENT

16 MARINE Grease lubrication with lubricator Hydraulic cylinder Lock gate Requirements: high load carrying capacity water resistance water wash out best corrosion protection broad application temperature range good transportability (lubricator) Application at the Wasser- und Schifffahrtssamt Nürnberg (Water and Shipping Authority) WATERWAYS (LOCKS)

17 RAILED VEHICLES Requirements: high water resistance incl. salt water resistance best adhesive properties prolonged regreasing intervals EP properties Best practical experience at: Essener Verkehrs-AG for all lubrication points

18 RAILED VEHICLES Requirements: best wear protection high water resistance best corrosion protection BUFFERS Application at railed vehicles SCHAKU standard IDNR 108226 (for slideways of regenerative buffers)

19 INDUSTRIAL PROCESSES Requirements: high pressure absorption capacity stable lubrication film best lubricity Production auxiliary material Forming Process Tested by: Albert Westebbe Drahtwarenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG

20 INDUSTRIAL PROCESSES Listed in the users manual e.g. of SCHECHTL: AUTOL TOP 2000 W is exclusively recommended for the lubrication of the Spindle bearings Model MAE 310 with CNC control FOLDING MACHINES

21 INDUSTRIAL PROCESSES Requirements: highest pressure absorption capacity best lubrication in the mixed friction area (Brugger-Test) broad application temperature range Sample: Press of Müller Weingarten Requirement: Brugger min. 30N/mm² (NLGI 1) HYDRAULIC PRESS

22 INDUSTRIAL PROCESSES Requirements: resistance against processing emulsion good adhesive properties best corrosion protection good lubrication no conglutination Best practical experiences at the lubrication of tool shanks (improved properties compared to the factory used grease) MACHINE TOOLS

23 INDUSTRY Application Service area Requirements: low static friction best lubrication properties for high positioning accuracy good material compatibility good adhesive properties (small and fast moves) Application Reis Robotics ABB Trallfa Robot A/S INDUSTRIAL ROBOTS

24 INDUSTRY Tested and recommended for the lubrication of standard bearings in general applications at -30 to +120°C and up to 300.000 rpm. FAG stated explicitly the good adhesive properties, also in connection with water. ROLLER BEARINGS

25 OTHER APPLICATIONS The lubrication is made in defined time intervals in exactly dosed quantities up to a highest pressure of 350 bar Requirements: good transportability in the broad application temperature range low bleeding tendency stable structure no tendency of shot plug formation Recommendations of Fa. Lincoln Fa. Bayer & Köppel Fa. De Limon Fluhme John Crane Safematic Oy CENTRAL LUBRICATING SYSTEMS

26 OTHER APPLICATIONS AUTOL TOP 2000 is tested and exclusively recommended for swing sliding door ZAR-System of Fa. Kiekert AUTOMOTIVE LOOKING SYSTEMS

27 OTHER APPLICATIONS Requirements: resistance against cleaners and preservatives good adhesive powers best corrosion protection good lubrication no rinsing Best practical experiences at the lubrication of car wash systems of WASHTEC CAR WASH EQUIPEMENT


29 The company AUTOL Werke Moebius & Sohn was founded in 1855. In 1901 AUTOL registered its brand as a trademark for engine oils. Until today AUTOL is the oldest registered trademark for motor oils worldwide. Already in the early 1950’s well known products like Desolite and Desotherme have been introduced into the market. Today AUTOL as one brand of the international ENI-Company is recognized for high-performance lubricants matching all international standards and approvals. AUTOL provides a complete program of automotive lubricants such as motor oils, gear oils and automotive specialities. Beside this AUTOL offers a wide variety of professional industrial lubricants. As an expert for lubricants in the agriculture sector AUTOL provides high performance multi-purpose fluids for agricultural machines as well as biogradeable lubricants for the forest industry. AUTOL PAST AND FUTURE

30 High-Performance Motor Oils The AUTOL motor line provides synthetic high performance motor oils for modern passenger cars and heavy duty vehicles, meeting all relevant international standards and approvals. High Performance Greases AUTOL Top 2000 is a worldwide unique special complex grease based on fully synthetic base oil components. Autol TOP 2000 provides extreme adhesive capacity and is resistant to salt water as well as to most chemicals. The special properties of AUTOL TOP 2000 allows the application under severe conditions, e.g. humid surrounding, shock load etc. AUTOL TOP 2000 is clearly superior to conventional greases, tested, approved and recommended by many international manufacturers. PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS

31 Outperforming Fuel Additives AUTOL Desolite B is an outperforming multi-functional system cleaner for all gasoline engines for maximal motor-power due optimized combustion. With its unique “clean up and keep clean performance” AUTOL Desolite B cleans exiting composites in the combustion and prevents from building up new deposits. AUTOL Desolite B provides excellent corrosion protection, less influence of the motor oil due Blow-By-Gases and improving exhaust data. Autol Desolite D is a multifunctional system cleaner for all diesel engines with an active component to reduce the start of paraffin dropping (CFPP). Special components prevent the deposition formation of paraffin crystals. AUTOL Desolite D provides reduced fuel consumption up to 5%, improving exhaust data, increased Cetane number and a silent motor running. PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS

32 Vedlikehold Industri Produkt A/S Kvålkroken 22 Po box 3002, 4392 Sandnes, Norway Phone: +47 5168 6030 Fax: +47 5168 6030

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