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PROVEN … … Solutions … Competitive in Performance & Price … More Environmentally Sound … Safer for People »G o o d»C l e a n»P r o v e n.

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1 PROVEN … … Solutions … Competitive in Performance & Price … More Environmentally Sound … Safer for People »G o o d»C l e a n»P r o v e n

2 OUTLINE 1.Proven Solutions: Testimonials Some of our Major Customers 2.Enviro-Solutions: Who We Are Mission Statement Goal Support Services 3.Proven Product High Performance: Product Testing Performance Testing

3 OUTLINE 4. Proven More Environmentally Sound Criteria & Definitions 5. Proven Safer for People Importance of Health and Safety People are Safer Because MSDS Format Listing of Key Enviro-Solutions Products and Their Environment, Health and Safety Information Listing of Common Hazardous Materials Chemicals 6. Product Offering 7. For Distributors – Why Distribute Enviro-Solutions

4 1.PROVEN SOLUTIONS Testimonial From End User: “…quality, effective and efficient products that are good for our students & teachers, our care taking staff and our environment. In addition, the price, service and value are second to none.” Robert Squires Manager, Custodial Services Trillium Lakelands District School

5 Testimonials From Distributors: “Given the growing interest and demand in ‘green’ chemicals, we extensively reviewed the products available making claims that they are safer for people and the environment. We wanted products that would provide our customers with demonstrated value. We found a lot of products that could not be proven to be green and/or a lot of products that did not perform. After a thorough search, we concluded that Enviro-Solutions, with their broad product offering, their Eco-Logo Certification, their claims being independently third party verified, and most importantly, their products performing as well as or better than any major chemical products, will provide our customers with acclaimed value.” Ross Buzek President, Domclean 1.PROVEN SOLUTIONS

6 Testimonials From Distributors: “…our Partnership with Enviro-Solutions has helped us grow tremendously our chemical business. Their specialty and niche products – such as conductive floor finish and freezer clean – as well as their full offering of janitorial products, not only helped us with the initial sales; their performance and benefits to people and the environment helped us develop stronger relationships with our customers.” John Ambler President, Swish Maintenance Limited USA 1.PROVEN SOLUTIONS

7 Testimonials From Sales Representatives: “…if I can it up in one word, what Enviro has brought to us is “value”. Value to us by providing a competitive edge with innovative and high performance products, and through this, value to our customers by providing solutions to their ever growing concern for health, safety and environmental issues…” Andre Foisy Director of Business Development, Larose et Fils Ltee 1.PROVEN SOLUTIONS

8 Testimonials From Sales Representatives: “…more and more companies are welcoming Environmental Products for their facilities regardless of the cost. The impact on the safety of their Employees and the Environment is more important. In these cases, Enviro-Solutions line of products are successful…” “…performance of the products are excellent considering their ingredients are deemed safe for the Environment and People. Disinfectants, floor cleaner, bowl cleaner as well as the degreaser that is used mainly as an all purpose cleaner, receive rave reviews for performance…” Tracey Caville wish Sales Representative Corporate Sales 1.PROVEN SOLUTIONS

9 McGill University  Montreal Acadia University  Wolfeville, Nova Scotia City of Brampton  Brampton, Ontario British Columbia Building Corporation  British Columbia Ontario Power Generation  Ontario Royal Ottawa Hospital  Ottawa National Institute of Health  Bethesda 2 of the Largest Hospitals  Quebec CN Railway Station & Headquarters  Montreal Mitre Corp  Boston – 1,000,000 sq. ft. Exxon – Mobil  Washington, DC – 1,300,000 sq. ft. IBM Plants  Fishkill, NY – over 7000 employees  Burlington, VT – over 8000 employees Pfizer Pharmaceuticals  Connecticut Nortel  2 Factories – 1 Office Complex in Quebec 1.PROVEN SOLUTIONS Some of Our Major Customers:

10 Proven Solutions Proven Product High Performance Proven More Environmentally Sound Proven Safer for People Proven Competitive to the Major Brands 2.ENVIRO-SOLUTIONS… WHO WE ARE…

11 Enviro-Solutions was established in 1994, with a very focused mission: To develop and market, through new technology, a superior line of cleaning solutions dedicated to providing significant relevant added value in terms of performance, safety, health and environmental benefits. To deliver proven safety, health and environmental benefits with no sacrifice to product performance and remaining competitive in price. 2.ENVIRO-SOLUTIONS… MISSION…

12 Our goal is to offer environmentally and health and safety superior cleaning products that: Will compete with conventional cleaning products on both performance and price Are safer for both the user and the workplace environment Will clean our world without harming Nature’s Balance 2.ENVIRO-SOLUTIONS… GOAL…

13 Training Written Procedures Wall Charts (Multilingual – English, Spanish, French)  Excellent reminder and training tool for new hires and existing staff  Takes out excuses to “What to do and how to do it” 2.ENVIRO-SOLUTIONS… SUPPORT SERVICES…

14 Work with clients to determine where procedures and/or equipment can be utilized to improve cleaning and lower costs Marketing Capability Customized order forms, sales sheets, wall charts, etc. Chemical Dispensers  Meat rooms  Sinks  High volume/high flow  Janitorial closets 2.ENVIRO-SOLUTIONS… SUPPORT SERVICES…

15 Manufacturing Capability  Products are made in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada, under an exclusive proprietary licensing agreement Research Capability  Internal chemists plus a strong relationship with leading chemical manufacturers  Develop new products and new concepts —Welcome input/suggestions, resulting in new products such as: »Aqueous concrete sealer »Freezer cleaner »Graffiti remover 2.ENVIRO-SOLUTIONS… SUPPORT SERVICES…

16 Troubleshooting/ Service  We are a “hands-on” company  When “stuff” happens and you need answers and/or support in a hurry, we will be there 2.ENVIRO-SOLUTIONS… SUPPORT SERVICES…

17 3.PROVEN PRODUCT HIGH PERFORMANCE Our products are researched, formulated and tested to perform at/above the levels of conventional formulas supplied by major companies as Johnson/Diversey, Butcher, Ecolab/Airkem, Spartan, Betco, Buckeye, etc, with no extra labor We have high end-user acceptance and loyalty We have very positive results for risk management and minimizing liability claims  Slip and Fall  Environmental Impact  Personal Injury

18 Product Testing: Floor Finishes, Sealers and Haze Away Winter Rinse are UL approved Anti-Stat Finish tested by Electro-tech Systems Disinfectants are both  EPA approved  Government of Canada certified All core cleaners are Eco-Logo Environmental Choice Program/Environment Canada or Green Seal (US) Certified Products have NATO approval. Approved for any NATO, American or Canadian base anywhere in the world 3.PROVEN PRODUCT HIGH PERFORMANCE

19 Product Testing: Carpet products are approved by Bell & Howell for robotic mail delivery Carpet cleaning products are passed Dupont’s Stainmaster Test A number of products have Canadian Department of Agriculture approval for food plants Product Environmental Impact and Health and Safety Effect have been tested by recognized, third party labs 3.PROVEN PRODUCT HIGH PERFORMANCE

20 Performance Testing: With respect to product performance, some products are tested with outside labs and some products in our lab versus competitive products Our floor finishes are tested with a leading polymer manufacturer versus leading competitive brands using blind tests Applied finish is tested on floors in the field and measured for wear, recoat ability, gloss, etc. over time 3.PROVEN PRODUCT HIGH PERFORMANCE

21 Performance Testing: Our “Envirocide” Odor Eliminator is not petroleum based. Our “Envirocide” products are “clean” and “effective.” They have had significant approval acceptance where allergies and odors are a concern Tested products in a large number of locations in different environments with potential customers in order to convert them into real customers Minnesota, Massachusetts, Vermont & Department of Public Works (Canada) conducted performance and environmental impact testing in the field. To the best of our knowledge, no other chemical company has passed all four Enviro-Solutions was built by providing performance and price competitiveness. We had to prove that we worked, often in a situation where we initially faced a very skeptical cleaning staff 3.PROVEN PRODUCT HIGH PERFORMANCE

22 Our Products are being used across a wide range of organizations by people with bottom line responsibilities. This fact provides substantiated proof on our product’s proven performance. The following is a list of some of the organizations that use our products: 3.PROVEN PRODUCT HIGH PERFORMANCE 1. 1.Schools/Education - Universities, Colleges, School Boards 2. 2.Government - Cities, Towns, agencies, etc. 3. 3.Hospitals 4. 4.Utility companies 5. 5.Facility management companies 6. 6.Cleaning contractors 7. 7.Automotive plants 8. 8.Oil companies 9. 9.Prisons 10. 10.Military bases 11. 11.Computer/Software companies 12. 12.Department stores 13. 13.Supermarkets 14. 14.Etc. Included in this list are Fortune 500 companies; state, provincial, federal government offices; public service organizations; and leading service contractors, both small and large

23 4.PROVEN MORE ENVIRONMENTALLY SOUND Biodegradability: It is the decomposition of organic substances into carbon dioxide, water and other harmless substances. Rapid biodegradation reduces impact on the environment and the food chain. Rapid biodegradation is the ratio of BOD over COD being 60% threshold in a 10 day window over a 28 day limit. All our organic cleaning ingredients are readily biodegradable per OECD (Organization of Economic Development) Test 301 D at use dilution under load and simulated real life conditions as tested by Ortech, a Canadian government certified lab and research company. In addition, the dosage levels are at least equal to stand products thereby lessening the total burden on the environment.

24 Toxicity: It is defined a being a chemical which has an LD 50 of 50 milligrams (mg) or less of chemical per kilogram (kg) of body weight. The greater of LD 50, the less toxic the product. (50 mg/kg is equal to a dosage of approximately ¾ of a teaspoon for the average adult and 1/8 of a teaspoon for the average two-year-old child.) (Note: Salt=LD 50 of 3000; Baking Soda = LD 50 of 4220; Vinegar = LD 50 of 3000.) Our core products are considered essentially non-toxic (acute oral/dermal) according to WHMIS and OSHA regulations, for all but government approved disinfectants. Aquatic Toxicity: Our core cleaning products exceed acute toxicity standards for fish, daphnia magna and algae at use dilutions, thereby minimizing the impact on fish, wildlife, drinking water and swimming locations. This is very important to humans as it has a direct effect since it is the beginning of the food chain and a major source for drinking water. Aquatic toxicity at use should be greater than 100 mg/L. 4.PROVEN MORE ENVIRONMENTALLY SOUND

25 All tests: Biodegradability, Toxicity and Aquatic Toxicity are conducted by independent labs. Hazardous Ingredients: Our products contain no carcinogens, mutagens, or teratogens. None of our cleaning products contain ingredients found on the US Department of Health’s “Hazardous Substances Fact Sheet,” SARA – 313-40 CFR 372 (Toxic Chemicals), Cercla – 102 – 40 CFR 302 (Hazardous Substances), RCRA – CFR 261 (Hazardous Air Pollutants), Clean Water Act – 313 –40 CFR 63 (Hazardous Water Pollutants), National Pollutant Release Inventory 4.PROVEN MORE ENVIRONMENTALLY SOUND

26 Surfactants: The ones we use are carefully selected so as to have the least negative effect on the environment. We do not use NPE’s, APE’s, OPE’s, LAS (Linear Alkyl Benzene Sulfonates) or DSBA, common in many cleaners Many cleaners claim ready biodegradability based on ingredient based testing. The review of detergents (surfactants) in the inland waters identified the most common surfactants used LAS (Linear Alkyl Benzene Sulfonates) a being present in significant amounts even though LAS is readily biodegradable Many surfactants used in the common household and commercial cleaners are not normally tested for effluent discharge by municipal waste treatment plants even though they represent a significant percentage of surfactants entering waste treatment plants 4.PROVEN MORE ENVIRONMENTALLY SOUND

27 Surfactants: In review of detergents (surfactants) in the inland waters the following conclusions were reached:  Environmental concentrations of surfactants in the inland waters around populated centers range between 0.005 mg/L and 2 mg/L  Surfactants can be toxic to aquatic life at concentrations as low as 0.025 mg/L  Surfactants have demonstrated effects on aquatic life at concentrations as low as 0.005 mg/L  Surfactants have demonstrated synergy with many chemical compounds and may interact with other more toxic pollutants to create mixtures of unknown toxicological properties  None of our cleaners use NPE’s, APE’s, OPE’s, LAS or DSBA. In general, we rely on chelating agents (such as sodium citrate) that do not encourage the purification of water 4.PROVEN MORE ENVIRONMENTALLY SOUND

28 4. 4.TO BE PROVEN MORE ENVIRONMENTALLY SOUND BUILDERS: Must be carefully selected to biodegrade readily to compounds with low environmental concerns and mild pH For example: Use - Sodium Citrate - Silicates - Zeolites - Maleic Anhydride Derivatives (iminodisuccinate and polyaspartic acid) Do Not Use- Inorganic phosphates - Caustics (sodium metasilicate) - NTA - EDTA - MEA

29 4. 4.TO BE PROVEN MORE ENVIRONMENTALLY SOUND SOLVENTS: Must be carefully selected to be low in toxicity to the environment and to humans For example: Use - Propylene Glycol Ethers - Methyl Soyate - Ethyle Lactate Do Not Use - Ethylene Glycol - Butyl Cellusolve - D’Limonene

30 Naturally Renewable Resources: Whenever possible, only naturally-based, renewable ingredients – such as grains, corn oils, palm kernel oil, coconut oil, sugar cane juice, glucoses and corn and soy based ethyl esters replacing petroleum based solvents – are used in our products. Traditional formulas are typically based on petroleum and non-renewable resources that have definite negative impact both when they are being manufactured, and again when they are released back into our atmosphere. In addition, they have negative effects on health 4.PROVEN MORE ENVIRONMENTALLY SOUND

31 Ozone Depleting Ingredients and Phosphates are not contained in any product! 4.PROVEN MORE ENVIRONMENTALLY SOUND

32 Packaging: Subject to availability, our bottles and jugs are made from post- and pre- consumer regrind. Most labels are printed using vegetable inks or plastic, easy to remove sleeves. The cartons are made from recycled cardboard, both pre- and post- consumer Where possible, products are concentrated, thereby reducing chemicals and packaging, consequently waste, while reducing use costs for end-users and transportation costs for distributors 4.PROVEN MORE ENVIRONMENTALLY SOUND

33 Endorsements: Eco-Logo/Environment Choice Program (Environment Canada) ECP - 57 for the core Cleaners – 14 products Green Seal (United States) – 5 products No other company has such a wide variety of products Certified by the leading Certification Bodies in North America. 4.PROVEN MORE ENVIRONMENTALLY SOUND

34 December 20, 2002 Dell Tech Laboratories is a regulatory consulting firm that has been providing guidance to manufacturers and users of chemical products for over 22 years, with a focus on regulatory compliance, product safety and government registrations. Our services include product assessments, reviews and classification of products under the Hazardous Product Act, both for consumer and industrial workplace regulations. We are a Canadian General Standards Board certified testing laboratory under the requirements of ISO Guide 25. Our clients include small and medium size manufacturers in Canada and the United States as well as large multinational companies. With greater environmental concerns in today's world, many different standards and criteria have been developed. Green Seal Inc. and the Environmental Choice Program have issued two of the more popular standards. We have compared the Green Seal Industrial and Institutional Cleaners standard GS-37 to the Environmental Choice Industrial and Commercial Cleaners standard ECP-57 below:



37 In my expert opinion, GS 37 and ECP 57 are very similar with no material overall differences/impact regarding safety or protection for the environment. John Ott Dell Tech Laboratories Ltd. Senior Business Development Manager (519) 858-5021 ext. 22040

38 4. 4.PROVEN MORE ENVIRONMENTALLY SOUND Conclusion: Our products have been independently proven to be more environmentally sound with respect to total burden/impact. We make a focused effort on ensuring our detergent residues that end up in the aquatic environment are minimized in quantity, toxicity and other harmful components and factors.

39 5.PROVEN SAFER FOR PEOPLE An important requirement for product selections should be HEALTH and SAFETY Products that are: Safer for the users Safer for the workplace environment  Obligation to employees, customers, patrons and visitors  Limit liability  Reduce absenteeism caused by illness related to work  Reduce costs related to accidents, workers safety and compensation

40 People Are Safer Because: Our products contain no known or suspected  Carcinogens (cancer forming)  Mutagens (causes deformities)  Teratogens (causes reproductive embryo deformities) None of our cleaning products contain ingredients on Regulatory Lists (SARA, CERCLA, CWA, NPRI) nor bleach No products contain ingredients that are on the US Department of Health Hazardous/Substance Fact Sheet 5. 5.PROVEN SAFER FOR PEOPLE

41 People Are Safer Because: No products cause serious skin irritation, respiratory problems or damage nasal membranes Our core products are extremely mild to the skin which reduces the incidence of contact dermatitis, often associated with traditional detergents All cleaning products are essentially non-toxic by WHMIS and OSHA standards. Toxicity can harm people by inhalation of the vapours, absorption through the skin, and through potential ingestion 5. 5.PROVEN SAFER FOR PEOPLE

42 People Are Safer Because: All core products at use dilution are considered:  Non flammable  Non corrosive Most products are not regulated by DOT/TDGA No special storage requirements are necessary for most of our products 5. 5.PROVEN SAFER FOR PEOPLE

43 People Are Safer Because: All products meet California standards for VOC levels All products contain very low fragrance levels. We use a very effective “Envirocide” odor eliminator that is non-toxic, biodegradable, non-flammable, or uses no chlorine, hydrogen peroxide or other corrosive or dangerous chemicals Disinfectants 64 & 256 are methicillin resistant (MRSA), hospital grade, effective against 32 bacteria including HIV and VRE, neutralize malodors, control mildew, and have neutral pHs 5. 5.PROVEN SAFER FOR PEOPLE

44 Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS): The full 16 – point format is utilized so that you can get all the information you need to assess the health/safety/environment attributes. This includes:  Full disclosure on every ingredient in the formula. We do not just list the ingredients controlled by WHMIS and OSHA and/or being greater than 1% of the product  The individual ingredients, as well as total formula, LD50 information so you know complete toxicological information  Ecological information Biodegradability Aquatic toxicity  Complete environmental regulatory information Compare what you find on our MSDS with the major competitors and you will see why we are leaders in this segment 5. 5.PROVEN SAFER FOR PEOPLE











55 Sources: NPRI – NPRI List The Green Encyclopedia – Irene Frank & David Brownstone CERCLA – Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act – Release of hazardous substances in spills and fro inactive or abandoned disposal sites SARA 313 – Toxic Chemicals

56 The aforementioned are hazardous; therefore, must be limited subject to product performance, overall human safety and environmental soundness. The preceding lists are not intended to be complete, but rather to demonstrate. A good resource for the impact of cleaning products is: - Enter the CAS number and a report will be given. You should try to eliminate or at least reduce these chemicals. Where not possible, select products with the least amount of the ingredients by percentage at the product use dilution rate. 5. COMMONLY USED HAZARDOUS CHEMICALS

57 6.PRODUCT OFFERING FLOOR CARE: Finishes (Low Speed/High Speed/UHS) Sealers Strippers Cleaners (Neutral/Ice Melt) Restorer Spray Buff Concrete Sealer (Water Base) Anti-Stat Floor Finish Static Guard Floor Cleaner

58 DISINFECTANTS: Neutral Cleaner & Odor Eliminator Food Service Sanitizer 6.PRODUCT OFFERING

59 WASHROOM & ODOR CONTROL: Cleaner Cream Cleanser Bowl & Urinal Lime Remover & Descaler Envirocide Odor Eliminator Deodorant Lotion Soap 6.PRODUCT OFFERING

60 6. 6.PRODUCT OFFERING GENERAL CLEANERS: General Purpose Spray & Wipe Heavy Duty Cleaner Degreaser Window/Glass Paint Strip & Graffiti Remover Stainless Steel Dishwashing Liquid Vehicle Wash Freezer Clean Bio-Enzymatic Grease Trap/Drain Cleaner/Maintainer

61 CARPET CARE: Extraction Cleaner Bonnet/Traffic/Extraction Cleaner Stain & Spot Remover 6.PRODUCT OFFERING

62 INDUSTRIAL/COMMERCIAL: Acid Cleaner/Deruster Food Plant Acid Cleaner Industrial Cleaner Citric Power Alkaline Cleaner Heavy Duty Alkaline Cleaner Pure Citric Power Equipment Cleaner Aqueous Parts Washer 6.PRODUCT OFFERING

63 DISPENSERS: Button Dilution Control Fast Filling Stations Portable Pro Hand Held Sprayers Sink Dispensers Grease Trap Dispensers 6.PRODUCT OFFERING

64 6. 6.PRODUCT OFFERING FAST FILL STATION: Heavy Duty, Free Standing Steel Rack Space For 2 Drums Under Tank 500 Litre Translucent Tank Preset System Metering Less Down Time Fast, Simple Dispensing System Many Different Products Can Be Used Requires No Electricity   Saves costs   Reduces downtime due to power outages

65 7. 7.FOR DISTRIBUTORS » WHY DISTRIBUTE ENVIRO-SOLUTIONS ? Many organizations, public and private, and usually large, are actively seeking out/being receptive to products that can demonstrate that they are superior in terms of:   Health/Safety   Environment   Performance Enviro-Solutions will meet these demands better than anyone else! Enviro-Solution is not a niche product line. While being truly different than conventional products, Enviro-Solutions offers a complete line of cleaning products.

66 7. 7.FOR DISTRIBUTORS » WHY DISTRIBUTE ENVIRO-SOLUTIONS ? With Enviro-Solutions, you can offer a truly different alternative rather than two to three lines of similar products. Therefore, we can help eliminate duplicating SKU’s of your main product line. Enviro-Solutions products are supplements, not duplicates, to your main line Enviro-Solutions goal is to enhance, not cannibalize, your current business Flexibility to Serve You   We are LARGE Enough to provide the necessary support, resources and services   We are SMALL Enough to provide timely decisions and flexibility for customization to meet your needs With Enviro-Solution, you can make a positive contribution to the environment and to people. In addition, the contribution will benefit future generations

67 7. 7.FOR DISTRIBUTORS » WHY DISTRIBUTE ENVIRO-SOLUTIONS ? We expect to build business for you: NEW ACCOUNTS: Where your existing chemicals were not successful. With the Enviro-Solutions environmental and health & safety message, you can offer these accounts a motivation to look at your proposal, especially if they are satisfied with their existing product performance In other cases, we can be your lead items for those certain targets demanding it all and wanting proof of claims: performance, price, safety, environment, support, full product offering, etc.

68 7. 7.FOR DISTRIBUTORS » WHY DISTRIBUTE ENVIRO-SOLUTIONS ? CURRENT CUSTOMERS: Whose needs change do to a safety, allergy, accident or environmental issue and you don’t want to lose the customer to a more environmentally correct competitor or to one with unsubstantiated environmental and health claims You only have a portion of the chemical business and you haven’t been able to or aren’t going to get it with your existing chemical product line

69 7. 7.FOR DISTRIBUTORS » WHY DISTRIBUTE ENVIRO-SOLUTIONS ? TARGETS: University, Colleges, School Boards, Private School, Nurseries, Day Care Centers, etc Cities, Towns, Villages, etc Federal/State/Provincial Government Bodies, Agencies, etc (For example:Ministry of the Environment, Ministry of Natural Resources, etc) Large Companies/Unionized Companies (especially high profile ones) Hospitals, Nursing Homes, etc Clean Rooms, Computer/Software Rooms Large Building Service Contractors Large Integrated Service Providers Large Retail Stores

70 1.THE ECONOMIC VALUE: Increase sales of chemicals. Meet a real growing local demand for sustainable cleaning products Increase new customers and your local market share for cleaning chemicals and products Greater retention of existing customers. Increase the value added to your customers Increase gross profit 7.RECAP » WHY DISTRIBUTE ENVIRO-SOLUTIONS ?

71 2.THE DIFFERENTIATING VALUE: Increase ability to differentiate from the competition. More clearly demonstrate to your customers, prospects and community, your genuine concern and commitment to sustainable products that are proven safer for people and the environment. Improve your corporate image. Help protect your reputation A product offering that supplements and compliments and does not duplicate If properly positioned, no options can compare 7.RECAP » WHY DISTRIBUTE ENVIRO-SOLUTIONS ?

72 3.EXEMPLARY SUPPORT: Large enough to provide Small enough to customize 4.Different than Other ‘Green’ Manufacturers/Products: Proven Solutions – We have many, very large customers that have been using the products for 6 to 10 years. If the products did not work well, were not priced competitively, or were in fact not safer, would they remain customers? All We Do – We only manufacture safer, ‘green’ products. Unlike others, we do not offer a few ‘TOKEN’ products. All our products are safer than their traditional counterparts in all categories…and we can prove it We Know This Market – We know this market and can help you successfully sell against your ‘green’ and ‘non-green’ competitors!

73 5.NEED FOR A STAND-ALONE LINE: Larger name brand companies cannot be all encompassing or cannot be revolutionary with respect to environmentally sound and health/safety products. They have to rely on “product enhancements”. They have too much invested in their traditional products and formulas to risk sales and liability claims 7.RECAP » WHY DISTRIBUTE ENVIRO-SOLUTIONS ?

74 PROVEN … … Solutions … Competitive in Performance & Price … More Environmentally Sound … Safer for People

75 Thank You For Your Time And Consideration! »Good»Clean»Proven

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