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Book Clubs for Everyone Using Book Clubs for Professional Development and Student Engagement.

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1 Book Clubs for Everyone Using Book Clubs for Professional Development and Student Engagement

2 Book Clubs What is a Book Club? –Traditional definition A book club, also referred to as a reading group, is a collection of readers who participate in the regular discussion of books. Traditionally, a book club consists of several members who meet in person each month to talk about a specific work.

3 Book Clubs What is a Book Club? –The advent of web forums and email has made it possible for book clubs to exist online. –Both traditional and online book clubs offer readers the opportunity to participate in spirited discussions, each type has its own set of advantages.

4 Book Clubs - Traditional Traditional book clubs offer the benefit of having all members in the same room Most traditional book clubs are somewhat small in size Members typically have more control over what books are selected to read It is often difficult to organize and maintain a book club that meets regularly The small size typically limits the diversity of views and perspectives that enter into the discussion

5 Book Clubs - Online Online book clubs offer several advantages over the traditional reading group model. Due to the vastness of the web and variety of book clubs available, readers can find a much wider selection of clubs Online book clubs can be more convenient. There are also disadvantages associated with online book clubs. The intimacy of a personal discussion is lost, along with the social interaction

6 Book Clubs – Virtual Virtual book clubs offer benefit of members in “same room,” but more convenient Size can range from 10 – 20 readers More diversity of views and perspectives Variety of book clubs available Easy to organize and maintain Disadvantage can be technology

7 Book Clubs – Self Directed Self Directed book clubs offer local programs more options and control over book selection Size can range from 1 – 30+ Option to connect outlying staff virtually Establish dates and times that work around class schedules or in conjunction with staff meetings Program focused

8 Book Clubs for Professional Development Self-Directed (ongoing) How to start book clubs How to use book clubs in the ABE/ESOL classroom eReaders in the ABE/ESOL classroom Leadership Special Needs ESOL Cultural Awareness General (Writing, GED) Virtual (facilitated) Leadership series Special Needs series ESOL series Customized (work with program administrators to create and offer book club around staff development needs)

9 Book Club – Reader Options Traditional books Audio books Kindles (eReaders) Policies and Procedures Library loan policies Technology loan policies

10 Book Clubs - Leadership The Wisdom of Crowds The Energy Bus The No Complaining Rule How Full Is Your Bucket? Get Off Your “But”

11 Book Clubs – Special Needs The Short Bus Mozart and The Whale Proust and the Squid (The Story & Science of the Reading Brain) Taking in Pictures: My Life with Autism

12 Book Clubs - ESOL The Mango Season Little Bee I Am Nujood, Age 10 and Divorced The Immigrant’s Way A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier God Grew Tired of Us: A Memoir

13 Book Clubs – Cultural Awareness A Framework for Understanding Poverty Bridges Out of Poverty: Strategies for Professionals and Communities Understanding & Engaging Under- Resourced College Students I Am Nujood, Age 10 and Divorced The Mango Season

14 Book Clubs - Other Writing –The Freedom Writers Diary: How a Teacher and 150 Teens Used Writing to Change Themselves and the World Around Them General Education –5 Minds for the Future –Teacher Man Kindle in the Classroom –Hunger Games –Three Cups of Tea

15 Book Clubs - Resources BookBrowse Publishers’ sites Author/Book sites –Jon GordonJon Gordon

16 Q & A and Discussion What if you can’t find discussion guides? How long do individuals have to complete the self-directed PD? What are the requirements for participation and completion? Others? Discussion.

17 Jody Angelone, Director Northwest ABLE Resource Center

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