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Guadalupe Lopez.  Pagers  CellPhones  Computers  Laptops  Tablets  Ipads  Ipods  Keyboards  Headphones.

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Presentation on theme: "Guadalupe Lopez.  Pagers  CellPhones  Computers  Laptops  Tablets  Ipads  Ipods  Keyboards  Headphones."— Presentation transcript:

1 Guadalupe Lopez

2  Pagers  CellPhones  Computers  Laptops  Tablets  Ipads  Ipods  Keyboards  Headphones

3 PROS  Internet websites help businesses sell 24/7 and with just a click of a button.  Before, if you wanted to complain about a product to a company you had to write a letter or call the corporate office. Now, you can tag the company on a tweet and they will respond immediately.  Surveys online  Charity donations online  Guest speaker's example CONS  Smartphones and dumb people  Spelling  You can become addicted to your phone and the internet  We rely on technology to get us through the day  We stopped using our brains

4  We live in a world that is connected to technology  As soon as you wake up, the first thing that you check is your phone  When was the last time you left your house without checking your email, text messages, FB, twitter, etc.  Absence of intimacy  The more we socialize on the internet, the less we socialize in person

5  Smart boards  Projectors  BlackBoard  BlackBoard Discussions  Connect  Clickers  Google Drive  Online Classes

6  "People want to be together but else where at the same time"  Social media and technology has actually made us less social.  We text on dates  During class  Family gatherings  At work  At parties  At church  Even at funerals  Some of you are texting as I'm talking right now

7  Meaningless conversations  Not in touch with our emotions  We can auto correct what we are saying  We have time to think what we want to say  Easy to feel connected

8 ILY (I love you) LMAO, LOL (laugh out loud) when we're not even laughing GN (good night) Ily2 (I love you too) We even communicate with just emojis All this tells us that we have lost touch with real conversation.

9 We feel the need to stay connected without actually being connected

10 "Can't get enough of each other, only if we can have each other at distance and in amounts we can control" –Sherry Turkle


12  Media and technology play a huge role in the way we think  It can influence the way we think about a person  It can also change the way we think about a product We have to find ways to use technology to help us get back to our real life, image, and real relationships.

13  Flashlights  Cameras  Newspapers  Weather  Emails  Banking  CreditCard  Maps  Alarms  Calculators  Phonebook  Edit videos  Filters  Video Games  We give our devices so much power that without them we feel anxious.  We expect more from technology than we do from ourself and others.

14  72% of internet users use social media  80% of the U.S. divorces relate to social media  Three years ago 20% of the divorces filled contained the word "Facebook" in the paper work  Kids will rather stay inside and play with their ipads than go outside and play  Even at play dates, kids play video games or games in their ipads

15 Being familiar with technology at a young age can be a good thing but it can also have negative effects Kids can spend countless hours playing video games and searching the web This is because the kids of today have grown up with technology I remember running to the house phone when it rang hoping it was one of my friends calling. Now, kids text each other to let each other know they are going to call. Some parents would rather let their child use an Ipad to entertain themselves rather than giving them real attention and time

16  YouTube Stars – millions of subscribers -MakeUpArtists -Comedians -Gamers They make money from ads Instagram -Beauty and fashion -and the most interesting one of all: nature pictures Years ago, making a living from social media was a crazy thought.

17  Robots are used as companions for the elderly in some homes  We feel lonely but don't want intimacy which is why robots are successful for that purpose.  Robots don't have the demands a real friendship does  Although robots are a great invention, they don't compare to human interaction

18 Studies show that after using technology and social media for so long, people begin to feel lonely When we feel lonely we think no one listens to us. This is what causes over sharing on social media. It's much easier to write an angry post than to talk about the problem. We'd rather make a post with a hidden message that is so obvious We have replaced real life conversation with FB posts and tweets



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