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Musical Quotes 1.The difference between a lady and a flower girl is not how she behaves, but how she is treated. 2.Sacre bleu! Invaders! 3.I do not find.

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1 Musical Quotes 1.The difference between a lady and a flower girl is not how she behaves, but how she is treated. 2.Sacre bleu! Invaders! 3.I do not find the arrangement of your features completely disgusting. 4.When I shall sit, you shall sit. When I shall kneel, you shall kneel. Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. 5.It’s not the money I love. It’s the not having it I hate. Beauty and the Beast The Unsinkable Molly Brown The King and I Silk Stockings My Fair Lady

2 Moulin Rouge In some ways, Satine seems to be a younger version of Gigi’s aunt. Why would I say that? Look up a synopsis of La Traviata…predict the end of Moulin Rouge based on the synopsis.

3 Moulin Rouge Use your smart phones for good: 1.What two sources is this film based on? 2.Who directed the film? 3.What is the Moulin Rouge? 4.What is absinthe? 5.Who was Toulouse-Lautrec? Have you seen the DiCaprio Romeo & Juliet?

4 Repurposing The film Moulin Rouge repurposes: 1.plot lines 2.songs It has: 1.over the top set and costume design 2.over the top acting choices It has: 1.specialty lighting 2.fantasy 3.specialty editing

5 Moulin Rouge 1.Luhrmann repurposed songs for the film. Was it effective? Did they move the plot along? 2.Why do you believe that he chose to do this? 3.Describe how the film contained over the top set and costume design. 4.Give an example of over the top acting choices. 5.In what way is fantasy shown in the film? 6.Choose the use of either lighting or editing in the film to discuss. 7.How does the film show the theme of the “corruption of innocence by the big city”. 8.Choosing either the Orpheus myth or La Traviata, explain how the film repurposes plot lines.

6 Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec These are images painted by Toulouse-Lautrec of himself as well as Parisian nightlife. In what ways does Luhrmann capture the world that Toulouse-Lautrec painted? Look how tiny he really was!

7 Grease 1.Identify a moment when one of these theatrical elements is used: - tracking - extreme long shot - bird’s eye 2.This is a Broadway adaptation. Why would a film company exercise this practice? 3.Identify a specific moment of fantasy in this film. 1.How does costuming, hair/make up, and acting choices define the cliques at the high school? 2.A requirement of musicals is big, colorful, over the top setting…how is this shown in Grease? 3.In what way does this film show nostalgia?

8 Iconic Costume Design Look at the following images and describe how they are reflected in Grease’s costuming.

9 Gigi In what way does costuming and make up show Gigi’s transition? It has been described as musical comedy. Why? In what ways does the film show nostalgia for youth and times past (this story was written in 1944…after and during two World Wars)?

10 Bellwork: Nostalgia What is nostalgia? (Use your phone if you don’t know) We often experience this for high school – both while we are in it and after we are finished with it. Identify some films that show this.

11 Oscars 1.Will Neil Patrick Harris be asked back? 2.Which (if any) nominated films did you see? 3.Best/worst dressed. 4.Tell me about live tv.

12 Film Studies Veterans In essay form, respond to the following: 1.Describe how your film viewing has changed as a result of Film Studies 1. 2.Have you become an more active viewer? 3.Do you find the changes to be positive, negative, or neutral? 4.Support your answer with specific examples and film vocabulary where appropriate. Grading on: Ideas Conventions Word Choice

13 Advertising What are some reasons for advertising? What are some reasons against advertising?

14 Super Bowl Ads Based on prior Super Bowls, what generalizations can you make about Sunday night’s commercials? How many of them were worth the approximately $4 million spent on them?

15 Busby Berkeley Both of the below are shots from Busby Berkley musicals. What type are they? Why use them?

16 Fred Astaire Look at the images of this musical icon. Make some observations.

17 Gene Kelly Compare these images to yesterday’s Draw some conclusions

18 That’s Entertainment Prior to viewing the documentary, what was your view on musicals? Why? Describe your overall presentation of the documentary. Based on the film, why do you think that the ’30s-’50s were considered the Golden Age of Musicals? Identify some best practices that you observed.

19 Sochi Opening Ceremonies What musical film best practices do you see in these images from Sochi?

20 Chicago As Theatre Below are images from stage productions of Chicago, what comparisons can you make to costuming choices you saw? Based on what you have seen so far, what does film allow you to do that theatre does not?

21 Cell Block Tango 1.What are the ladies’ motive, means, and opportunity? 2.How are guilt and innocence shown with props? 3.How does reality blend into fantasy and vice versa? 4.Does the song move the plot along or is it just random entertainment? 5.Do you see any similarities to other examples of Bob Fosse’s choreography?

22 Chicago as Satire Originally scripted in 1926, Chicago is considered a satire on corruption in the administration of criminal justice and the concept of the “celebrity criminal”. What does changing it a musical do to its satiric nature? Why would the concept of the “celebrity criminal” explain Chicago’s continued popularity?

23 Fame and Celebrity There are two items to react to regarding Roxie’s trial. 1.What are we to make of the papers with two headlines: Guilty! Innocent! 2.What is the significance of the close up of the newspaper and trampling it to get to the next crime?

24 Chicago Reflection 1.Identify the review that you read. 2.Quote 2 different lines from the review and explain you agree or disagree with them. 3.Identify 1-3 best practices that you observed. 4.Identify 2-4 examples of cinematic and theatrical elements you noted and explain why you believe that Marshall made these choices. 5.Give your basic impressions of the film. Grading: IdeasWord Choice Conventions

25 Triple Threats Identify any celebrities who are triple threats…that is, they have more than one talent.

26 Identify the Musicals

27 Sweet Charity In a couple of minutes you are going to watch two clips from Sweet Charity, another Bob Fosse musical. In your bellwork section, write anything you notice about costuming, choreography, lighting. Make a prediction about the subject matter of this musical

28 Funny Girl 1.Based on your viewing of the film, why do you believe that Barbara Streisand won the Academy Award for Best Actress in this role? 2.Explain why the title, Funny Girl, has: a. A literal meaning b. An ironic meaning

29 Damn Yankees In a couple of minutes you are going to watch two clips from Damn Yankees, another Bob Fosse musical. In your bellwork section, write anything you notice about costuming, choreography, lighting. However, why might someone write a musical about the NY Yankees and the Devil?

30 Dialect Disasters 1.Julia Roberts, Irish 2.Kevin Costner, English 3.Angelina Jolie, Greek 4.Anne Hathaway, English 5.Tom Cruise, Irish 6.Dick Van Dyke, Cockney 7.Harrison Ford, Russian 1.Far and Away 2.Mary Poppins 3.Mary Reilly 4.Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves 5.K-19: The Widowmaker 6.One Day 7.Alexander

31 Oscars For those of you who watched, gather your thoughts on the following: 1.Best/worst dressed 2.Best/worst acceptance speech 3.Ellen’s performance as Emcee. 4.Award winners 5.The “Happy” song…rehearsed or spontaneous 6.What error occurred in the “memoriam tribute”.

32 My Fair Lady 1.Discuss Musical Best Practices in the film which explain why this film was an Oscar award winner. 2.Give your opinion about the film. 3.Explain how both Eliza and Professor Higgins are dynamic characters. 4.Explain the relationship between the plot of My Fair Lady and the myth of Pygmalion.

33 Musical Shot Types Identify the shot types and what you believe they are meant to convey?

34 Here are two posters for The King and I. Compare and contrast them. What is being emphasized? What does the composition of the posters suggest?

35 International Musicals In this course, we have concentrated on American and British cinema. However, there is a wide world of important cinema. Write down what, if anything, the term Bollywood means to you. In a moment we will watch a clip from Bride and Prejudice and make some international connections about the musical genre.

36 International Musicals Italy has also contributed to the film musical genre. What music genre did the Italians develop that would make them natural contributors to the musical film?

37 Elvis in Hollywood – Exploitation Musicals Love him or hate him…Elvis is an iconic figure in American pop culture. How is this image bolstered in this film? In what ways, can you identify this film as having exploitative qualities? In what ways, do you see the film as a production of the times? Elvis was considered a “moral” danger. How does this film combat or promote that? Who can you imagine wanting to be in films like this today?

38 Monday’s Bellwork Yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day…Identify a film that has some sort of Irish connection (Harb, this one’s for you).

39 Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory Summarize the following quote… "Of course you don't know. You don't know because only I know. If you knew and I didn't know, then you'd be teaching me instead of me teaching you - and for a student to be teaching his teacher is presumptuous and rude. Do I make myself clear?" - Mr. Turkentine (David Battley)

40 Numbers Very little happens in filmmaking and literature that is accidental. Why 5 Golden Tickets? Five is NOT a magical number nor a derivative of one. So, tell me…why five?!

41 Names Names are rarely ever random in lit or film. What is significant about the children’s names: Augustus Gloop Veruca Salt Violet Beauregard Mike Teevee Charlie Bucket

42 Willie Wonka – Do you remember? Charlie did not only get a Wonka bar for his birthday. What else did he get and what color was it? What was the name of the man who wanted the children to steal something from the factory? What meaning does that name have?

43 The Two Willie Wonkas Using Thinking Maps of your choice, bullet points, or Morse Code, respond to the following about the two films 1.Compare/contrast the two films. 2.Oompah Loompahs: role; creation; enslaved “savages” 3.Your are in the Candy Garden: draw your plant and say what it is made of. 4.Describe the acting decisions of Gene Wilder versus those of Johnny Depp.

44 Both Willie Wonkas In both films, neither manifestation of Willie Wonka seems to have been made happy by their creation. This is not an unusual topos in mythology or folklore. Why do you think this is?

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