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Wave Interactions Ch 14 Section 3 Pages 472-478 108.

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2 Wave Interactions Ch 14 Section 3 Pages 472-478 108

3 Waves interact with other objects and waves They can Reflect Refract Diffract Interference 108

4 Reflection The bouncing back of a ray of light, sound or heat when the ray hits a surface that it does not go through 109

5 Law of Reflection The angle of incidence equals the angle of reflection The normal is a line perpendicular to the surface 109

6 Diffraction The bending of waves around an edge When waves pass the edge of an object or pass through an opening they spread out as if a new wave were created there 110

7 Diffraction of Sound 110

8 Refraction The bending of a wave front as it passes between two substances in which the speed of the wave differs Animation courtesy of Dr. Dan Russell, Kettering University 111

9 Interference The combination of two or more waves May be: Constructive Destructive This one is constructive constructive 112

10 Constructive Interference The crests of two waves overlap each other Results in a larger wave— A + B add together Also called in phase in phase Lasers use this 112

11 Shock ABSORBERS Read page 458

12 Destructive Interference Waves crests and troughs align and result in cancellation Used in anti-noise technology 113

13 Interference of Light Causes colorful displays Oil slicks on sidewalks Soap bubbles 113

14 Interference of sound produces beats Band members listen for beats to tell if they are out of tune 108 113

15 Review

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