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Welcome to Medical Terminology

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1 Welcome to Medical Terminology
Nena Scott, MSEd, RHIA, CCS, CCSP

2 Course Outcomes Upon successfully completing this course, you will be able to: Define the word elements of a medical term. Formulate proper definitions of presented medical terms. Compose accurate medical terms, based on established medical terminology guidelines. Demonstrate the singular and plural forms of medical terminology. Interpret simulated medical reports using medical terminology. Demonstrate the ability to translate medical terminology and information into layman’s terms for non-medical personnel or patients.

3 General Information Print the syllabus and keep available to reference during the term. Due dates for each unit is located on the syllabus Weekly unit assignments will include Seminar Discussion Board Unit Exams Unit 5 and 8 Projects A weekly announcements will be posted on Wednesday that will outline the weeks requirements

4 Seminar Date /Time (ET)
Contact Information Kaplan Address: Course/Seminar Day and Time (ET) Section Instructor Seminar Date /Time (ET) 1 Nena Scott Wed. 4:00pm 18 Wed. 10:00pm 19 Christine Hollander Wed. 11:00am 26FT Wed. 1:00pm 5 Cheryl Kester Tues. 8:00pm

5 Accessing Flex Seminar
To access your seminar: Log in to your home page and click on the course for which you are attending seminar. This will open two windows. The narrow window is called the remote control. In the remote control, please click on the “Open Seminar” heading at the bottom of the remote. Click the blue underlined text that says "Enter KHE Seminar." After a brief pause, you will be in the seminar. Your name should appear on the left side of the screen. You can enter seminar a maximum of 30 minutes before the scheduled session start time. If you select this link at any other time you will be taken to the archive for KHE Seminar. For additional instructions, review the Flex Seminar Student User Guide found in Doc Sharing in the classroom.

6 How to Label Your Work Projects: Please label your projects: Student Name – project name - unit#.doc. For example, a student named Tina Allen would name her file Tina Allen Anatomical Terminology Unit 5.doc. Seminar Option 2: Please label your seminars: Student Name-seminar-unit#.doc (for example, Tina Allen Seminar Unit 3.doc) Subject Lines: Please start your subject lines in correspondence with Course & section username: SUBJECT_OF_MESSAGE (for example, HS111-12AU-Tina Allen: Question regarding project) (Make sure you put the section number because I teach multiple sections.)

7 Projects Templates for projects are located in DocSharing
A description of all projects can be found under unit 5 and 8 in the course Project should be completed in Microsoft Word and submitted in the drop box. Projects should be completed using APA style formatting

8 Seminar Option 1 Purpose – interact with class mates, review important points of each lesson, answer questions and concerns of students. Expectations - participate in discussion, arrive on time and stay the whole hour. Grading rubric used to assign grade Option 2 Takes place of one hour seminar Tougher grading criteria – grading rubric used to assign grade

9 Discussion Please do not work ahead on the discussion board because staying together on the discussion will help everyone in the learning process. Your initial discussion board post is due by Saturday night Posting the initial post early in the week will help you because you will need to respond to two post to receive the total 35 points. Also, posting early in the week will give me time to respond and in my response I try to give you a challenge question and your response to my question will count as one of the required responses. It is important to have quality discussion board post to enhance learning. Make sure you utilize spell check and list all references.

10 Chapter 1 Introduction to Word Parts

11 OBJECTIVES Identify and define the four word parts
Identify and define a combining form Analyze and define medical terms Build medical terms for given definitions

12 Understand the Content of Chapter 1 Before Moving on to Chapter 2
Chapter 1 is the most important chapter in the text because it is here that you are introduced to word parts—word roots, prefixes, suffixes, and combining vowels—and the rules for combining them to build medical terms. You will use this information in each of the subsequent chapters to analyze, build, define, and spell terms built from word parts

13 Medicine Has a Language of Its Own
Current medical vocabulary includes terms built from Greek and Latin word parts, eponyms, acronyms, and terms from modern language

14 Origins of Medical Language

15 The 4 Word Parts Word Root: Fundamental meaning of a medical term
Prefix: Attached to beginning of a medical term to modify its meaning Suffix: Attached to end of a medical term to modify its meaning Combining Vowel: Used to ease pronunciation - usually an “o” (e, i, or u)

16 Examples Word Roots: arthr: joint hepat: liver ven: vein oste: bone
Prefixes: intra-: within sub-: under Suffixes: -itis: inflammation -ic: pertaining to -ous: pertaining to -pathy: disease Combining vowel: o

17 Combining Form Word Root + Combining Vowels
Examples: arthr/o hepat/o ven/o oste/o Examples of word parts and combining vowel in use P WR S P WR S WR CV WR S sub/hepat/ic intra/ven/ous oste/o/arthr/itis

18 Some Basic Rules All medical terms have at least one word root
Not all medical terms have a prefix, suffix, or combining vowel Combining vowels are used to connect word roots or word root and suffix When a suffix begins with a vowel, the combining vowel is not used Example: arthritis (“o”)

19 Some Basic Rules (cont’d)
When connecting two word roots, a combining vowel is usually used even if vowels are present at the junction Example: oste/o/arthr/itis Usually medical terms are defined by starting at the end of the term and going back to the beginning Example: oste/o/arthr/itis─inflammation of the bone and joints

20 Some Basic Rules (cont’d)
A few terms are more easily and accurately defined by starting at the beginning of the term. Example: melan/oma melan = black -oma = tumor

21 Word Parts for Practice
Word Roots: (Comb. Forms) arthr/o: joint hepat/o: liver ven/o: vein osteo: bone Combining Vowel: o Prefixes: intra-: within sub-: under Suffixes: -itis: inflammation -ic: pertaining to -ous: pertaining -pathy: disease

22 Analyze and Define arthritis intravenous osteitis osteoarthritis
subhepatic osteopathy arthropathy hepatitis

23 Building Medical Terms
arthr/itis - inflammation of joints intra/ven/ous - pertaining to within a vein oste/itis - inflammation of the bone oste/o/arthr/itis - inflammation of the bone and joint sub/hepat/ic - pertaining to under the liver oste/o/pathy - disease of the bone arthr/o/pathy - disease of the joint hepat/itis - inflammation of the liver

24 Review – Chapter 1 Most medical terms in current use are composed of what type of word parts? What is acronym? What is a medical term derived from the name of a person called? Each medical term build from word parts contain one or more A prefix is a word part that The word part that is the core of the word is a A word root with the combining vowel attached and separated by a forward slash is a(n) When analyzing a medical term build from word parts, the combining vowel would be labeled as In the medical term hepatitis, the word part hepat is a In the medical term intravenous, the word part intra is In the medical term arthritis, what is the word part itis In the medical term arthropathy, what is the word part arthro

25 Answers Greek and Latin word parts
Formed from the first letters of words in a phrase Eponym Word Roots Attaches to the beginning of a medical word Word root Combining form CV Prefix Suffix Combining Form

26 Questions & After Seminar
Review the rubrics for grading and let me know if you have questions Contact me: On AIM - NenaSctt Kaplan - Questions?

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