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Cybersex. Michael W. Ross, “Typing, Doing, and Being: Sexuality and the Internet”  The internet makes it easy to find compatible partners, whether consensual.

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1 Cybersex

2 Michael W. Ross, “Typing, Doing, and Being: Sexuality and the Internet”  The internet makes it easy to find compatible partners, whether consensual or hired  It provides fast and affordable encounters or surrogates  It offers forms of satisfaction that are less lonely than masturbation  The disabled may be able to experience aspects of sexual power or pleasure virtually or through prostheses that they cannot easily or at all experience in real life  Cybersex is something between fantasy and action: more active and interactive than fantasy, but more imaginative than immediate bodily sex  The author suggests that it could actually be a better form of expressing and fulfilling desire than "real" sex.  Virtual sex lets you try out sexual milieus or lurk in them and pick up the manners and so forth (eg, gay bar)  Online sex encourages the development of multiple sexual personalities  Online sexual activity could provide an unprecedented amount of data and a wealth of sexual "scripts" for sexologists to study and analyze  On the down side, it does perhaps tend to commodify both people and sex

3 Now... Both men and women use the internet for love and sexual purposes and usage patterns can be related to both gender and age. For the majority, using the Internet for these purposes is perceived as having positive outcomes while for a minority it may become problematic. The anonymity on the internet is a major factor contributing to make it a popular venue for love and sexual activities; not only because of the safety and security it provides by keeping others at a distance while being intimate, but also because it allows people to engage in activities that would be difficult or impossible to engage in offline. Kristian Daneback, Love and Sexuality on the InternetLove and Sexuality on the Internet

4 Sexting

5 Text based sex encounters The intemet can provide an opportunity for the participant to create his own [erotic truth], interactively, and to imbue it with intimacy, and make it an extension of a romantic or sexual fantasy. Thus, the text can become a vehicle for intimacy "not so much because the loved one is idealized— although this is part of the story—but because it presumes a psychic communication, a meeting of souls which is reparative in character" (Giddens, p. 45). Michael W. Ross, “Typing, Doing, and Being” quoting Anthony Giddens, The Transformation of Inimacy

6 Skype sex

7 Virtual hookups

8 Equipment, now: this was the most confusing thing to me. Girls don't need to buy any, although I do suggest buying an anatomically complete skin that displays the right parts in the right places. The way SL is programmed, there's sort of an assumption that things can go right into you wherever they may want to, so you don't have to buy anything to make that happen. For boys, it's another matter. You may already have looked into your trousers and noticed the disturbing fact that what you have is more of a little pedestal than a statue to put on it. What you need to do is to buy a penis. Yes, hon. We all need to buy skin and hair if we want to look nice, and if you want to get busy with the ladies (or the boys, or the skunktaurs... your choice, hon), you'll need to have something to use for the occasion. There are many types of penises out there for sale. Sometimes they're hard to match to your skin color, and some are better than others. A hint, though: a penis the size of a baseball bat is not universally sexy, but a penis that matches your skin color is usually appreciated. Regardless, buy one you like! Kate Amdahl, How to Have Sex in Second LifeHow to Have Sex in Second Life

9 Virtual hookups There's a basic confusion about cybersex that Xcite [the main company providing sex add-ons in SL] helps to feed. Despite what a lot of people think, cybering is not porn; it's a dialogue between two eager minds. In a nutshell, it's creative writing with more than one author. But Xcite has brought a pervasive air of porn to sex in SL, and many residents are letting that become a substitute for quality cybersex. Destiny Welles, The ins and outs of a Second sex LifeThe ins and outs of a Second sex Life

10 Laptop dancing My first night on cam I had a few people take me for 20 or 40 minutes, I came and squirted. It was HOT. This one guys "Wolfy" (I know his name but we'll go by his sn), was such a seducer. He would private me for 40-60minutes at a time. He would type to me what he would do to me. That was hot, imagining passion, big turn on. Wolfy will later disappear and return elsewhere... but I will talk about my relationship with him another time. Then there was "H&H", which would spend about 20 minutes with me but it was a bit more sexual, but I definitely still came. My first night on cam, I worked for 4-5 hrs made about $85, and I came a lot. I basically just got paid to masturbate and orgasm. awesome. Cam Girl, “My first night on cam”“My first night on cam”

11 Soon... [A]s compared to sex lives in the 1960s, now we can sexually augment our bodies from ultra-realistic breast implants to a variety of sex pills, and even brain implants. It's important to note that sexual research is not just focusing on problems anymore, but making sex better -- pleasure, not dysfunction. Think online fembots, orgasms in a pill, experiments with implantation devices. Violet Blue, “Sex in the Future will be Weird.”“Sex in the Future will be Weird.”

12 New kinds of implants... The implanted sex chip is not new news, targeting the brain's pleasure center with electrodes. Oxford University's neurosurgery professor Tipu Aziz said of the experiment: “There is evidence that this chip will work. A few years ago a scientist implanted such a device into the brain of a woman with a low sex drive and turned her into a very sexually active woman. She didn't like the sudden change, so the wiring in her head was removed.” Violet Blue, “Sex in the Future will be Weird.”“Sex in the Future will be Weird.”

13 Sexbots

14 I don't think the advent of emotional and sexual relationships with robots will end or damage human–human relationships. People will still love people and have sex with people. But I think there are people who feel a void in their emotional and sex lives for any number of reasons who could benefit from robots. Other people might try out a relationship with a robot out of curiosity, or be fascinated by what's written in the media. And there are always people who want to keep up with the neighbors. One point a friend made to me was that there will be people who say, "Oh, you're only a robot." But I also think there will be people who take the view, "Oh, you're only a human." David Levy, author of Love + Sex with Robots

15 If the answer to that question is something like “as long as they´re mere mechanical devices we can do what we want with them, but when they approach sentience we have to stop” then this raises further questions. For instance, where along that spectrum do we draw the line? And even if something really is a mere machine and we therefore feel free to subject it to any desire we may have (however lofty or base) does giving ourselves that liberty potentially degrade or de-humanize us, especially if the machine is a reasonable facsimile of a human being? Nassau Hedron, The Corollary to Asimov’s Law

16 Technology profoundly affects the way humans interact with each other, especially in the most intimate spheres of life. Creators of sex robots apply technological advances in artificial intelligence (AI) to produce and market sexual partners for consumers. In turn, these new interactions will affect the way humans behave with one another. The paper will explore how male interactions with female sexbots will erode the notion of consent by dehumanizing sex and intimacy in male-female relationships. The paper argues that sex robots foster antisocial behaviour in users and promote the idea that women are ever-consenting beings, leading to diminished consent in male-female sexual interaction. The legal and social implications of sex robots as well as steps for regulation will be explored. Sinziana Gutiu, Sex Robots and Roboticization of ConsentSex Robots and Roboticization of Consent

17 Teledildonics

18 Remote prostitution Augmented reality coupled with advances in robotics will allow sex add-ons to supplement traditional offerings. Future of Sex editor Meg White points to three emerging areas of commercial sex including virtual sex worlds, remote sex and robot sex. For instance, online sex workers increasingly will link their movements to remote sex toys or even robotic look-alikes. In effect, these new areas may reduce the risks associated with sex workplace violence and STIs, modernizing the online sex marketplace globally. Emily Empel, The Future of Sex? 5 Trends That May Completely Transform Our Sex LivesThe Future of Sex? 5 Trends That May Completely Transform Our Sex Lives

19 Are porn and prostitution sex? Jacking Off while Jacked In… cryonics, robotics, uploading, singularity by AI… the concepts speak for themselves: no Eros, only Thanatos — at best, endless (and simulated, yet!) masturbation in VR lotusland. Besides, if you’re obsessed with control over all your functions, how are you going to let go enough to have an orgasm? Athena Andreadis, Sex and the Singularity Sex and the Singularity

20 Whither love and empathy?

21 Eventually... With sufficient ability to intervene in my own neurology, I could make any experience in the world highly pleasurable or highly displeasurable. I could make sex suck and staring at paint drying the greatest thing ever. It scares some people to think that the connection between pleasure and experiences is entirely arbitrary and not based on some deeper philosophical meaning, but too bad. We will likely choose to preserve sex as a highly pleasurable activity, but perhaps other people will decide to elevate philosophical discovery or artistic creativity to a higher pleasure level than sex. That’s entirely their decision. Michael Anissimov, Sex and the SingularitySex and the Singularity

22 The orgasmatron In 1953, Dr. John C. Lilly was planting electrodes deep into the brains of monkeys for the National Institute of Mental Health. By running currents through their neural tissue, he was able to map out areas that produce fear, pain, anger, and pleasure. He discovered that in male monkeys, separate systems controlled erection, ejaculation, and orgasm. By hooking electrodes to the orgasm system, he could produce one after another. Then he gave the monkey a button to stimulate itself once every three minutes. The monkey slept about eight hours a day, and – you guessed it – pushed the button the other sixteen. Drew Halley, The Future of SexThe Future of Sex

23 Woody Allen, Sleeper (1973)

24 New horizons of pleasure In the future, genetic mutation and/or technological prosthesis may create humans with expanded sense perception. Imagine a person who could hear below 20 Hz and above 20000. People who can see spectra and thus colours that we don’t perceive in our present state. New forms of perception altogether may be developed – entirely new senses, senses that can perceive what bees perceive, the mass of objects, frequencies and phenomena we don’t even know about today. It isn’t just about new worlds of pleasure – though a Concerto for Clitoris sounds like a fabulous work of art to me – it’s about greater understanding too. As we broaden our palates and our skin-experience and our appreciation for all things sensual, we broaden our minds and our hearts as well. DJ Onestep, Future Art NowFuture Art Now

25 Postgender humanhood


27 The end of gendered selfhoodThe end of heterosexuality

28 Is there sex without gender?

29 New forms of intimacy Human intelligence is directed towards our body, meeting its needs and desires, and we will continue to have bodies in the singularitarian future, except that we won’t be limited to just one. We’ll have different virtual bodies in different virtual reality worlds, and morphable nanobot swarms for real worlds. A couple could become each other in a virtual reality environment and experience the relationship from the other’s perspective. We’ll be limited only by our imaginations. That will be true in general for virtual reality, which is where we will ultimately spend most of our time. Ray Kurzweil, Sex and the SingularitySex and the Singularity

30 New forms of intimacy A committed relationship would be to accept a complete merging of two selves. True love would be expressed by transferring the two uploads into a single, higher capacity “brain” (such as the sentient Internet itself) in which both minds run simultaneously. Such “twindividuals” might merge with others, resulting in an expanding hive-mind. Parts of the brain could be distributed over large distances, though if communication delays cannot be overcome that would impose a limit on how far the society of selves can expand and still be ALL=ONE. Extropia DaSilva, Sex and the SingularitySex and the Singularity

31 New forms of intimacy The primary purpose of the Singularity will be seen, after the fact, to be Awesome Sex. There will be exponentially more sex, with exponentially more interfaces, and with exponentially more measures of pleasure. First, whole brain emulation (a more stealthy way to say uploading) will enable us to make almost perfect replicas of our brains, which can then imagine, aided by the cloud that puts thousands of supercomputer-equivalents at our beck and call to generate millions of sexual fantasies and to engage in variations of them. There will be no limit to the number of our own brain replicas we can create, host, and send off to have great sexual adventures in imagination, and then bring the “best of” back for reintegration.

32 New forms of intimacy Second, we will be installing bioports into our body, a la The Matrix or Sleep Dealer, each of which can stimulate our nervous system. In heterosex, men penetrate women, but with this, men and women will interpenetrate each other multiply, and, as with USB 2.0 daisy- chaining, so will men, women, and androids be able to multiply- interpenetrate, locally or remotely.

33 New forms of intimacy Third, one of the most profound pleasures of sex, in my experience, is what I call the “empathy hall of mirrors effect.” That is, to be able to not only feel what you are feeling, but also feel what your lover is feeling, almost as deeply as she is. If she is also an empath, then you can get a positive feedback loop of sensation. After the Singularity, most transhumanists who choose to stay embodied will present as empathic metamorphs, possibly surrounded by utility fog that enables us to become anyone or anything, seemingly anywhere, and, with telepathy common, to be able to transform ourselves into our lover’s heart’s desire at a moment’s notice. Alex Lightman, Sex and the SingularitySex and the Singularity

34 Whither power, perversity, and passion?

35 the end?

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