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Re-energizing the Church in the 21 st Century through Relationships in Christ Summer Camp Meeting July 4–9, 2010 Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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1 Re-energizing the Church in the 21 st Century through Relationships in Christ Summer Camp Meeting July 4–9, 2010 Colorado Springs, Colorado

2 It’s all about relationships A Relationship with God brings each one of us into a higher level of spiritual maturity. Developing this relationship enables us to: Understand and build a Godly principled marital relationship Understand the parental responsibilities to nourish our children. Develop a healthy relationship between members or our congregation for unity and growth

3 It’s not about us, it is all about others Being self centered and absorbed by our personal interest(hobbies, sports, entertainment) can kill the unity and growth spirit of any congregation. To extend our interest, help, ministry to help ours can open the door of opportunity to build a relationship that increases our spiritual influence.

4 Submission to God in everything The Sin of “ME-first” limits our ability to realize and benefit thru a truly spiritual relationship with God. Submission of our lives to God’s principles is a all or nothing process. The spirit of submission vs. pride Thru submission to God we can understand the Divine Nature of God.

5 What does it mean to Worship God and to walk with Jesus? STOP…..DROP….WALK STOP our sins of self indulgence DROP to our knees and recognize the awesome nature of God and what he has done for us. Start and continue our WALK with God thru his Son Jesus. Develop a deeper, more intimate relationship with Jesus.

6 What is Intimacy with God To achieve Intimacy in a relationship requires: We must surrender our self driven desires/interest We must submit to God’s purpose in our lives We use our lives/bodies for God’s Glory…not ours We will willingly present our bodies as a Living Sacrifice. Our prayers must be from the heart…it should be a conversation with God.

7 The Spirit within us (Holy Spirit) The Spirit of God/Christ lives within us. The Spirit requires nourishment from the Word Three capacities of the Spirit The Spirit empowers us to face the adversities of life on a daily basis.

8 Building excellence in the Husband / Wife relationship An understanding of each spouse’s needs and the logic of thinking is necessary We are commanded to dwell with our wives with knowledge in kindness and honor. A spiritual core/ foundation helps to develop a last relationship with each other. Communication, trust, and sincerity are essential to build this relationship.

9 Strategies for keeping Divorce far from us Meeting each other’s needs Realize the inherent problems that come when a family is split. Realize the casualities: the children Love(agape) is an action verb and a command…not a feeling. God hates Divorce

10 Raising Godly children We MUST develop healthy, spiritual, and effective parenting skills. Training children thru our example, character and actions are very powerful and lasting. Discipline is a necessary part of developing a Godly respect for authority Working/playing/learning with our children instills Godly characteristics

11 Honoring your father and mother throughout your life Honoring you parents and your elders is the highest compliment one can pay the elderly. Providing for your parents, families, and orphans is a action of honoring. We honor others with our time, concern, funds, and sincere interest in them and their welfare.

12 Edification of each other and lifting each other up God’s word is our source of edification that shapes us into his Image. As we are molded(as a piece of clay) into that image, we must turn our energies to the edification of others. Focus on their needs, hurts, and let your light shine to them as we build our relationship with them.

13 Preferring one another through Agape Love Agape Love Is: Unconditional An action verb of acting even if we don’t feel like it Conviction and commitment It’s source is God, the source of Authority It’s application was shown thru Jesus’s life It must become our attitude. Agape love is a proactive action verb

14 Church Discipline Sin must be confronted: Within ourselves first…thru an assessment our private life and thoughts. The consequences of sin must be realized Repentance and Godly sorrow is the road to rebuilding our relationship with God Confront others that are living in sin needs to reflect the grace and forgiveness of God.

15 Intercession for the Church Family We need to realize the power and function of prayer. PRAYER is a privilege. The Holy Spirit lays our petitions in proper form before God. If our agape love for the souls of others is sincere, we will be praying for them constantly We must recognize and correct the self- sufficiency syndrone with us.

16 Being the Salt of the Earth Exhibiting the Be-attitudes of God among mankind is a ministry/work for each of us. Don’t look back or become discouraged…consider Lot’s wife We may the only source of truth and light that our friends and neighbors see Our lives must reflect the light of God not the darkness of sin.

17 Personalizing the Great Command Personalize and take ownership the great commission challenge Are we in the business of saving souls? If not what is hindering us? Relate the pure gospel of Jesus first…the loving character of God, His Grace, His concern for each one of soul within his creation.

18 Doing good to all men Why do good to all men, why not…are we so self absorbed (deceived) that it is all about us. Meaningful relationships began with offering a cool cup of water…an proactive effort on our part. A Servant’s heart is ministry of serving and helping ours…thus spouting the seeds of building a relationship with those in need.

19 Bottom Line Re-energize yourself, your marriage, your congregation by taking a sincere interest in them. Rules without Relationship = rebellion Recognizing/sharing the Authority of God, with the compassion and life of Christ = letting our attitude reflect the person of Jesus thru our Relationships with His creation/manking.

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