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Always Coca Cola By: Catherine Chu Zach Kern Mario Rodriguez Linh Nguyen Sang Nguyen Caren Vela Jenny Doan M.C.S. Investments.

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1 Always Coca Cola By: Catherine Chu Zach Kern Mario Rodriguez Linh Nguyen Sang Nguyen Caren Vela Jenny Doan M.C.S. Investments

2 Coca Cola’s History Made By: John Stith Pemberton Logo made by: Frank Mason Robinson Later Bought by: Asa Candler for $2,300 ( man less than a car these days) Coca Cola use to have cocaine in it, that’s how it got the Coca part of it’s name and the Cola is from the flavor giving kola nuts. Coca Cola use to only serve 9 servings each day now it’s 1.6 billion servings. TALK about improvement!

3 What does the Coca Cola Company Do? Coca-cola is a global leader in manufacturing that sponsors for many services. Since 1889, Coca Cola still uses their distributing system, by distributing and promoting non-alcoholic beverage drinks and syrups. C0ca Cola has branches and outlets all over the world. It sells products in more than 200 countries. Include bottled drinking water, diet coke, caffeine free coke, cherry coke, coke with lemon, vanilla coke, and several other products, which they improved to the customers liking. Since advertisement is crucial for Coca Cola, the company must pay up to 4.5 million a year to keep their lobbying expense secure.

4 Why Did We Choose the Coca-Cola Company? Coca Cola was chosen by M.C.S. Investments, because it was a carbonated drink that attracted millions of people worldwide, including our investments, and to us, it seemed like a stable company, since it has been around for quite a number of years.

5 Interesting Facts about Coca Cola! Coca Cola is enjoyed ice cold all around the world! In Hong Kong, Coca Cola is sometimes served hot as a remedy for colds ! Coca Cola was first sold to Australia in 1937 In many states, Highway Patrol usually bring 2 gallons bottles of Coca Cola to clean the blood after a car accident If you want to clean a toilet bowl, leave the Coca Cola in there for an hour and then FLUSH! To release grease stains from your clothes, put a fair amount of coca cola on the grease and run it through a regular cycle. The Coca Cola will help loosen the stain. To clean a rusted old bolt, put coca cola on a piece of cloth and let it sit on the bolt for several minutes. 7 Top Fun Facts Headaches Hiccups Kill Bugs Wash Off Paint Can Help you Sunburn Soften a tooth over one night Coca Cola helps: Diet Coke can help cure a Jellyfish sting!

6 Coca Cola’s Stock in the Past three years. 2007 The average high prices for the Coca Cola Bottling Company for 2007 was,53.71. From January to May, the prices lowered from 68.64 to 55.84. At June through December, the prices went from 55.84 to 57.26. This half of the year, the prices raised. 2008 A year later, the average high for the company was at 48.83. Starting from January, the price was 58.55, and the prices lowered a little bit to 57.81. Continuing from June to December, it lowered again from 51.46 to 42.65. 2009 In 2009, its average high was 49.60. January started off at $45.01 and in May. it raised to 52.16. In June, the price was 50.39 and went down once again in December to 47.69.

7 We inputted…. Step 1 Column 1: 15 days going down the day row, Step 2 Column 2: Trades from day 1 to day 15 in the Price/Share column going down Step 3 Column 3: Number of shares of each company in the # of Shares column going down Step 4 Column 4: An equation for excel to calculate for them, we multiplied (*) Price/Shares and # of Shares together and got the total of (#). Price/Shares x #of Shares=Value Step 5 Column 5: An equation to take the beginning Profit ($10,000) and subtract (-) it by the total (#). Ex. DaysPrice/ Shares# of Shares.Total Profit/Loss 10,000 – Total= In all, the last row in the Profit/Loss column is how much the students invested since the beginning number ($10,000). Add the last row number to $10,000 and you would find out how much the investor has. Ex: How much will this investor have? Beginning # + Profit=Total Investment $10,000+4852= $14,852

8 We took the data from the chart and added it all into the graph, then we found the straightest line of the graph, using y=mx+b. Y=.2365x+44.363 SLOPE!

9 ConClusion Made by: Mario R I’m Drowning in Money! Choosing Coca Cola was a very complicated decision, because when we started with our three companies McDonald, Sony, and Coca Cola. McDonalds and Coca Cola were neck and neck, but we wanted the one that was more stable. We learned how to find a stock and how much profit it makes, while at the same time we made many friends along the journey of this project. In the end, the decision was genius, because we ended out making $973.76 as our profit.


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