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How greasy are your potato chips?

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1 How greasy are your potato chips?
By: Dharma Shrecengost

2 Experimental Design Problem- What is the effect of the chip brand on the grease amount? IV: Chip brand Levels of the IV: Lay’s, UTZ, Kroger’s store brand, Wise Reason control was selected: DV: Amount of grease

3 Experimental Design Constants (3) :Paper towel brand, regular flavor, amount of crushed chips Hypothesis: If the chip brand is Lay’s then the grease amount will be greater, than the UTZ, Kroger store brand and, Wise.

4 Materials Chips Precisely 25 paper towels Ruler Permanent Marker
Camera Table Stop watch Pencil Paper

5 Procedures Gather Materials
Place five paper towels beside each other on a table Write one name of the listed potato chip brands per paper towel On one paper towel on the top write UTZ On the next paper towel on the top write Wise On the next paper towel at the top write Kroger’s store brand On the remaining paper towel at the top write Lay’s

6 Procedures (continued)
Open each chip bag (package) Place two chips into their correctly labeled paper towel Make sure the chips are equally leveled on the paper towel Turn the stop watch on After 10 minutes have gone by, remove the chips from the paper towels Measure grease spots with a ruler in cm Record and compare all data Repeat steps five times for accurate results

7 Data Table Chip Brand Trial 1 2 3 4 5 Avg’s Lay’s 10 12 35 30 17 20.8
Wise 16 20 22 Kroger’s store brand 27 7 18 25 16.2 UTZ 34 26 29 23.8 Measured perimeter of the grease spot in centimeters.

8 Graph (Trails) Perimeter of grease spot in cm.

9 Graph (Averages) of The Grease Spot Measurement Average
Brand Name of Chips

10 Discussion – The results concluded that Utz had the most grease of the chips tested. The average of Utz was 23.8, the average of Wise was 22, the average of Lays was 20.8 and, the average of Kroger’s store brand was 16.2. The research concluded that there are regular, kettle-cooked, baked and air-popped potato chips, as well as potato crisps. These potato chips all have varied amounts of grease depending on the cooking methods. Usually, baked and air-popped chips should have the least amount of grease, with regular and kettle chips having the most.

11 Conclusion Hypothesis: If chip brand is Lays, then grease amount will be higher. Hypothesis was rejected , because the chip brand (Lays) had a lower amount of grease than the Utz and Wise.

12 Conclusion (continued)
Errors made included: Size of chip If done differently: I would use differently textured chips along with a different flavor (ex. Sour cream & onion)

13 Conclusion (continued)
Overall, this science experiment was a success, because I accurately measured the grease of the chips and had all the chips begin and end at approximate the same time.

14 Questions Are there any questions?

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