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PRESS F1 FOR GUIDEANCE Bacteriology 5th Practical MFSH 2003.

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1 PRESS F1 FOR GUIDEANCE Bacteriology 5th Practical MFSH 2003

2 Contents Haemophilus, Mycobactria , Corynbacteriaua & Bordetella
Station 1: Gram stain of Haemophilus 4 Station 2: Gram stain of Haemophilus (pus) 5 Station 3: X,V factors & growth Station 4: Growth of H.Influenzae on agar 7 Station 5: Satellitism Station 6: Treatment & diseases Station 7: Summary Mycobacteria Station 8: Ziehl-Neelsen stain Station 9: Lowenstien Jensen media Station 10: Treatment & diseases Station 11: Summary Cornybacteria Station 12: Gram stain of Cornybacteria Station 13: Albert stain of Cornybacteria Station 14: Media used Station 15: ELEK’s plate Station 16: Treatment & diseases Station 17: Summary Bordetella Station 18: Laboratory diagnosis Station 19: Tratment & diseases

3 Haemophilus

4 It can look like Bacillus or may look like coccus
Station 1 It can look like Bacillus or may look like coccus Coccobacilli

5 Station 2

6 Some of them require X & V factors ( Haemophilus influenzae)
Station 3 Different species of “Haemophilus” have different requirements to grow and make colonies. Some of them require X & V factors ( Haemophilus influenzae) Some of them need X factor only (Haemophilus ducreyi) Some of them need V factor only (Haemophilus parainfluenzae) X factor = heamatin V factor = Nicotinamide, Adenine & Dineiceotide This Bacteria grow when there are V & X factors. E.g. (H. Influenzae) This Bacteria grow when there is V factor. E.g. (H. Parainfluenzae)

7 Station 4 Only X factor X+V factors No growth Growth No growth

8 Station 5 X Factor present This is called Satellitism
Staphylococcus strip Producing V Factor H.Influenzae growing here because of presence of both X & V factors

9 Station 6 Haemophilus influenzae Infection:-
respiratory tract infections No bacteremia Haemophilus influenzae Infection:- meningitis acute epiglotitis in children (sore throught) osteomylitis & arthritis Cause bacteremia Treatment:- “Ampicilin” if beta lactamase producers  “Chloramphenicol” Vaccination:- Present by Polysaccharide capsule “serotype b”

10 Grows on Chocolate agar
Station 7 Summary Test yourself H. influenzae H. Parainfluenzae Gram stain Type Needs (X,V factors) Grows on Chocolate agar Grows on Blood agar -ve -ve Coccobacilli Coccobacilli X + V V only Yes Yes No No Best wishes

11 Mycobacteria

12 Station 8

13 Station 9

14 Station 10 Mycobacterium tuberculosis Infection:-
1-TB “lung infection with bloody cough” 2- Meningitis Treatment:- “Pyrazinamide + Isoniazid + Rifampicin”  2 months then, “Isoniazid + Rifampicin”  4 months Vaccination:- B.C.G “Bacille-Calmatte Guerin “10 years protection”

15 Summary Best wishes Type “of Mycobacterium”: Stain used:
Station 11 Summary Type “of Mycobacterium”: Stain used: Medium used: Acid-Fast Bacilli Ziehl-Neelsen Stain Lowenstein-Jensen medium Best wishes

16 Corynebacteria

17 Station 12

18 Station 13

19 Black color Station 14 Something like this
There is growth but this is a wrong plate

20 Station 15

21 Station 16 Corynbacterium diphtheriae Infection:-
Diphtheria “Bull neck appearance because of pharyngitis” affect: 1- nervous tissue damage (exotoxin) 2- heart muscle damage (exotoxin) 3- laryngeal obstruction 4- affect skin No bacteremia Treatment:- “Penecilin” Vaccination:- Present by toxoid “DPT vaccine” *D= diptheria toxoid *P= pertussis *T= tetanus

22 Summary Best wishes Type & “gram” stain: Stains used: Gram +ve bacilli
Station 17 Summary Type & “gram” stain: Stains used: Media used: What is used for toxogenity test? Gram +ve bacilli Gram & Albert Potassium tellurite & Loeffler’s ELEK’s plate Best wishes

23 Bordetella

24 Station 18 (coocobacili)

25 Station 19 Bordetella pertussis Infection:-
Whooping cough “due to an endotoxin” usually 1 year of age complications: bronchopneumonia, bronchiatasis & subconjuctival hemorrhage Treatment:- “Erythromycin” but only affective at early stages if beta lactamase producers  “Chloramphenicol” No bacteremia Vaccination:- Present by whole killed bacteria “DPT”

26 اللهم إنا نسألك زيادة في الدين وبركة في العمر وصحة في الجسد
وسعة في الرزق وتوبة قبل الموت وشهادة عند الموت ومغفرة بعد الموت وعفوا عند الحساب وأمانا من العذاب ونصيبا من الجنة وارزقنا النظر إلى وجهك الكريم دعواتكم يا شباب

27 I hope it was useful. A word can change the outcome of many things. So, if you either liked or didn’t like this project, why keep your thoughts to yourself ? Send us your comments and ideas to It will mean too much to us, “even if it was just one word” THANX M. F. Shaheen 2003

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