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El Shaddai Ministries April 18, 2015 Welcome to Sabbath Service! Nissan 22, 5775 1.

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1 El Shaddai Ministries April 18, 2015 Welcome to Sabbath Service! Nissan 22, 5775 1

2 1. Draw a picture or write a description of a time when words you said caused trouble. 2. Tell your family of a time that words brought you together with someone. 3. List 3 words that have helped you. 2

3 2 “When a man has on the skin of his body a swelling, a scab, or a bright spot, and it becomes on the skin of his body like a leprous sore, then he shall be brought to Aaron the priest or to one of his sons the priests. 3 The priest shall examine the sore on the skin of the body; and if the hair on the sore has turned white, and the sore appears to be deeper than the skin of his body, it is a leprous sore. Then the priest shall examine him, and pronounce him unclean. 4 But if the bright spot is white on the skin of his body, and does not appear to be deeper than the skin, and its hair has not turned white, then the priest shall isolate the one who has the sore seven days. 5 And the priest shall examine him on the seventh day; and indeed if the sore appears to be as it was, and the sore has not spread on the skin, then the priest shall isolate him another seven days. 6 Then the priest shall examine him again on the seventh day; and indeed if the sore has faded, and the sore has not spread on the skin, then the priest shall pronounce him clean; it is only a scab, and he shall wash his clothes and be clean. Leviticus 13:2-6 2 Then Miriam and Aaron spoke against Moses because of the Ethiopian woman whom he had married; for he had married an Ethiopian woman. 2 So they said, “Has the L ORD indeed spoken only through Moses? Has He not spoken through us also?” And the L ORD heard it. 3 (Now the man Moses was very humble, more than all men who were on the face of the earth.) 9 So the anger of the L ORD was aroused against them, and He departed. 10 And when the cloud departed from above the tabernacle, suddenly Miriam became leprous, as white as snow. Then Aaron turned toward Miriam, and there she was, a leper. 11 So Aaron said to Moses, “Oh, my lord! Please do not lay this sin on us, in which we have done foolishly and in which we have sinned. 12 Please do not let her be as one dead, whose flesh is half consumed when he comes out of his mother’s womb!” 13 So Moses cried out to the L ORD, saying, “Please heal her, O God, I pray!” 14 Then the L ORD said to Moses, “If her father had but spit in her face, would she not be shamed seven days? Let her be shut out of the camp seven days, and afterward she may be received again.” 15 So Miriam was shut out of the camp seven days, and the people did not journey till Miriam was brought in again. 1. Circle what Miriam had to do to be healed from leprosy. 2. Circle what the priest pronounced if the leprosy was healed. 3

4 Hebrew/ English Read Hebrew LettersHebrew/ English Read Hebrew Letters Metzorah/ leprosy Ayin Reysh Tsade Mem Rah/evil Ayin Reysh Write Hebrew Metz/to speak Tsade Mem Kipur/ Atonement Reysh Pey Kaf Write Hebrew Atonement means to cover the person or cover their sins. 1.What do these words teach us about our words? 2.Kipur reminds us of which of God’s appointed times? 4

5 Luke 5:12-14 (NKJV) Jesus Cleanses a Leper 12 And it happened when He was in a certain city, that behold, a man who was full of leprosy saw Jesus; and he fell on his face and implored Him, saying, “Lord, if You are willing, You can make me clean.” 13 Then He put out His hand and touched him, saying, “I am willing; be cleansed.” Immediately the leprosy left him. 14 And He charged him to tell no one, “But go and show yourself to the priest, and make an offering for your cleansing, as a testimony to them, just as Moses commanded.” 1.What did the man with leprosy do when he saw Jesus? (Circle) _____________________________ 2.Circle what Jesus said to him in the passage below. 3. Circle the reason Yeshua (Jesus) gave for us to be in unity with each other, Him and the Father. 5

6 Luke 10:25-37 (NKJV) 25 And behold, a certain lawyer stood up and tested Him, saying, “Teacher, what shall I do to inherit eternal life?” 26 He said to him, “What is written in the law? What is your reading of it?” 27 So he answered and said, “ ‘You shall love the L ORD your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength, and with all your mind,’ and ‘your neighbor as yourself.’” 28 And He said to him, “You have answered rightly; do this and you will live.” 29 But he, wanting to justify himself, said to Jesus, “And who is my neighbor?” 30 Then Jesus answered and said: “A certain man went down from Jerusalem to Jericho, and fell among thieves, who stripped him of his clothing, wounded him, and departed, leaving him half dead. 31 Now by chance a certain priest came down that road. And when he saw him, he passed by on the other side. 32 Likewise a Levite, when he arrived at the place, came and looked, and passed by on the other side. 33 But a certain Samaritan, as he journeyed, came where he was. And when he saw him, he had compassion. 34 So he went to him and bandaged his wounds, pouring on oil and wine; and he set him on his own animal, brought him to an inn, and took care of him. 35 On the next day, when he departed, he took out two denarii, gave them to the innkeeper, and said to him, ‘Take care of him; and whatever more you spend, when I come again, I will repay you.’ 36 So which of these three do you think was neighbor to him who fell among the thieves?” 37 And he said, “He who showed mercy on him.” Then Jesus said to him, “Go and do likewise.” 1.Who had compassion on the injured man?__________________________ 2.What helpful words did the Samaritan say? _______________________________ _______________________________ 1.What did Jesus tell the lawyer to do? _______________________________ 6

7 2 Kings 7:3-15 (NKJV) 3 Now there were four leprous men at the entrance of the gate; and they said to one another, “Why are we sitting here until we die? 4 If we say, ‘We will enter the city,’ the famine is in the city, and we shall die there. And if we sit here, we die also. Now therefore, come, let us surrender to the army of the Syrians. If they keep us alive, we shall live; and if they kill us, we shall only die.” 5 And they rose at twilight to go to the camp of the Syrians; and when they had come to the outskirts of the Syrian camp, to their surprise no one was there. 6 For the Lord had caused the army of the Syrians to hear the noise of chariots and the noise of horses—the noise of a great army; so they said to one another, “Look, the king of Israel has hired against us the kings of the Hittites and the kings of the Egyptians to attack us!” 7 Therefore they arose and fled at twilight, and left the camp intact—their tents, their horses, and their donkeys—and they fled for their lives. 8 And when these lepers came to the outskirts of the camp, they went into one tent and ate and drank, and carried from it silver and gold and clothing, and went and hid them; then they came back and entered another tent, and carried some from there also, and went and hid it. 9 Then they said to one another, “We are not doing right. This day is a day of good news, and we remain silent. If we wait until morning light, some punishment will come upon us. Now therefore, come, let us go and tell the king’s household.” 10 So they went and called to the gatekeepers of the city, and told them, saying, “We went to the Syrian camp, and surprisingly no one was there, not a human sound—only horses and donkeys tied, and the tents intact.” 11 And the gatekeepers called out, and they told it to the king’s household inside. 12 So the king arose in the night and said to his servants, “Let me now tell you what the Syrians have done to us. They know that we are hungry; therefore they have gone out of the camp to hide themselves in the field, saying, ‘When they come out of the city, we shall catch them alive, and get into the city.’” 13 And one of his servants answered and said, “Please, let several men take five of the remaining horses which are left in the city. Look, they may either become like all the multitude of Israel that are left in it; or indeed, I say, they may become like all the multitude of Israel left from those who are consumed; so let us send them and see.” 14 Therefore they took two chariots with horses; and the king sent them in the direction of the Syrian army, saying, “Go and see.” 15 And they went after them to the Jordan; and indeed all the road was full of garments and weapons which the Syrians had thrown away in their haste. So the messengers returned and told the king. 1.Circle what the lepers said that unified and helped others in verses 9-11. 2.What did one of the kings servants say that was helpful and helped? (Circle the answer) 3.How do the words and actions of these men bring life and unity? 7

8 How are your words creating unity among other believers? Are your words loving, kind and helpful? 8

9 9 Blessing for Counting the Omer: “Blessed are You, LORD our God, King of the Universe who has sanctified us with His commandments and commanded us concerning the counting of the Omer.” Today is the ________ day of the Omer.” Blessed are You, O Lord our God, King of the universe, who has sanctified us by Your commandments and commanded us to be a light unto Your nations and has given us Yeshua our Messiah, the light of the world. Psalms 67: May God be merciful to us, and bless us, and cause His face to shine on us. Selah. So that Your way may be known on earth, Your salvation among all nations. Let the nations praise You, O God; let all the nations thank You. O let the nations be glad and sing for joy, for You shall judge the people righteously and govern the nations on earth. Selah. Let the nations give thanks to You, O God; let all the nations praise You. The earth shall yield its increase; and God, shall bless us. God shall bless us; and all the ends of the earth shall fear Him.

10 10 Praise words to thank Yahweh God

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