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WELCOME How to Leverage MIFAB’s Value Proposition on Large Plastic Grease Interceptors May 16, 2014.

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1 WELCOME How to Leverage MIFAB’s Value Proposition on Large Plastic Grease Interceptors May 16, 2014

2 PROGRAM OBJECTIVES 1.Review the two new large plastic grease interceptors. 2.Highlight the features and benefits of each product. 3.Compare the MIFAB interceptors to Schier


4 XL-MI-G-PL-750 75 GPM, 750 lbs. grease holding capacity


6 XL-MI-G-PL-1150 100 GPM, 1,150 lbs. grease holding capacity


8 Install the Internal Inlet and Outlet Assemblies in the interceptor. Use PVC primer and cement to install the straight piece of PVC pipe to the sanitary tee – for the XL-MI-G-PL-1150 model only. The XL-MI-G- PL-750 has the sanitary tee and PVC pipe already assembled. The Tee and the Pipe are shipped inside of the large cardboard box placed on top of the interceptor.

9 Then install the internal deep seal traps onto the internal connection of the installed bulk head fitting using PVC primer and cement.

10 Install Pipe Gasket onto pipe Install the Pipe gasket onto the bottom of the pipe as shown. Then firmly press the 18” diameter pipe into the top opening(s) of the interceptor. It will bottom out at the pipe stop.

11 18” Diameter Corrugated Pipe Install the 18” diameter corrugated pipe onto the top opening(s) of the body, set the lid on top to measure the finishing height from the top of the lid to the drain pipe connections. The pipe can be cut with a saw to get a correct finishing height.

12 Secure Lid onto pipe Remove the cover from the lid assembly. Stick the lid gasket with the self adhesive onto the undeside of the collar. Place lid assembly onto the top of the corrugated pipe. Connect the lid assembly collar to the pipe with the 6 self tapping screws into the countersunk holes. Then reinstall the cover back onto the lid assembly collar.

13 Typical Installation Layout

14 For jurisdictions that require the installation of an external sampling port, the MIFAB XL-MI-G-PL-SP is the answer. It is manufactured from HDPE and available with a standard pedestrian rated cover or an optional AASHTO H-20 load rated cover. (Specify suffix -SP) External Sampling Port

15 Options & Accessories MIFAB’s 32 years of experience with grease interceptors provides us with a superior knowledge of options and accessories often required with grease interceptors. We can expertly provide any of the following options: dosing pump, enzyme port, high level alarm, multiple inlet and outlet ports, sediment bucket and threaded connections. High Level Alarm Illustrated (Specify suffix - HLA)



18 Feature: Buying Groups. Schier is not in any Buying Groups. MIFAB is in WIT, AD and OMNI. Benefit: Rebate dollars for the Buying Group wholesaler. Feature: “C” Dimension. The standard “C” dimension on both MIFAB models is 24 ½” and can be field adjusted by the contractor down to 15 ½” on the XL-MI-G-PL-750 and to 16” on the XL-MI-G-PL-1150. The standard “C” dimension from Schier is only 12 ½” on their GB-75 and is only 13 ½” on their GB-250. Benefit: Contractors will not have to buy extensions as often with MIFAB’s interceptors – a savings of around 10%. LARGE PLASTIC GREASE INTERCEPTORS - Value Proposition

19 Feature: Extensions - Schier’s extensions are only available from Schier – resulting in delays and time for production and shipment to the customer from Schier. MIFAB’s patent pending extension system consists solely of one piece of 18” diameter ADS pipe (to whatever “C” dimension the contractor needs). Benefit: This gives the contractor the option to purchase an extension from MIFAB or to buy a length of ADS pipe from their local waterworks wholesaler in order to complete the installation immediately. This also means that the cost of the MIFAB extension (when ordered from a local waterworks wholesaler will be significantly less expensive that buying the same height extension system from Schier. Schier’s SR-24 (Short Riser – 6” – 24” sells for $528.00 List Price and their LR-24 (Long Riser – 24” – 39”) sells for $664.00 List Price. LARGE PLASTIC GREASE INTERCEPTORS - Value Proposition

20 Feature: Cover - H-20 load rated covers. MIFAB’s XL-MI-G-PL-750 and XL- MI-G-PL-1150 interceptors are shipped standard with steel encased, 24” diameter, composite covers that have a standard 20,000 lbs. (H-20) load rating. Benefit –Schier’s standard covers only have a load rating of 16,000 Lbs. and charge $442.00 List Price extra for their H-20 load rated cover. Feature: MIFAB’s XL-MI-G-PL-750 and XL-MI-G-PL-1150 grease interceptors are PDI G-101, ASME A112.14.3 and CSA B481 approved and in process to be IAPMO listed. Benefit: Schier’s GB-75 and GB-250 grease interceptors do not have PDI approval. LARGE PLASTIC GREASE INTERCEPTORS - Value Proposition

21 Feature: Easy to Use - MIFAB’s XL-MI-G-PL-750 and XL-MI-G-PL-1150 grease interceptors are only 33 ½” wide so that they can fit through doorways and narrow hallways. Two people can carry and install the interceptors. Benefit: There is no need for a crane for their installation – like there is with concrete grease interceptors. Feature: Grease Holding Capacity – MIFAB’s XL-MI-G-PL-750 has a flow rate of 75 GPM and a grease holding capacity of 750 lbs. and the XL-MI-G- PL-1150 grease interceptor has a flow rate of 100 GPM and a grease holding capacity of 1,150 lbs. Benefit: These holding capacities are greater than Schier’s 616 lbs. for their GB-75 and 1,076 lbs. for their GB-250. LARGE PLASTIC GREASE INTERCEPTORS - Value Proposition

22 List Prices XL-MI-G-PL-750 - $2,500.00 List Price Each XL-MI-G-PL-1150 - $4,856.00 List Price Each Discount Structure – 1-5 units, then 6+ units “Six Pack” All sales from representative warehouses are at the 1-5 unit multiplier.

23 Freight F.O.B. New Paris, Indiana unless 6+ units are ordered by wholesaler and shipped direct to wholesaler from RomoTech, 67742 C.R. 23, Building 1, New Paris, IN, 46553. Freight costs are always extra from representative warehouses to wholesaler.

24 Lots of Inventory ready to ship !

25 Lots of inventory ready to ship !


27 MY TOP TEN REASONS!!! 6.Approvals – PDI, ASME, CSA, UPC / IAPMO 7.Cover – H-20, 20,000 lbs. Load Rating is standard 8.Extensions – easy with MIFAB 9.More “C” Dimension – 24 ½” vs. 12 ½” or 13 ½” 10.Buying Group benefit to wholesaler

28 MY TOP TEN REASONS!!! 1.You can earn more commission $$ 2.Grease holding capacity – more than Schier. 3.Alternative to concrete grease interceptors. 4.Lightweight – two people can move and install them. 5.Easy to use – only 33 ½” wide to fit through doorway.


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