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SAFE MAINTENANCE & REPAIR ACTIVITIES. Maintenance Work: A Life or Death Experience  EACH YEAR: MINERS DOING MAINTENANCE & REPAIR WORK are severely injured.

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2 Maintenance Work: A Life or Death Experience  EACH YEAR: MINERS DOING MAINTENANCE & REPAIR WORK are severely injured or killed from a wide variety of HAZARDS, including:  ELECTRICITY (Shock, Burns & Electrocution),  INADVERTENT MOVEMENT OF MACHINERY OR EQUIPMENT, AND  FALLING OFF PLATFORMS OR RAISED AREAS.

3 Life's too precious for anything less!!! ü All miners expect to return home after the end of their shift. And their families expect them too. ü Analyze all aspects of the job before beginning work. ü All hazards associated with the job should be properly communicated to the miners before starting work. ü Analyze every job… every day.  45% of fatals in 2002 involved maintenance/repair activities.  46% in 2003. 48% in 2004 56% in 2005 50% in 2006

4  ELECTRICAL  Electrical Shock  Thermal Arc Flash Burns  Thermal Blowouts  Disabling Injuries  ELECTROCUTION  MECHANICAL  Caught in Moving Machinery  Serious Injuries  Disabling Injuries  Loss of Limb  DEATH

5 Working on electrically-powered equipment. Deenergized, locked and tagged - removed only by who installed Work on power circuits. Deenergized, locked and tagged - removed only by who installed - hot work only by equipped and qualified Procedures during repairs or maintenance. Off, locked and blocked

6 Does Your Company have a “Lockout/Tag & Block” Policy?   Does Your Company have a “Lockout/Tag & Block” Policy?  Is it…...  In writing, verbal?  Positive & effective?  In miner’s training classes?  Enforced by mgmt.? blocked against  Is it blocked against hazardous motion hazardous motion ? YOU  Did YOU take the Keys? 

7 Who does maintenance & repair work at your mine?  You Must Care About It! Take interest!  Mechanical/Electrical/Welding (Good/So-so/Poor) –Are they…….. –Qualified? Certified? Formally Trained? –OJT’d? –“Jack-of-all-trades”- The “shade-tree” type? –“Know it all”? –Who does it? …Equipment/Plant Operators? Laborers? –Utility workers? –Anyone? (that can hold a hammer/wrench)

8 What are things YOU can do?  Establish safe work procedures:  Incorporate manufacturer's recommendations  Assure workers are not exposed to hazards when performing maintenance or repair.  Identify ALL the hazards and correct them…… before starting the work.

9 More things YOU can do….  Ensure that all workers are task trained.  Keep training up-to-date & current.  Ensure all workers follow established safe work procedures.  Analyze the job before starting work.  Prior to beginning work, clear the area of trip and fall hazards.

10 More things YOU can do…  Provide safe access to all work areas.  List the work steps.  De-energize, lockout and tag electrical equipment… and mechanical equip.  Solidly secure/block/chock all applicable equipment against movement - prior to maintenance & repair work.

11 More things YOU can do…  Use appropriate fall protection where there is a danger of falling.  Avoid pinch points.  Position your body/hands properly.  Stay focused for your own safety and for the safety of your fellow workers.  Double check everything yourself, if necessary.

12 Blocking Against Motion  In 2006…7 Miners Killed.  Safety props not used or ineffective.  All were PREVENTABLE!  Size the prop correctly.  Attach prop to ensure it can handle load.  Place prop so it can’t kick out or slip.  Install props permanently on mobile & stationary equip so they are available.

13 WELDING HAZARDS  Electrical shock from welding can KILL!  ANY welder, AC or DC has the power to cause electrocution…..How?  If the current travels through you while you are GROUNDED.

14 Some Safe Welding Tips ü Use dry, insulated gloves & protective clothing.(change them to keep dry) ü Insulate yourself from the workpiece. ü Use fully insulated stinger. In good repair. ü Don’t use damaged, poorly spliced, worn or undersized cables…. Includes both cables! ü Don’t wrap the cables around your body. ü Don’t touch the energized stinger with bare-hand. ü Turn off welder when not in use. ü Avoid wet conditions. Use appropriate safeguards.

15 What about Oxygen/Acetylene Safety?  Always  your welding equipment before cutting or welding operations.  Always  that valves at the torch are closed before turning on the gas regulator valves.  Always  equip for wear/damage; leaks.  Always have good ventilation to work area.  Always wear correct clothing and PPE.  Always light the torch away from body.  Always keep grease/oil away from oxy lines.

16 Lubrication Systems  Automated lube systems (Octopus). Grease pump & distribution lines.  Centralized lube system. Lever gun supplies lube to single grease & on to others in system.  Extended grease fittings.  Single point auto lube - lube single point for weeks or months at a time. Replace single point lubricator when needed.  Provide catwalks or other safe access points.

17 Working on High Pressure Hoses  Before working on system…….  Always shut down the pump(s), lock out and tag.  Check hose(s) to be replaced by twisting and squeezing for pressure relief, or other preferred method.  If pressure still present…..take action to relieve the pressure before loosening the fittings.

18 Working on Pressurized Fittings…..  A miner injured…attempted to bleed pressure from a conveyor grease jack.  Jack had OEM relief type fitting broken.  Was replaced with a standard grease fitting.  Using 1/4” socket/ratchet the grease fitting blew out of the jack as it was loosened. Like a gun.  Always use the proper valves/fittings to relieve grease pressure before maintenance.

19 Working on Pressurized Fittings……  Don’t use a nail or wire to push in the ball on a standard grease fitting to relieve pressure.  Pressure can be more than 10,000 PSI  Grease can shoot out in thin stream and inject itself into your skin.  Grease is extremely poisonous when injected into tissue and could require amputation.  (1 miner in Colorado knows this)

20 Large Wheel/Tire Assemblies  Many miners killed/seriously injured over the years. –Don’t work on them w/o safety cage or other restraining device. –Don’t stand too close during inflation/deflation. –Don’t hit inflated wheel/tire assembly with a hammer. –Don’t weld rims on wheel/tire assembly. –Don’t use mismatched rim parts –Always wear eye protection.

21 Whenever entering a bin or hopper 4 Someone else must be outside 4 A life line or tagline must connect the two 4 The person outside must be healthy enough to be able to assist if the person inside gets into trouble

22 THINK THE JOB OUT…BEFORE YOU BEGIN WORK ! x What about the following miners?

23 MINER #1  Fatally burned while air gouging a metal flange near a scrubber opening. –An ignition occurred after hot slag contacted a combustible membrane in the scrubber.

24 MINER #2  A supervisor fell 9 feet from an elevated area at a cement plant. –A chain across a ladder opening unhooked when he contacted it.

25 ALERT ALERT - Use of Chains to Protect From Fall Hazards  Miners and managers should inspect anywhere chains are provided to protect persons from fall hazards.  Identify and promptly correct the connection between the chain and the permanent termination point.  A chain can easily slide out of the hook when a horizontal force estimated at less than 20 lbs. is applied :  Re: Miner #2 accident.

26 MINER #3  A miner was fatally injured when he fell through a cover on a raised structure (transfer house). –He was repairing a water line and stepped on a metal covering that failed (rusted through).

27 4 MINERS  4 miners have been electrocuted since 1999 performing welding operations. (wet clothing/ wet environments and current are a deadly combination)


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