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Searching for Wining products Dorothy Mackenzie Chairman Dragon Brand Consulting Ltd 1 Craven Hill London W2 3EH

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1 Searching for Wining products Dorothy Mackenzie Chairman Dragon Brand Consulting Ltd 1 Craven Hill London W2 3EH

2 What are the secrets of new product success nowadays? What are the ‘golden tools’ for creating innovative products that are successful in the market?

3 Insight Foresight Brand belief

4 Insight

5 The starting point Finding real insights Interpreting these within the right context And doing this all quickly without being overwhelmed by huge research studies

6 “A consumer insight is a fundamental human truth about how people think, feel or act, delivered in a fresh unexpected way” “Insight is about getting information about what people do and think, understanding why, and spotting what you can do to address their problem or opportunity” “Insight is about seeing inside the consumer” What is insight?

7 Digging Deep Observing consumer behaviour - what drives their consumption patterns? What are they like as people - not just consumers What don’t they like? Talking to people –Consumers –Customers –Opinion leaders –Internal Analysing data Studying market dynamics - who do you really compete with?

8 Applying Insights Understanding consumer needs - expressed and articulated Understanding consumer and market segmentation Defining the core target tightly and lucidly Projecting the brand into the future

9 Bringing insight to life Dramatise the insights and present them simply - e.g. –Consumer portraits –World of the consumer –Video diaries Or take people to see and experience them themselves

10 Bringing insight to life

11 Insight: the reality Insight is an over-used term, yet is still the fundamental driver behind successful innovation Insights are scary because they can come from a variety of sources and there are no hard and fast rules Insights about emerging behaviours and changing attitudes are a great source for stimulating new product ideas You know very quickly when you have got a good one!

12 Foresight

13 Looking Around : what’s going on? Other markets - new ways of thinking about things Competitor behaviour (all competitors, not just the obvious ones) Trends - catgory, market, society Culture


15 Creating a brand people believe in

16 trusted to deliver on promises A brand people believe in inspiring something extra, beyond normal expectations important relevant with a special place in peoples lives liked accessible and in tune with their audiences connecting on a deeper emotional level with your audience

17 Creating innovation people believe in Brand Success Belief InsightForesight

18 We looked out 100 Innovative Brands… ACE bleach Kettle Chips Brunchettas Spontex Rub Out Jacobs Essential Crackers Aquafresh Zones J2O Kid Stuff Crazy Soap Oats So Simple Tesco Serves 1 Persil Aloe Vera Tesco Finest Pampers Kandoo Kelloggs Muddles Dettol Easy Wipe Walkers Stax Rustlers Oust odour eliminator Felipo Berio olive oil spread Go Ahead yogurt Bachelors Cup a Soup Philadelphia Light mini tubs Jacobs Thai Bites Walls mini sausages Magicool body cooler and freshener Frubes Kleenex Balsam Mr Muscle orange wipes Robinsons Fruit Shoot Quaker Snack a Jacks Kelloggs Nutrigrain Old El Paso Dinner kit Calgon tablets Kelloggs Fruit Winders Tesco easy steam range Febreze Fabric Freshener and allergy reducer Comfort Easy Iron Mr Sheen wipes Lurpak Spreadable Persil washing up liquid, baking soda Covent Garden soup Johnsons baby softwash Pampers Activefit Mattesons shaped meat slices Tetley well being bags Schwartz Real Paste Hellmans two part dressing and paste Knorr Sizzle and Stir Mr Muscle Shower Shine Hovis Best of both Pot Noodle (hot) Tesco Carb Control Glade Touch n Fresh kitchen Lux Bath Heinz upside down tomato ketchup pack Muller McVities Hob Nob Flapjack Doritos Dippers Bisto Best Premium Yorkshire puddings Tzone spot zapping stick Heinz Tomato Frito Fruit Bowl Fruit Bars Garnier Pure (505 stick) Tesco safety buds Comfort Pearls

19 We explored which appeared to be supported by clear consumer insights Insight tracking sessions with over 50 Marketing Directors, Marketing Managers and Innovation Managers… What were the main themes? Are the insights obvious? Does the product address a real need? Which products stood out due to the ‘obviousness’ of the consumer insight?

20 Top 10 insight-based innovations

21 The innovations that worked… Insights Current Future Product Brand Consumer Sector Needstate/occasion Substitution New what will it add? what will it replace? what will it do differently? why is it making life easier? Commercial sanity Can it work? will it do what it says? will it deliver? exceed expectation?

22 Table discussion: Take five innovations - what was the ‘insight’ and the need being fulfilled?

23 Insight Foresight Brand belief

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