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Intimacy & Dating Relationships Intro to Wellness.

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1 Intimacy & Dating Relationships Intro to Wellness

2 What is intimacy?  In to me see: sharing who we are with another person; ability to feel vulnerable with someone and still feel safe; emotional connection  Four Domains of Intimacy  Cognitive or Intellectual  Experiential  Emotional  Physical

3 Cognitive or Intellectual Intimacy  Exchange thoughts, ideas, & opinions

4 Experiential Intimacy  Involvement in mutual activities

5 Emotional Intimacy  Share feelings, empathize, understand each other

6 Physical Intimacy  Physical closeness, touching, sexual activity

7 Stages of Dating Relationships  Infatuation  Short-term, intense attraction to someone new  Based on physical, sexual attraction, status, personality  Think about the other person all the time, spend all your free time with the other person and not with other friends, go out of your way to see the other person, don't want to hear anything negative about the other person, tend to make high risk choices, seeing the person as perfect, obsession  Many times infatuation will end as a new person becomes object of desire  Other times infatuation may mature as people get to know each other over time

8 Stages of Dating Relationships  Discovery  The initial excitement of being together is subdued so you can discover who the other person really is  You and your partner figure out each other’s quirks and things that bug you  Figure out things that you like and respect about the other person  You may discover that you are not right for each other after the infatuation has worn off

9 Stages of Dating Relationships  Commitment  The relationship is settled, you know that you are together  Share similar values, beliefs, interest, personality  There is a concern for well-being of the other  Relationship is built on trust and communication

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