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Your Recorder Paul Dictos, CPA Fresno County Assessor-Recorder.

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1 Your Recorder Paul Dictos, CPA Fresno County Assessor-Recorder

2 As your Recorder…. I am tasked with the management and protection of the public record and the documents it contains. This includes records relating to the ownership and transfer of real estate property, births, deaths and marriages. Paul Dictos, CPA Fresno County Assessor-Recorder

3 Why is the official public record important? Paul Dictos, CPA Fresno County Assessor-Recorder

4 Real Estate Transactions In order to answer that question, first please consider the typical real estate transaction: A.It begins with a motivated seller, who then at some point finds; B.A willing and able buyer. C.The only thing missing is a healthy dose of CONFIDENCE. CONFIDENCE that the seller REALLY, REALLY has clear title to the property that is being purchased. Paul Dictos, CPA Fresno County Assessor-Recorder

5 That confidence comes from the official public record which contains a chronological history of documents effecting property. The official public record makes it possible for the buyer to determine confidence in the seller’s title to the property. Who would purchase property unless you know the seller actually owns it? Imagine the impact on this country if property transactions could not take place.

6 Paul Dictos, CPA Fresno County Assessor-Recorder WITHOUT an Official Public Record: 1)Comparatively few real estate transactions would take place. 2)Utility companies would provide services to a limited number of properties. 3)Property maintenance and enhancement would cease. 4)Citizens are unable to use the equity in their home to fund business ventures, college, etc. 5)Society would consistently degrade. 6)Economic growth would never get started. 7)Locking the nation and it’s people into certain poverty.

7 Paul Dictos, CPA Fresno County Assessor-Recorder WITH an Official Public Record: 1)Property title can be determined with confidence. 2)Real estate transactions become commonplace. 3)Utility companies can safely provide services. 4)Property maintenance and enhancement occurs willingly. 5)Financial institutions accelerate the concept of property ownership. 6)Property ownership can be leveraged into further needs. 7)Economic growth results. Over and over again.

8 Paul Dictos, CPA Fresno County Assessor-Recorder The Recorder’s office is based on three very important Fundamentals: 1)Integrity 2)Accessibility 3)Security

9 Paul Dictos, CPA Fresno County Assessor-Recorder 1)In the way we do business. 2)In the way we treat people (and each other). 3)In the accuracy of the information we gather into the official public record. We are keenly aware and proud of our public service to every citizen within our County. But we must also guard the integrity of the document information we gather and put into the public record. This begins by recording documents in the proper order, identifying the information correctly and capturing the information from the documents accurately. Less than two decades ago this was done in large books and handwriting skills were in fashion. Today we use state of the art computer systems to achieve these goals. But today, just like before, the most important tool we use is the experience and expertise of our office staff. Our intimacy and knowledge of our County helps us add a level of integrity to each document recorded that helps assure accuracy in the public record. Integrity

10 Paul Dictos, CPA Fresno County Assessor-Recorder Accessibility 1)Making it easy to record proper documents into the public record. 2)Making sure everyone has access to the public record so it effectively does it’s job – determine property title confidence. An accurate public record only works if people have reasonable access. Searching information within the official record has progressed significantly. Today, using secure technology people can come into the Recorder’s office, search the public record with capabilities not possible a decade ago and instantly view the associated documents immediately

11 Paul Dictos, CPA Fresno County Assessor-Recorder Security Protecting the public record from peril and corruption- making sure we NEVER lose any of the information within the public record. We are one of the very few offices that must keep information forever. Protecting against misuse of the information contained within the public record documents. We also do our best to keep personal information that may have been included in historic or current documents from being viewable to the public. We will use our expertise, intimacy with the local property and people, and technology to inhibit this behavior and keep the public record secure and available for what it’s intended for – the determination of property title.

12 Paul Dictos, CPA Fresno County Assessor-Recorder Summary Hopefully, you have found the information valuable and I have successfully achieved my goals: Helping everyone understand the absolute necessity and need of our credible and accurate official public record, and that it’s your County Recorder that is here to make sure the public record is of high integrity, accessibility, and secure. As we have for over 157 years and for many, many more years to come!

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