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Erickson’s Eight Stages Madeline Gervase MSN,CCRN,FNP,RN Union County College.

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1 Erickson’s Eight Stages Madeline Gervase MSN,CCRN,FNP,RN Union County College

2 Trust vs. Mistrust (Infancy) The meeting of physical needs Food, water, warmth, shelter The meeting of emotional/social needs Love, security, comfort

3 Autonomy vs. Shame & Doubt (Toddler Years) The feeling of self sufficiency Recognizing self as an individual Knowing it’s ok to make a mistake Understanding that a mistake does not indicate rejection

4 Initiative vs. Guilt (preschool years) Children more capable of performing tasks. Motivated to accomplish small jobs. They assert independence in tasks they may or may not be able to accomplish. Encouragement and positive reinforcement results in initiative. Discouragement or negative reinforcement results in guilt.

5 Industry vs. Inferiority (elementary years) Development of self-confidence. Realizing that one’s actions can produce certain results. (positive or negative) Encouragement, praise and positive reinforcement result in industry or greater productivity. Discouragement, punishment and negative reinforcement result in inferiority and lack of motivation.

6 Identity vs. role confusion (adolescence) Role confusion- mixed ideas & feelings about fitting into society -Personal fable:may chose to be something they are not to be more impressive around peers -imaginary audience Identity- Who am I? Where is my life going?

7 Intimacy vs. isolation (young adulthood) Intimacy- form reciprocal relationships with others Recognize personal values and beliefs and what type of relationship is purposeful Isolation- cannot form intimate relationships

8 Generativity vs. Stagnation (middle age) Task: contributing to society and helping to guide future generations Generativity: A sense of productivity and accomplishment What am I doing with my life? Stagnation: Dissatisfaction with a selfish, unproductive life.

9 Integrity vs. Despair (retirement years) Task: retrospection on the accomplishments of one’s life Integrity: Having led a happy, productive and meaningful life. What mark have I lef on society? A legacy…. Despair: Having led a life of disappointments and unachieved goals.


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