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Interpersonal Communication Final Review COMM321 Spring 2014.

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1 Interpersonal Communication Final Review COMM321 Spring 2014

2 For this final… Review chapters 9, 10, 11, 12 and your class notes. Review all of the terms in the margin of the book chapter. Consider how the “grand theories” apply to the information in these four chapters. Focus on “Be Other Oriented Sections.”

3 The Basics (Theory)

4 Systems Theory

5 Onion Model of Culture

6 Understanding IP Relationships An IP relationship is a “perception shared by two people of an ongoing connection that results in the development of relational expectations and varies in interpersonal intimacy.” Choice vs Circumstance

7 Types of Power Relationships Complementary Relationships Symmetric Relationships Competitive Relationship Submissive Symmetric Relationship Parallel Relationships

8 Types of Power Legitimate Power Referent Power Expert Power Reward Power Coercive Power

9 Stages of Interpersonal Relationships Relational Development Turning Point “Model of Relational Development” Escalation and De-escalation

10 Relationship Theories Social Exchange Theory – Costs and Rewards Uncertainty Reduction Theory – Gathering information to control and predict

11 Relationship Challenges Violations of relational expectations and failure events Reproach and account

12 Ending Relationships Bilateral Dissolution Unilateral Dissolution Fading Away Sudden Death Incrementalism “A Model of Ending Relationships” (Figure 11.1) Direct Strategies vs Indirect Stratagies

13 Family Self-defined unit made up of any number of persons who live or have lived in relationship with one another over time in a common living space and who are usually, but not always, united by marriage and kinship.

14 A Circumplex Model of Family Interaction

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