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2010 International Coach Federation Singapore Chapter The Road to Credentialing.

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1 2010 International Coach Federation Singapore Chapter The Road to Credentialing

2 2010 Objectives  ICF Singapore Chapter Mission  Benefits of an ICF Credential  ICF Credentials & Application Types  Becoming a Credentialed Coach  Credentialing Requirements  Resources

3 2010 2010-2011 Chapter Mission  Developing Business: alliances and community  Developing Professionally: credentialing and personal development  Developing Community: a place for coaches  Overall theme for 2010  Raising standards  Engaging members

4 2010 Benefits of an ICF Credential Demonstrates: high professional standards strong code of ethics high knowledge and skill level Enhances: credibility reassures potential clients of experience/professional coach Brings personal satisfaction: in achieving a career goal in gaining a credential from the internationally recognized coaching association Reinforces: integrity of the coaching profession locally and globally

5 2010 Three ICF Credentials   Associate Certified Coach (ACC)  Professional Certified Coach (PCC)  Master Certified Coach (MCC) Application Types   ACC/PCC - ACTP or Portfolio Applications  MCC - MCC Application

6 Coach Specific Training Client Coaching Application to ICF Exam Awarding of Credential Coaches must meet the minimum requirements in these areas when applying for a credential Portfolio Applicants participate in the exam process with ICF Complete applications are sent online directly to ICF Headquarters Becoming a Credentialed Coach 2010


8 2010 Credentialing Requirements [1] Coach Specific Training  Direct interaction with trainer  Voice to voice  In person  Includes all the ICF Core Competencies  From an ACTP  From an ACTSH

9 2010 [2] Client Coaching Hours  60 minutes of actual coaching per client hour  Paid hours and Pro-bono hours  Individual Client  Group Coaching (no more than 15 participants)  Internal/Third Party Coaching (reference letter) Credentialing Requirements

10 2010 Credentialing Requirements [3] Letters of Reference  Dated within 12 months of the application date  Clearly state the coach’s support  Coach has observed or heard coaching  Recommendation for application type  On letterhead or e-mail address

11 2010 Credentialing Requirements [4] Mentor Coaching  10 hours over three (3) months  With a qualified coach*  Group coaching (up to 7 hours) Scope: Applicants being coached on their coaching skills/competencies rather than coaching on practice building, life balance or other topics.

12 2010 Credentialing Requirements [5] Mentor/Reference Coach Requirements  For applicants living in the U.S and Canada –Coach currently must hold a PCC or MCC  For applicants living outside the U.S. or Canada –Coach currently holds a PCC or MCC –Coach is actively involved with an ICF Chapter –Coach is actively involved in another coaching association that holds similar definitions of coaching –If not ICF credentialed: detail qualifications

13 2010 Exam Process  ACTP Applicants  Fulfilled exam requirements upon completion of certified exam of the ACTP  ACC Portfolio  Live Oral Exam (20-30min teleconference)  PCC/MCC Portfolio  Live Oral Exam  Written Exam  Recorded Session

14 2010 ICF Core Competencies 1. Meeting Ethical Guidelines and Professional Standards 2. Establishing the Coaching Agreement 3. Establishing Trust and Intimacy with the Client 4. Coaching Presence 5. Active Listening 6. Powerful Questioning

15 2010 ICF Core Competencies 7. Direct Communication 8. Creating Awareness 9. Designing Actions 10. Planning and Goal Setting 11. Managing Progress and Accountability

16 2010 Resources  Credentialing and Application  credentials/ credentials/ credentials/  To check if program is ACTP  training-programs/tpss/ training-programs/tpss/ training-programs/tpss/  ICF Singapore Credentialing Evening  ICF Singapore Peer Coaching

17 2010 ICF Singapore Chapter Credentialing Sub-Committee Denise Pang +65-97871420 Nancy Verhoeven +65-91098787 Thank you for your interest in ICF Credentialing!

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