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SAVE OUR NATIONAL DEFENSE Presented By: Shane Palmer Kaplan University.

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1 SAVE OUR NATIONAL DEFENSE Presented By: Shane Palmer Kaplan University

2 The Issue $465 Billion DOD budget cuts already approved Another $600 Billion Across the Board cuts coming This is the answer to cut some of the deficit. U.S. NATIONAL DEBT CLOCK

3 A Weakened DOD This could cripple our nation in defending itself with an all volunteer force. It is up to every American citizen to voice their opinions on how the deficit should be cut.

4 A Smaller Army The defense is projected to hollow out the Army from 570,000 to 490,000 soldiers. “Mr. Panetta views even that reduction as too expensive and unnecessary and have endorsed an Army of 490,000 troops as sufficient” (Shanker & Bumiller, 2012). President Obama Administration Supports a leaner, more agile, smaller Army. More DOD civilians and contractors will lose their job on top of the 8,700 DOD employee cuts all ready approved.

5 Downsizing Already Began Military leaders started focusing on maintaining the best soldiers while some are just bailing out. “keep the best and brightest and kick out those with poor performance and habitual misconduct” CSM OF THE ARMY RAYMOND CHANDLER (Bacon, 2012). DOD is offering early out retirements and incentives. The best and brightest are bailing ship.

6 Repeated Mistakes Darkening times such as this continue to repeat massive military draw downs after every war or major event since WW1. Have our National leaders forgotten!

7 DOD CUTS Include Retirement, Healthcare, Pay raises, Tuition assistance Soldier supported programs, i.e. MWR, Warrior Transition Units, and DOD schools.

8 Retirement "You're asked to put your lives on the line. You're asked to go into battle. You're asked to be able to fight for America. You're asked to deploy time and time again. Nobody ought to compare what the military is doing to the civilian sector," Panetta said. Defense Secretary Leon Penatta(NPR Staff, 2011). Despite his support and commitment to save the military retirement, it is still on the table for an overhaul. Leon Panetta, official DOD photo portrait, 2011.jpg

9 Healthcare TRICARE The TICARE program provides health care for active and retired Soldiers, including there immediate families. “The Obama administration has suggested retirees pay about $200 a year more for their health care, which the administration says could save $6.7 billion” (NPR Staff, 2011)

10 Technological Advances, Military Upgrades and Resets DOD Equipment programs are on the verge of large cuts, such as the new F35. “Roughly $4 Billion is needed annually to recap, divest and buy new tactical vehicles, but the Army can only afford $2 million” (Army in 2012, p.23). Are we going to fight our next war with the best equipment of the future or are we going to spend billions building while we are already in combat again? (AP Photo/Northwest Florida Daily News, Devon Ravine)

11 World Military Dominance The US Army is still the strongest in the world. Iran, North Korea, China and Russia are more technologically advanced than what the world perceives. Will we be the strongest in a few years as other countries continue to build their military?

12 Help Stop deep DOD Cuts. Where do you stand with our national defense? Contact your Senator at

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