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Presented by David NKURUNZIZA Addis Ababa 22 nd September 2009.

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1 Presented by David NKURUNZIZA Addis Ababa 22 nd September 2009

2 It is easy to say that a couple which does not have conflict/problems is healthy It is also easy to say that, a healthy couple is the couple without conflict/problems But how many families or couples have common ideas/thinking/wishes?

3 Regarding many decisions, it is not possible to avoid misunderstanding/conflict Sometimes the problem is lack of affection/emotions (feedback) and how they communicate their feelings For Christians, they are still struggling with their body and their sexuality Human beings have 5 dimensions which must grow together: physical, emotional, mental, social and spirit ual

4  The Bible considers sexuality positively for the couple: (1Corint.7:5)  The Book of “Cantique” is showing how love is; where everyone must enjoy the love from his/her partner using all human sense  In Proverbs we are invited to enjoy sexuality

5 Love is over emotions and our being In Corinthians 13, we can find the description of love; but we have changed what GOD said about love sex and intimacy: simple emotions or feeling which we want completed immediately The intimacy we want is to be loved (egoistic) Really love is turned to others: give and not waiting for a reward (unconditional)

6  Who is able to do that? (real love)  We cannot have such love when we have never been loved as such  WHY?  Because there are many things we ignore and which we refuse to accept: when others are doing wrong to us, we also do something wrong to them

7  1 corinth 7:8-9; ……………But if you cannot……. It is better to marry than to burn with passion  The Bible condemned all sex relations outside marriage  Sexuality demands security: gives you intimacy  It is like a desert of the love: marriage

8  Le désirdésir  L'excitationexcitation  Le plateauplateau  L'orgasmeorgasme  La résolution

9  Sexuality is not limited to sexual intercourse. It is incorporated in our humanity : feelings, ……………..  In order to succeed in marriage:  you have to know your partner  You have to accept the differences between you  Have good communication

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