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School nurse information

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1 School nurse information 2013-2014
First Grade Orientation

2 Parent Information Garrettford school nurse, Kate Breslin RN
A registered nurse is in the building 5 days/week, so you can call and leave a message or ask a question. The nurse maintains the health records, sees sick students and takes care of injuries.

3 EMERGENCY CARDS An emergency card is required for all students in all grades. The emergency phone numbers you list should be for those people who are willing and able to come to your child’s school and pick them up in case of illness or emergency should the need arise. Anyone picking up your child must show I.D.

4 In-school Medications
A new physician’s order and parent permission is necessary for each school year. Medication cannot be given in school without a doctor’s order. It must be in the original pharmacy container and delivered to school by an adult. Medication cannot be given without a signed parent permission note. This includes OTC medications

5 LICE Lice continues to be a problem in all schools.
However it is generally contracted at sleep-overs or in the neighborhood Please contact the school if your child has it and treat it with a Lice shampoo. We will try to work with you if your child has this problem but you must contact the school.

6 State mandated physical and dental exams
The commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Health requires that every student in grades K/1, 6 and 11 have a physical and a dental exam on file in their health record. Complete mandated immunizations are required for all students in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania: Your child’s school must have written confirmation from your physician for each immunization.

7 Annual screenings Screenings are performed by a Certified School Nurse and include BMI (Body Mass Index), Height/Weight, Vision, Color, Hearing and Scoliosis. You will receive a referral form to take to your doctor if your child fails a vision or hearing test.

8 Absence policy A parent note is required for 1-4 days absence, a physician note is required for 5+days absence. If your child has any of the following symptoms or conditions, please keep them at home: Fever now or at any time in the last 24 hours Vomiting or diarrhea now or at any time in the last 24 hours Extremely red, weepy itchy eyes Eyes were “glued shut” in the morning or have a yellowish discharge Any undiagnosed rash or skin eruptions anywhere on the body Sore, red throat Excessive, uncontrollable coughing

9 contacts Kate Breslin R.N.
Garrettford phone # ( 610) Call or any questions. Looking forward to meeting your child!

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