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Communicating through social media

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1 Communicating through social media
What do we gain? What do we lose?

2 America Now: Electronic Intimacy
 pros More efficient expression of our feelings e.g. instantaneous affirmation or rejection New algorithm helps find more potential friends that might form intimate relationship Introduce a new mode of thinking and encourage advanced technology

3 America Now: Electronic Intimacy
Cons degrade our offline life by spending more time on social media

4 America Now: Electronic Intimacy
overwhelming choices and false hope unreliable to predict the long-term relationships

5 America Now: Electronic Intimacy
fading pleasure Ironically, some people prefer communicate via social network rather than talk in person.

6 America Now: Chat History
Pros. - Leaves history so that you can look back whenever you want. - Fast and convenient - Gives you time so that you can be more careful with your words.

7 America Now: Chat History
Cons. - Hard to have deep interaction while communicating - Hard to know the others feeling (facial expression) when communicating I can’t really find cons in my passage...

8 America Now : Is technology destroying social bonds?
Pros Social media – provide us the opportunity to stay instantly in touch with others locally, nationally and internationally. We can make us sound meaningful and intelligent through editing before sending the text message.

9 America Now : Is technology destroying social bonds?
Cons Social networking sites serve as tools for procrastination Our lives revolve around receiving digital messages and we spend hours on screens. Even if we are geographically close we talk to each other online May cause anxiety among those of us afraid of in-person conversation. (party) Making us feel more comfortable speaking through texts. ( e.g on a date) Digital communication has talken away from what makes human thrive – the ability to express thoughts through in- person discussion.

10 America Now: Is texting killing romance?
For: On the positive side, affectionate texts did help relationships agreements. Against: A recent study found that for couples who communicated by text for things like apologies, disagreements and decision-making, the women reported less satisfaction in their relationship. For men who reported less satisfaction in their relationship it was because of too much texting.  

11 America Now: Is texting killing romance?
For: Relationships that stemmed from social media and texting can form quick bonds Against: but not necessarily ones with deep or long-lasting intimacy.  

12 America Now: Is texting killing romance?
How do people reclaim romance in a texting world?   I think it’s up to both men and women to not put expectations on others and put their energy into real interaction.

13 America Now: Is texting killing romance?
Some love interests were meant to only be friends.  Some friends were meant to only be messengers.  In the case of texting or online communication, it should not be a substitute for real interaction.

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