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Ergonomics Matches “job to the worker” & “Product to the end user” Brett Young MSE 32 Khalifa Maskery MSE 31.

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1 Ergonomics Matches “job to the worker” & “Product to the end user” Brett Young MSE 32 Khalifa Maskery MSE 31

2 Today’s Objectives Awareness Recognise hazards at your workstation Conduct a basic workstation assessment Modify and/or implement controls Discuss rehabilitation & return to work Reduce the risk of MSD in PDO HEMPHEMP

3 Potential Health affects of working with Display Screen Equipment Musculoskeletal discomfort –upper limb, neck, lower back Overuse illnesses –Soft tissue, tendons e.g. CTS Temporary eye strain and headaches Fatigue and stress Epilepsy Facial dermatitis Electromagnetic radiation Effects on pregnant women

4 PDO Studies Illness% of workers Headache21 Lower back pain38 Stiff neck32 Shoulder pain31 Sore wrist43 Sore Eyes32 Age bracket: 35-50 for lower back discomfort Age bracket 20-30 already showing significant discomfort

5 Risk Factors of MSD 1.Working Posture (Static, Awkward) 2.Repetition & duration 3.Work Area Design −Workstation setup, office equipment 4.Individual factors −Pre-existing injury −Age of workforce 5.Work Organisation −Working longer hours −Desk/Office bound

6 Disc Pressure Standing or Correct Seated Posture Discs take correct shape when spine is in ‘double S’ form Seated with Poor Posture Discs are compressed when spine is in ‘C’ form

7 Chair Stable base (5 castors) Adjustable Lumbar Support Cloth pan and back Curved edges Adjustable pan ??? Adjustable Height & Armrests Start with feet flat on floor Other types – Swiss ball, kneel chair, sit stand




11 Work Desk Adjustable height (start at 72 cm) Sufficiently large (600 mm depth) Clean, low reflectance surface Allows flexible arrangement of –screen, keyboard, documents, phone




15 Screens Distance from the User Level of Monitor Repeated Head Movement Reflection / Glare Contrast / Brightness Dust Build up Readability


17 Keyboards / Mouse Carpal tunnel Syndrome Mouse injury Carpal tunnel Syndrome (CTS) is a condition that effects the hand and wrist. It results when the median nerve does not work properly due to inflammation of the median nerve

18 Keyboard / Mouse




22 Telephones and workstation equipment


24 Managers/Supervisors Only purchase/supply approved office equipment Ensure each workers’ workstation is assessed by HSE Focal Point Consult/Listen to workers Look for signs of problems Find low-cost and no-cost solutions

25 Workers Utilise the Self Assessment Tools Modify your behaviour Stretch/move every 45 minutes Seek medical advice if pain persists Speak to your supervisor

26 Rehabilitation & Return to Work Remedial Actions –Assessment of Workstation –RSI Checklist Medical Case Management –In-house medical staff –Work hardening –Job placement –Job redesign –Behavioural changes

27 What are MSE doing? Currently inspecting new facilities Program to retrain HSE Focal Points Workers to conduct self assessment tool Target high risk workers/areas Manage others for improvement Program inspections & audits Updating material on the Health webpage

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