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For decades Soltex has been supplying many different industries products: the electrical, telecommunications, plastics, personal care, adhesive and sealants.

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1 For decades Soltex has been supplying many different industries products: the electrical, telecommunications, plastics, personal care, adhesive and sealants and others. Each industry looks at particular performance behaviors of the different chemicals or chemical formulations Soltex provides, and they all value performance characteristics differently. But some of the most commonly valued performance characteristics include: oxidative and thermal stability, corrosion inhibition, tack, water repellency, low temperature properties, color, viscosity and shear stability. Soltex has been formulating products to meet industry performance requirements for many years, and for many industries. An Introduction

2 Soltex has been formulating, qualifying and supplying alkylate
and polybutene based performance products to the power, telecommunication, refrigeration, lubrication, plastics, adhesives, rubber and personal care industries for over 20 years. Product Categories: - Fully Formulated Dielectric Telecommunication Refrigeration - Intermediates Alkylates, Sulfonates, Polybutene - Synthetic Basestocks Alkylates, PB, PAO - Additives Component and Packages Soltexs’ product lines can be broken into three categories: fully formulated products, intermediates and custom made products.

3 Dielectric Fluids Alkylate / Polybutene blends insulation oils with optimum high oxidative and thermal stability. QUALIFIED AT THESE UTILITY/CABLE COMPANIES: Dominion Electric – Richmond, VA Potomac Electric – Washington, D. C. Boston Edison (N Star) – Boston, MA NYPA – Newburg, NY Cambridge Electric/Okonite – Cambridge, MA PS of Colorado – Denver, CO Baltimore Gas & Electric – Baltimore, MD Consolidated Edison – New York, NY Los Angeles Power & Water – Los Angeles, CA WA Chester/Florida Power & Light – Miami, FL Jacksonville Electric, - Jacksonville, FL National Grid / Keyspan-Hicksville, NY Exelon/Commonwealth Edison – Chicago, IL MAC Products – Kearney, NJ Underground Systems – Armonk, NY W.A. Chester/Northeast Utility- Bethel, CT W.A. Chester/Memphis P&L Memphis, TN PSE&G – Somerset, NJ The Okonite Company – Ramsey, NJ Prysmian – Canada and US Hydro One, EHV,Comstock – Toronto, ON Soltex is one of two suppliers of alkylate / polybuene based dielectric fluids to power distribution and transmission industry. We formulate, obtain approval, manufacture and oversee the installation of all dielectric fluids. This business demonstrates Soltexs ability to work with customers from the start to finish. This business is much more like a project than just a supply arrangement. Our personnel actually check the fluid quality on the jobsite prior to its use to insure quality. Typically these are large jobs and the fluid has and is expected to perform for years. The key qualities formulated here are: high oxidative stability, cleanliness of the fluid and thermal stability.

4 Telecommunication Oils and Gels
Formulations of PB/Waxes and antioxidants which impart tack, oxidation stability and water repellency. Telecommunication fluids is another area Soltex has provided formations, undergone extensive testing (laboratory and field), gotten approvals, manufactures and distributes fully formulated products to the end users. The major performance characteristics of these fluids are their water repellency and their oxidative and thermal stability.

5 Synthetic Alkylate Refrigeration Fluids
Excellent low temperature properties, low flocculant points indicating good solvency for a hydrocarbon in polar fluids, low foaming, good lubrication, thermal stability, excellent elastomeric compatibility. OEM APPROVALS Tecumseh Products Bristol Compressors York Greenville Products Mycom FES Carrier/Carlyle Copeland General Electric Trane Scroll Technologies Whirlpool Embraco The last area where Soltex provides fully formulated products is to the

6 Intermediates Products
-Alkylates -Sulfonates -Polybutenes

7 * ** *** Alkylates Current Alkylate Products Qualitative Comparison
Alkylates have good low temperature properties, solubility, oxidative and thermal stability. Possible alternatives to more expensive esters or less oxidative stable naphthenic. Current Alkylate Products Qualitative Comparison Property Napthenic Ester Alkylate Oxidative Stability * ** *** Pour Point Aniline Point Hydrolytic Stability

8 Sulfonic Acid – oleum sulfonated linear alkylaromatic sulfonic acid
Sulfonates Sulfonic Acid – oleum sulfonated linear alkylaromatic sulfonic acid Sulfonates – oleum and mixture of oleum and natural sulfonation yielding neutral and over based sulfonates of Sodium, Barium, Calcium,Magnesium Gelled Sulfonates – crystalline calcium sulfonates in solvent, oil or water carriers.

9 Sulfonic Acid: oleum sulfonated, highly active sulfonic acid with little free acidity and almost no odor which yields products of very light color.

10 Sulfonates Applications:
Detergent in lubricant (neutralizing acidic products of combustion and degradation). Rust and corrosion inhibition Boundary and extreme pressure lubrication in metal working Base for Calcium Sulfonate grease (overbased) Emulsifiers Metal Characteristic Sodium Solvency, low ash and stain Calcium Ash, general purpose, scavenger for combustion acids Barium Ash, best corrosion inhibition, non-staining Magnesium Ash, vanedium scavenger

11 Metal (%) Inorganic Salt % Oil % Avg. MW TBN 100 cSt Sulfol 465 Emulsifiable oils or as bases, dispersants Sodium (62) 0.6 34 465 Sulfol 500 Same as 465 500 Neutral Bar 50 First intent, non-staining rust protection with good demulsibility and detergency Barium (6.6) 50 4.0 25 – 100 Neutral Cal 10 High activity, imparts good rust and corrosion properties Calcium (60) 60 980 10 212 AmorCal 400 Excellent gelling, excess alkalinity Calcium (20) 400 75 AmorCal 800 High solubility, excess alkalinity, good detergency 110 AmorCal 400 FG Excellent gelling, excess alkalinity and food grade

12 Soltex Gelled Calcium Sufonates
PRODUCT Description Application % Non Volatile Viscosity cP Flash Pt Density Salt Spray Test ThixoCal 7600 Dispersion of modified calcium in mineral. Corrosion preventive compound with enhanced penetrating characteristics,. 58-65 50-90,000 105 9.0 ThixoCal 2000/A Solvent free, gelled calcium sulfonate in an oil carrier. Basestock, removable rust preventative Bearings, hinges, wire rope cable lubes 96 85-135,000 340 ThixoCal 3000A Gelled calcium sulfonate, wax, oil and others in mineral spirits Base for formulations, short term outdoor or long-term indoor storage 58-62 40-65,000 ThixoCal 5300/5400 High solids, moderately formulated corrosion preventive compound 68-73 10-25,000 1.0 Excess of 5000 hrs at 3 mils ThixoCal 5752x Formulated with waxes, oils and other ingredients in mineral spirits. General rust proofing 52-58 3-6000 ThixoCal 8100 High solids, low VOC, corrosion prevention Base for architectural and plant equipment and structural steel coatings 68-74 5-13,000 ThixoCal 8200 80% solids corrosion preventive base compound with additives Base, penetrant. 78-82 7-15,000 ThixoCal 4400 Morpholine-Free, water-based rust and corrosion preventive coating Automotive anti-corrosion coating OEM and aftermarket 45 3.5-9,000 ThixoCal 4500 Formulated corrosion prenentive water-borne coating excess amine Base for water-borne anticorrosion coatings 46-52 25-60,000

13 Sulfonate New Products Under Development:
1. Biodegradable Rail Curve Lubricant 2. Grease base (No.1 and 2 grease available) 3. Food Grade Overbased Calcium Sulfonate (available) 4. Magnesium Carboxylate

14 Polybutylenes: Soltex Polybutene products are range from 350 to 2600 MW and from 12cSt at 40C to 4900cSt at 100C. We react, formulate and blend these – to make derivatives of PB and custom PB blends just right for the application. Polybutenes increase viscosity, add tack, decompose cleanly, are synthetic, NSF, Kosher and Halal approved, and have good oxidative and thermal stability.

15 Terminal Olefin Structure
Polybutenes: I - alpha-Vinylidene II beta-Vinylidene III - Tri-substituted IV - Tetra-substituted IV-A Tetra-substituted No. Terminal Olefin Structure Conventional PIB % HR PIB I-PIB I alpha-Vinylidene (alpha-olefin) 4 - 5 50 – 65 II beta-Vinylidene absent or minor 35 – 50 III Tri-substituted 63 -67 IV Tetra-substituted 22 – 28 1 - 5 1 – 5 IV-A 5 - 10 1 – 2

16 High Molecular Weight Polyisobutylenes:
Extremely high molecular weight polymers which are solid at ambient conditions. They are used in food contact applications, greases, medical adhesives, asphalt Improver, electrical insulating material, adhesives sealants, special pigments.

17 Lubricant Additive Components:
Polymeric Thickeners Tackifiers Emulsifiers / Intermediates Detergents Dispersants Viscosity Index Improvers Pour Point Depressants Antiwear/EP Additive Grease Additives

18 Soltex Polymeric Thickener - BSR-900 Viscosity Modifier
Description: Soltex BSR 900 is a polybutene based polymeric thickener viscosity modifier developed for use in a wide range of high viscosity industrial lubricants. Features and Benefits • Excellent thickening at low treat levels( 5 to 40 %) • High shear stability • Superior oxidation resistance compared to Napthenic • Lower cost than PAO and PAG • Excellent solubility and clarity • Good viscosity index boost

19 Soltex OMG Tackifiers – E857, E858, E859 FG Description:
High molecular weight PIB based polymeric Tackifiers developed for use in a wide range of industrial lubricants: 2500 to C: industrial grade, light colored grade and food grades available. Features and Benefits Imparts a tack or stringiness to a substance and is typically used to provide adherence in fluid lubricants and stringiness in greases. • Food grade and non-food grade available • light colored available for color sensitive applications

20 Soltex Polybutene Derivatives
Emulsifiers / Intermediates / Dispersants / Anti-foulants Soltex PCA 9010, 9030,9050, 9060, 9070, 9080 and 9090 PIBSA – Polybutenyl Succinic Anhydride – emulsifier, raw material PIBSI – Polybutenyl Succinimide - dispersant Di-PIBSI – Di-Polybutenyl Succinimide – anti-foulant Soltex has the technical expertise to custom formulate a polyisobutylene emulsifier, dispersant, anti-foulant or other functional product to customers needs.

21 Soltex Detergents AmorCal 800, Fricshun, PCA 4001 Description:
Numerous metal salts of organic acids and non-metal compounds with and without excess base used to neutralize the acids to form salts and protect metal. Features and Benefits React with acids formed in lubricants to form inert salts. Numerous metals (sodium, sulfur and barium available) Over based available Ashless, biodegradable and nontoxic available – allowing a boost in TBN without an increase in sulfur. Soltex has the technical expertise to custom formulate a polyisobutylene emulsifier, dispersant, anti-foulant or other functional product to customers needs.

22 Viscosity Index Improvers
Soltex S-Flow V1201 and S-Flow V6200 Description: Alkyl methacrylate co-polymers in a highly refined mineral oil. Benefits: Excellent shear stability and viscosity modification. Numerous grades available allow formulator to taylor to your specific applications.

23 Pour Point Depressants
Soltex S-Flow P702, P750, P801, P821 Description: Alkyl methacrylate co-polymers that exhibit highly effective control of paraffinic wax crystal formation in both industrial and automotive lubricants. A variety of product grades allow you to taylor to your specific application requirements: from low Napthenic content to heavier base oils and broad applicability. Benefits: Offer lubricant formulator flexibility to choose a broad application PPD and thus minimize inventory, or tailor to specific applications. They will not impact color of high quality base oils.

24 Antiwear / EP Additive - Soltex PCA 3001 Functional Bismuth Soap
Non Toxic Extreme Pressure / Anti-wear Additive Soltex PCA is a very thermally stable EP/AW additive which works in conjunction with all types of sulfur to provide outstanding antiwear for gear oils, engine oils, hydraulic oils, and other industrial and automotive fluids. It will dramatically increase 4-ball weld loads and Timken OK weld points. Typical treat rates of 3.3% in combination with 0.4 elemental sulfur will produce a 4-ball weld load of 620kg in a ISO 220 base oil lithium complex, Lithium, or calcium complex grease. Features and Benefits Excellent Extreme Pressure Properties Low Volatility yielding long life at high-temperatures. Non-Toxic Environmentally preferred Table 1: Typical Characteristics Property Test Method Units Value Specific 20 ºC (77ºF) ASTM D 287 G/ml 0.956 Kinematic Viscosity @ 40 ºC(104ºF) ASTM D 445 CSt 163 Flash Point COC ºC 198 Weight Loss, 204 ºC, 22 hours ASTM D972 Wt. % 6.3 Pour Point ASTM D 97 ºC(ºF) -15(5)

25 Soltex Additive Packages:
Passenger Car Motor Oil Additive Package Multifunctional lube oil additive package used to formulate high quality mono-grade and multi-grade gasoline and diesel engine oils with properties similar to a wide range of API classifications. Contains detergents, dispersants, antioxidants, friction modifiers, rust and oxidation inhibitors Non-detergent VI improvers required to meet multi-grade viscosity classifications Performance boosters required to meet high TBN (>10) specifications Diesel Engine Oil Additive Package High performance diesel engine oil additive package for high speed turbocharged engines operating on fuel containing up to 0.5% S Contains Ashless dispersant, ZDDP, metallic detergents. Non-detergent VM with SSI of 20 – 40 recommended for multigrade oils Tractor Hydraulic Additive Package Economy grade tractor hydraulic fluid Safely used in most sump-type agricultural equipment including John Deere, Case and New Holland, Massey Ferguson and Ford Provides gear wear protection, maintains hydraulic system performance and prevents oxidation to prolong fluid life. Treat rate is 4.0 wt% in Group I,II base oil.

26 Soltex Passenger Car Motor Oil Additives – PCA 2877 and PCA 2886
Passenger Car Motor Oil Additive Packages Comparison Soltex Passenger Car Motor Oil Additives – PCA 2877 and PCA 2886 PCA 2877 PCA2886 100C 90 65 TBN 115 78 Calcium wt% 3.8 2.0 Nitrogen wt % 0.55 1.10 Phosphorus wt% 1.87 0.87 Zinc Wt % 2.10 1.0 Molybdenum ppm 425

27 Soltex Diesel Engine Oil Additive PCA 2861
Passenger Car Motor Oil Additive Packages Comparison Soltex Diesel Engine Oil Additive PCA 2861 High performance diesel engine oil additive package for high speed turbocharged engines operating on fuel containing up to 0.5 % Sulfur. Contains Ashless dispersant, ZDDP, metallic detergents. Field tested over 5 years with no complaints. Non-detergent VM with SSI of recommended for multi grade oils.  Performance Level Wt % CH-4 / SJ Premium 15.04 CH-4/SJ Fighting 13.07 CG-4, CF, CF2,CF4,CE/SJ 11.28 CF-2, CF 9 Specific 15.6C 0.971 Viscosity, 100C 30 TBN, mg KOH/g 66 Calcium, Wt % 1.8 Nitrogen, Wt % 0.72 Phosphorus, Wt% 0.91 Zinc, Wt % 0.98 Molybdenum, ppm 700

28 Soltex Custom Additive Packages:
Blends of quality dispersants, detergents, antioxidants, AW/EP additives and other ingredients can be custom blended to your specification. - create many different lubricants from these bases - consolidate your purchases, - decrease your blending time - save money. You specify the nitrogen, zinc, calcium, sulfur, phosphorus, total base number…

29 Soltex Services: Technical Expertise: Ed Baxter: Laboratory Services:
-Over 30 years experience in R&D including, R&D Director, Laboratory Director and Pilot Plant Manager -Experienced in Intellectual Property (IP) management; over 25 patents filed in last three years. -Broad product development experience in the areas of polymers (polyisobutylene, polyolefins, polyurethanes, polyethers), hydrocarbon products, hydrocarbon resins, fuel and lube additives, lube basestocks, caulks, sealants, adhesives (PSA and hot melt), crop protection chemicals, bulk pharmaceuticals and cosmetic formulations. -Synthetic organic experience in alkylations, etherifications, benzoylations, halogenation, alkylene oxide polymerizations (EO,PO,BO), olefin oligomerizations and polymerizations, hydroformylations, catalysis, aminations, maleations, hydrodimerizations (butadiene), dehydrations, hydrogenations, mannich base reactions, and, high pressure reaction chemistry.Experienced in instrumental methods of analysis including Gel Permeation Chromatography (GPC), High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC), UV/Vis, FTIR, H1 NMR, C13 NMR, packed and capillary column GC and GC/MS. Laboratory Services: Soltex has a full-service, independent, analytical laboratory specializing in petroleum and petrochemical applications. We offer a complete battery of standard ASTM test methods, from acid number to wax content, plus hard to find specialty procedures.

30 Soltex Services: - Bulk handling / trans - loading
- packaging drums and totes - warehousing - heating of tank trucks / iso-containers

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