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Jace Dyckman Prevention Health Specialist

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2 Jace Dyckman Prevention Health Specialist 406.651.6416



5 What is HIV? What is AIDS? Where did it come from?

6 HIV Prevalence About 1.3 Million people in the US have HIV and only 75% of them know it. It is seen in all classes, races, and genders.

7 HIV Prevalence in Montana
Total new cases diagnosed in 2012 = 19 diagnosed in 2011 = 22 diagnosed in 2009 = 32 Living adult HIV cases = 154 Living adult AIDS cases = 272 Pediatric HIV/AIDS cases = 2 Total Living Cases = 428

8 HIV Symptoms HIV does not have a set of symptoms
Symptoms could be flu like, muscle aches, rash, or nothing at all.

9 HIV Transmission Bodily fluids containing HIV include blood, semen, vaginal fluid, and breast milk. Vaginal, Anal and Oral sex, needle sharing, exposure to infected blood. HIV cannot be spread via casual contact, including kissing, using the same eating utensils, hugging, etc.

10 HIV Testing HIV test takes 20 minutes and is confidential
Requires a finger stick, not a blood draw, or Oral Fluid. You can get a free HIV test at: RiverStone Clinic Yellowstone AIDS Project Planned Parenthood


12 Rapid test is unable to test for the last 3 months of any new exposures


14 What age and gender are currently the rising population to get HIV?

15 Heterosexual females ages 18-28!

16 What age and gender are currently the rising population to get STD’s?

17 Heterosexual females ages 15 – 24!

18 What is a Sexually Transmitted Disease/Infection?
STD’s same as STI’s What is a Sexually Transmitted Disease/Infection?

19 Viral HIV = No Cure Bacterial Chlamydia Parasitic
Hep B = No Cure if Chronic Carrier, vaccine is available HPV = No Cure, vaccine is available Herpes = No cure Hep C Bacterial Chlamydia Syphillis Gonorrhea Parasitic

20 According to Data from Montana Department of Health and Human Services
For January to June 2010 1,499 cases of Chlamydia were reported in Montana. 1066 were female 431 were male 859 were female from 14-24 282 were males from 14-24

21 According to the same data source,
58 cases of Gonorrhea were reported. 32 were female, 22 < 24 years old 26 were male, 11 < 24 years old Only 2 cases of Syphillis had been reported. There are still 6 months worth of Data To be reported for this year.

22 Chlamydia Symptoms It is known as the silent disease because about 75% of infected women and 50% of infected men have no symptoms.

23 Chlamydial Cervicitis
Normal cervix Chlamydial Cervicitis

24 Chlamydia Treatment Is treated with Antibiotics
If left untreated in women, damage can lead to chronic pelvic pain, infertility, and potentially fetal ectopic pregnancy.

25 Gonorrhea symptoms Burning when urinating
White, yellow, or green discharge from vagina or penis Swollen testicles Bleeding in between periods Can take 30 days for symptoms to appear

26 70% of people with gonorrhea and/or chlamydia don’t have symptoms.
Optical infection Discharge

27 Gonorrhea treatment Antibiotics

28 HPV Transmission HPV is transmitted sexually.
A vaccine exist to prevent the ‘4 undesirable genotypes of HPV.’ Gardasil $165 per shot at RiverStone. If you are between 13 and 18 you can get the shot for $20.

29 HPV Symptoms Genital and Anal Warts

30 HPV Treatment Your body can pass some types of HPV but not the 4 which cause warts and cervical cancer. There is NO cure for HPV

31 At least 50% of sexually active men and women acquire genital HPV infection at some point in their life. About 1% of sexually active adults have genital warts at any given time.

32 Genital Herpes Prevalence
Nationwide 45 million people have had genital herpes. We stopped following up on this one because there are so many new cases.

33 Genital Herpes Signs & Symptoms
The first outbreak usually occurs within 2 weeks of infection Flu like symptoms Many people mistake the signs as another skin condition or insect bites


35 Genital Herpes Transmission
Skin to skin Does NOT require sexual intercourse to spread. Herpes simplex 1 & 2 are interchangeable

36 How is syphilis transmitted?
Syphilis is transmitted via touching a syphilis sore. Transmission occurs during vaginal, anal and oral sex. Syphilis cannot be spread through casual contact with a toilet seat, door knob, swimming pool, shared clothing and eating utensils.

37 Signs and Symptoms Primary – single sore or chancre, usually in about 21 days. The sore lasts about 3-6 weeks. The foundation for successful internal brand development is assimilating it into the culture As employee support for change increases, the intensity and the difficulty of activities intended to drive change also increases

38 Secondary and Tertiary Syphilis
Skin rash and mucous membrane The disease can remain latent for years and can eventually damage internal organs, including the brain, nerves, eyes, heart, blood vessels, liver, bones and joints.

39 Rash, nickel and dime lesions


41 Penicillin or other antibiotic.
Treatment Penicillin or other antibiotic.


43 Crabs Pubic lice are parasitic insects arms, legs, armpits, eyebrows, and eyelashes. More than 3 million cases occurring in the United States every year.

44 Modes of Transmission:
If your sexual partner is infested with pubic crabs, you have a 95% chance of becoming infected yourself. Crabs can only live for 48 hours without human blood.

45 Symptoms: Itching and irritation Bluish spots where the crabs have been feeding Dark spots (crab feces) indicate a definite infestation Nits (eggs) close to the bottom of the pubic hair shaft

46 Treatment: Genital crabs can be treated with prescription lotions or shampoos as well as over-the-counter remedies.

47 STDS can affect these areas:
Conjunctiva (eye) Mouth Throat We have seen all three of these in Billings in the past month.

48 What we do… We talk to people infected with the aforementioned STDs to get their sexual contacts’ information. Re-infection is a big concern because it is so common. We are legally obligated to notify partners ANONYMOUSLY. No names or time frames are used in this process.

49 When I have sex, I am also sleeping with?
5 other people 10 other people 15 other people More than I thought!




53 What is Hepatitis? HEPA means liver itis means inflamed

54 The ABC’s of Hepatitis Where is the liver and what does it do?

55 Hepatitis A Fecal-Oral transmission Contaminated, uncooked food
Immunizations available

56 Hepatitis B Sexually transmitted Blood, semen, and vaginal fluid
Immunization available

57 Hepatitis C Needle sharing, even using the same water, cotton, or spoon. Rarely sexually transmitted (3-6% in monogamous relationships). Only blood carries Hep C Stays alive for 3 weeks outside the body Don’t share personal items with ANYONE!!

58 What happens if I get Hepatitis C?

59 Progression of HCV Infection

60 Is there a cure For HEP C?

61 Questions?

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