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& Tonsil Adenoid Surgery Tonsils Uvula Adenoids Uvula Eustachian tube.

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2 & Tonsil Adenoid Surgery

3 Tonsils Uvula

4 Adenoids Uvula Eustachian tube

5 Indications for Surgery Frequent sore throats caused by bacterial infections. –Bad breath (halitosis) –Tonsiliths Frequent ear infections. –Adenoid infections may contribute to recurrent ear infections. Mouth breathing and snoring. –Long pauses (apnea) in breathing –Struggling for breath while sleeping

6 Preparing for Surgery Review your medical history, including all medicines, with your doctor An appointment with the anesthesiologist may be necessary before your surgery. Nothing to eat or drink after midnight the night before surgery. Call if you get sick shortly before surgery; your procedure may need to be postponed.

7 Risks of Surgery Anesthetic Risks Bleeding –Delayed bleeding Very infrequent Most commonly during the second week –Symptoms: Bleeding from the mouth Vomiting dark blood –If you have any bleeding, go to the nearest Emergency Room

8 Risks of Surgery Infection Scarring of the soft palate “Lazy” soft palate –A large adenoid pad may help the palate seal off the nose from the mouth during speaking and swallowing. –After the adenoids are removed, the palate needs to extend back further to function properly. –Temporary weakness may result in fluid leaking from the nose when drinking and changes in speech quality.

9 Recovery The surgery takes about 1 hour. Most patients will be able to go home the same day. An overnight stay may occasionally be required. Drink plenty of fluids to stay hydrated. Try a soft diet first, then advance as tolerated. The discomfort steadily improves over the first two weeks. By the end of the third week, you will begin to feel back to normal. Take prescribed medication as directed. Avoid aspirin products.

10 Thank You Please ask us any questions you may have.

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