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Greater Manchester CSS Angela Phillips Managing Director.

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1 Greater Manchester CSS Angela Phillips Managing Director

2 What is GM CSS Our vision is to be the commissioning support provider of choice for Greater Manchester commissioning organisations, supporting our customers to commission the best care and improve the health and wellbeing of their populations.

3 What it is not A commissioning decision making body An independently financed body A watch dog or checking body

4 How will CCGs and CSS work together Customer and provider – Professional accountabilities – Contractual relationship Collectively and individually – With individual CCGs – Around providers – Or other sensible footprints (NE Sector, Manchester) – As GM – Across the GM boundaries

5 Value Proposition - Theory Operational Excellence Customer Intimacy Product Leadership

6 Value Proposition - Theory Do all three to an extent but major on one. Product development – Eg Apple – Lots of cost associated with R&D Customer Intimacy – Bespoke service for each customer – Know them inside out Service excellence – No bells and whistles – Slickest consistent process ££ £ ?

7 Dispel a myth Slickest consistent process – Does not mean everyone has the same – Eg IT helpdesk opening hours CCG A hours required 9-5 Free to user CCG C hours required 8-6 Users pay local rate CCG B hours required 8-6 Free to user Dial 0800 1234567 Dial 0800 7654321 Dial 0845 1234765

8 Products Strategic and Operational Planning Support Service Design and Improvement Support Procurement and Contracting Support Performance and Quality Support CHC EUR Medicines Management Resilience Safeguarding Communications and Engagement E&D Finance Governance HR / OD IM&T (including BI)

9 Product Development - process Product templates MoU Service design lockdown Workforce plan Costing Model – the whole Pricing Model – charging the whole across CCG – No cross subsidising by product or by CCG – Cost drivers will be applied Confirm products SLA Contract

10 CSS accreditation process Checkpoint 2 – Marginal pass Checkpoint 3 (August/September) – Final business case – Workforce, cost and revenue model – Based on SLAs Will be some shadow working prior to this – Manchester CSS – “simple” products

11 What will it feel like to work in CSS People ProfitCustomers

12 What will it feel like to work in CSS 3 way matrix – Functional teams – Product delivery – Customer liaison Support not decision making But professional – Service not servile – Won’t be expected to leave your ethics and your brain at the door Values being provisionally worked up but will involve everyone as soon as we can No internal customers – Only external

13 Recruitment Process It depends – What CCGs make or buy – Where the jobs are (it depends) – What the jobs look like compared to current Straight move? Competitive recruitment? GM pool? By PCT?


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