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Spread of Infectious Disease

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1 Spread of Infectious Disease

2 Word Scramble Warm-Up You will be given a scrambled word with a definition and hint. Silently and individually, write down the unscrambled word in your journal on page ____. After unscrambling the word, decide whether it is a noun, verb, or adjective.

3 egmr Definition: a microorganism that causes disease. Hint: This may not be seen, but it can make you sick. Noun, verb, or adjective? GERM noun

4 agimnors Definition: a living being Hint: This refers to an individual form of life Noun, verb, or adjective? ORGANISM noun

5 cefiinostu Definition: that which corrupts or contaminates; spreading rapidly to others Hint: This can be used to describe a germ that spreads from person to person Noun, verb, or adjective? INFECTIOUS adjective

6 cefint Definition: effect, contaminate, taint Hint: Germs do this to people and cause diseases Noun, verb, or adjective? INFECT verb

7 aimnrstt Definition: Send, spread, pass on Hint: This describes the action when a germ is moved from one person to another Noun, verb, or adjective? TRANSMIT verb

8 aiimnnorssst Definition: An act or process of spreading Hint: This happens not only to germs but also radio waves. Noun, verb, or adjective? TRANSMISSION noun

9 adeeiss Definition: Illness. Hint: Some of this can be prevented by eating healthily and exercising daily. Noun, verb, or adjective? DISEASE noun

10 mmopsty Definition: A sign or indication of something. Hint: A common cold show this as a cough, sore throat, sneezing, headache, slight fever, runny nose, etc. Noun, verb, or adjective? SYMPTOM noun

11 Spread of Infectious Disease
Keeping the words we just unscrambled in mind, discuss the following questions with your table: What are some infectious diseases you already know about and what are their symptoms? What makes these diseases contagious? To help stop or minimize the transmission of infectious diseases, what information do you think would be important to know? What are some precautions that one could take to prevent transmission of infectious diseases?

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