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OIL CANADA(SA) DISTRIBUTUR IRAN: Roghan sazan e shargh A.H.Motevasseli.

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1 OIL CANADA(SA) DISTRIBUTUR IRAN: Roghan sazan e shargh A.H.Motevasseli

2 OIL CANADA(SA) TEL :+1 (416) 300 0704 FAX :+1 (416) 234 0669 Address:140 Park Home Ave, M2N 1W9, North York, Ontario, Canada E-mail:

3 Roghan sazan e shargh TEL :+98 21 8851 0435~6 FAX :+98 21 887 630 60 Address:Suit 8, 4 th Flour, Building Atlas, No.47, Khoramshahr Ave, Tehran -Iran

4 Products IRAN Standard lubricants: Hydraulic Oil (HH,HL,HLP) Gearbox Oil CLP Turbine Oil Compressor Oil Metal Working Fluids & Neat Cutting Oil Military Application Oil

5 Products IRAN Standard Grease: Lithium Grease Lithium Complex Grease

6 Product IRAN Metal working Fluid Cutting oil & Neat cutting oil Mineral emulsion rolling oil Semi synthetic emulsion Synthetic coolant

7 Products OIL CANADA (SA) 1-Hydraulic oil, standards HH, HL, HLP, HLPD, HVLP 2-Fire resistance hydraulic oil, Standards HFA, HFB, HFC, HFDU, and HFDR 3-Gear oil, Standards CLP, Synthetic gear oils, PAO, PAG 4-Air compressor, refrigeration compressor, R22, R12, R407, R404, R 124a, and NH3 5-Pneumatic oil 6-Turbine oil, Gas turbine oil, Steam turbine oil and Hydraulic turbine 7-Slide way oils, Standard CLPG 8-Metal working Fluids, EDM oil, Spark oil, Wire Cut oil, rolling oil 9-Rust preventing oils, Waxes 10- Quenching oil

8 Products OIL CANADA 11- Transformer oil, IEC 296 Class I and Class II 12- Heat transfer oil 13- White oil and process oil 14- Release agents, Die casting oil 15- Engine oil, standards SL, SM and CI-4 16- Textile lubricants 17- Greases (lithium, calcium, aluminum complexes) 18- Open Gear lubricant 19- Sealant Grease

9 Products OIL CANADA THE END A.H.Motevasseli

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