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Preparing your pet for your baby Education Officer Environmental Health Department Louise Laurens.

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1 Preparing your pet for your baby Education Officer Environmental Health Department Louise Laurens

2 Ideas and tips… This presentation has been designed to give expecting parents a few ideas and tips on preparing their pet for the new arrival If you have any concerns please seek professional advice from your Veterinarian or a professional dog trainer

3 Never leave ANY dog unattended with any child or baby

4 Expecting a baby is a very exciting & special time Preparing can be scary for the parents and dog Don’t be scared to ask for help or assistance as you are not alone

5 Did you know that around 80% of dogs show one or more behaviour problems These problems can include barking, digging, jumping, escaping, destructiveness and biting A new baby can be stressful for the pet and high levels of stress can lead to bad behaviour

6 It is important for new parents to identify any dog issues before it becomes a problem A well behaved dog creates a calmer home environment

7 Dogs, just like their ancestor the Wolf, live in packs The dog belongs to your family’s pack Each pack needs a leader and a pack order The leader needs to be dependable, consistent, respected and in control at all times CONSISTENCY + PATIENCE = RESPECT

8 You are to eat before feeding the dog or at least have a snack You are to go through doors and gates first before your dog Teach your pet manners such as ‘sit’, ‘stay’, ‘gentle’

9 Dogs should have their own bed and should not share yours Sharing your bed may seem ok to you, but to your dog it makes you equal and this can cause issues with guarding as it breaks pack structure

10 Does your dog: Growl at you at any time Seem pushy Mouth you Jump on you Push past you through a door Lean on you Steal objects like socks or mobile phones Seem possessive of food or toys Seem unable to learn

11 Who is the leader… Did you say yes to any of those questions? If so is your dog the leader of your pack? YOU Your dog needs YOU to start training them and preparing them for this new arrival

12 Crying CD… This CD is approx 30 minutes of baby crying sounds and is available to borrow from your midwife Playing this CD will allow your dog to get used to this new noise If the dog gets agitated, howls or barks keep playing the CD until the dog is not reacting

13 Sit and drop… Refresh your dog’s memory to sit, drop and stay If your dog doesn’t know how to sit and drop and stay now is the ideal time to start teaching them

14 Bringing a nappy home… When the time arrives and your baby is born get your partner or support person to bring home from the hospital a dirty nappy for the dog to sniff Do not leave the nappy down as the dog will eat it!

15 The introduction… When bringing your baby home make the introduction slowly, calmly and safely Place your dog on a lead and put them into a sit stay or drop stay position, then when all is calm and you are ready, show the baby to your dog Remember to praise all calm behaviour and NEVER leave any dog unattended with a baby

16 The pram… Teach your dog to walk calmly beside the pram When out walking do NOT attach your dog’s lead to the pram

17 Worms, Pets and People… It is important that you worm all your pets on a regular basis Roundworms can cause blindness in children It is recommended that all pets be wormed monthly when around babies or children Did you know … Parasites can live under fingernails for two months!

18 Older Pets… Pets over 7 years of age are moving into their senior years Be aware of the possibility of sore hips, loss of hearing etc Regular vet checks are recommended


20 Cats… It is important cats do not sleep in the cot Discourage cats from getting into the cot Prepare cats the same as dogs Allow time for cats to adjust to the change Keep litter trays behind a baby gate and out of the way of a crawling baby Water spray bottles can be used to spray the cat with water as a deterrent

21 A fly screen door can be fitted on the nursery to limit your pets access into this area

22 you Spending time with your pets should be fun, but remember to spend time when you are ready, and not when the dog barks or demands your attention

23 Never leave ANY pet unattended with any child or baby

24 Pets provide unconditional love and companionship to children Pets don’t judge or criticise children It is important that you teach children to respect animals and involve them in training when they are old enough

25 For any questions please phone Louise Laurens on 5433 2326 or email

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