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Falling in Love With Jesus!

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1 Falling in Love With Jesus!
Song of Solomon 1:1-7

2 The Imagery of Song of Solomon
The wife (vs. 2-4), and “chorus” (vs. 4b) Solomon (vs. 8) Parallel: **You and your spouse in marriage **Grand picture: Christ (Bridegroom) and His Church (the Bride) **Note the submission, utter abandonment that love brings! Vss. 2-4

3 The Heart of Love and Intimacy…
To delight oneself in another so as to: become vulnerable (exposed); submit or submit to another; be “conquered” by another; to be strengthened in another; to join and/or cling to another. Jesus’ call: “love God will all heart, soul, mind, strength” (Mt. 22:37)

4 Elements of Intimacy: Expressions of the Soul
Kisses (vs. 2): cheek, forehead, mouth =a longing to know, be known, “connect” Thoughts are spoken / Matthew 12:34 ** what we say about one another His name: vs. 3 = His reputation Proximity: vs. 4,7 – “Being together” When I’m with you, it doesn’t matter where we are; or what we’re doing I’m with you that’s all that matters (Chicago: Beginnings)

5 Intimacy is… Your “Self” Revealed – Psalm 139: “open, transparent, honest, vulnerable” Knowing the other person comes in “degrees” = intellectual (what you think) values (what you regard as first importance) emotions (what you feel) spiritual (what you believe about divine) physical (permission to touch)

6 Note: Sin = enemy of intimacy
Genesis 3:8 – “the man and his wife hid themselves” Genesis 3:10 – “I was afraid because I was naked (exposed); so I hid my self…” Q: did they “cover” their hands? Genesis 3:7 – “they made loin coverings” Conclusion: human sexuality expression of core self; still carries mark of shame/guilt

7 The Importance of Words in Worship!
His Words to us = a revelation of: ** what Jesus thinks (1 Cor. 2:16) ** what Jesus values ** what Jesus feels ** what Jesus suffered in the flesh His written Word Our words to Him – expressions of

8 How Do You Measure The Depth of Love in Your Heart?
Capacity of sacrifice for the object of love, the nature of AGAPE love, that empties itself for the other! God’s love = John 3:16, Romans 5:8, Philippians 2:7 – “emptied Himself” What do you sacrifice for? Work? Money? Fame/Popularity? Power? How do you measure your sacrifice for the church / Kingdom work?

9 The “Irresistibles” of Jesus That Draw People to Him
Vs. 2 – “Your love!” (unconditional) Vs. 3 – “Your oils!” (Holy Spirit) Vs. 3 – Your Name!” (character) Vs. 4 – “Draw me after you and let us run together!” (Hunger for “oneness”) Lead me, draw me, fellowship with me “The King has brought me into His chambers…” the place of intimacy!

10 The Risen Lord Reveals Himself Setting the Example
Breaking of the bread: Luke 24:31 – “and their eyes were opened and they recognized him” Witnessing: Luke 24:36 – “while they were telling these things, He stood in their midst” Worship/fellowship: Matthew 18:20 – “Where 2 or 3…”

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