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Success Story on Stone Crusher Bearings

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1 Success Story on Stone Crusher Bearings

2 View of a Stone Crusher Machine

3 Bearings of a Stone Crusher Machine

4 Conditions of Operation
Heavy Load Shock Load and Vibration Dusty Environment Continuous Operation Poor Maintenance system No support from Machinery Manufacturer

5 Kluber Recommendation
Kluberplex MH BH Multipurpose High Temperature Grease Performance: Proven Grease for the bearings of Stone Crushers and for High Temperature Applications Reference: More than 50 Customers with continuous usage Benefits: Much lesser Grease consumption, Longer Bearing Life

6 Why Kluberplex MH BH ? Excellent Load carrying capacity Good Wear Protection High Temperature Resistance Good Adherence on bearings Good sealing property

7 Performance No dripping of Grease from bearing
Reduction in Temperature Reduction in Vibration Minimum wear on the Bearings Expected Bearing Life: 3 + years as against the life of 1 to 2 years with normal greases Reliable and smooth running

8 Less Consumption Relubrication Period – once in a day against every shift for other normal greases. Relubrication Quantity – 1 Kg is sufficient for Kluber against 3-4 Kgs for normal greases Monthly Consumption – 25 Kgs maximum for Kluber against at least 125 Kgs for normal greases

9 Cost Benefits The average bearing life with normal greases is 1 to 2 years. With Kluber grease, the customers are expecting at least 3 to 5 years life.

10 Thank You

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