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Business 86, Medical Terminology Week 5 Overview - Suffix/Prefix test - After test complete pg. 43 in syllabus - Review homework-oral practice - Chapter.

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1 Business 86, Medical Terminology Week 5 Overview - Suffix/Prefix test - After test complete pg. 43 in syllabus - Review homework-oral practice - Chapter 5-pgs. 78-103-lecture - Term Project- due Week 17 - Getting ready for body structure test- using pgs. 9, 43, and 55 in the syllabus - Medical Language Lab - Homework

2 Business 86, Medical Terminology Worksheet-Body Structure Answers Pg. 43- syllabus- oral practice 1.Distal 2.Superior 3.Lateral 4.Ventral 5.Anterior 6.Superficial 7.Parietal 8.Distal 9.Superficial

3 Business 86, Medical Terminology 1.brain - cranial 2.heart - thoracic 3.lungs - thoracic 4.intestine - abdominopelvic 5.stomach - abdominopelvic 6.spinal cord - spinal

4 Business 86, Medical Terminology RUQ, RLQ, LUQ, LLQ 1. midsagittal/median right and left sides 2. coronal/frontal: anterior and posterior 3. horizontal/transverse: superior and inferior

5 Integumentary Outline Introduction Function 1.Protection 2.Sensory Receptor 3.Temperature regulation 4.Vitamin D synthesis

6 Business 86, Medical Terminology Anatomy of the Skin Derm, Dermat, Cutane Layers Epidermis - upon the skin Dermis - true skin Subcutaneous tissue- under the skin

7 Business 86, Medical Terminology Appendages of the skin  Hair - pilo, tricho  Nails - onycho, unguo  Glands - adeno  Sweat - Sudoriferous  Oil - Sebaceous

8 Business 86, Medical Terminology Pathology of the Integumentary System Primary Skin lesions Macule- a small, flat, distinct colored area of skin Patch- a larger, flat distinct colored area of skinb

9  Papule - a papule is a skin lesion that is small, solid, and raised.  Nodule - a solid, raised bump larger than a papule Plaque- a cluster of papules

10 Business 86, Medical Terminology  Vesicle - a small, elevated lesion filled with clear fluid  Bulla - a large, fluid-filled blister on the skin or mucous membrane

11 Business 86, Medical Terminology Pustule- a small, raised, circumscribed lesion that contains pus

12 Business 86, Medical Terminology SScales - dead skin cells that look like flakes or dry skin WWheal - a welt; an elevation on the skin that may itch or burn, often characteristic of an allergic reaction

13 Secondary Skin Lesions (depressed Lesions)  Excoriations- traumatized abrasions of the epidermis  Fissure-small crack-like sore that extends into the dermis  Ulcer-an open sore

14 Business 86, Medical Terminology Skin Problems due to exposure First Degree Burn Red skin, sunburn, painful, epidermis

15 Business 86, Medical Terminology Second Degree Burn Blisters, very painful, epidermis and dermis

16 Business 86, Medical Terminology Third Degree Burn Charred, no pain, epidermis, dermis, subcutaneous tissue, critical burn

17 Business 86, Medical Terminology Frostbite damage to the skin and underlying tissues caused by extreme cold SSuperficial - closer to the surface DDeep - internal

18 Decubitus Ulcer- Pressure Sore Bed Sore Pathology and related terms of the integumentary system

19 Business 86, Medical Terminology  Eczema –chronic inflammatory skin condition that is characterized by erythema, papules, pustules, scales, crusts, and scabs.  Dermatitis - inflammation of the skin  Ecchymosis - bruise

20 Business 86, Medical Terminology  Hirsutism - abnormal growth of hair  Impetigo - a skin infection that is generally caused by one of two bacteria: streptococcus, staphylococcus  Petechia - tiny hemorrhagic spots  Hidrosis - abnormal sweating  Cicatrix - scar

21 Business 86, Medical Terminology  Abrasion - a scrape  Chloasma –yelllowish brown patches or spots  Tinea –fungal infection (ring worm)  Keratosis –abnormal hard, horny tissue

22 Business 86, Medical Terminology PPallor - pale PPediculosis - lice PPsoriasis - a chronic (long-lasting) skin disease of red patches covered by dry silvery scales SScabies - infectious disease caused by the itch mite UUrticaria - hives vverruca - skin growth caused by a virus.

23  Dermatosis - abnormal skin condition  Alopecia – baldness  Keloid tissue –thickened scaar  Laceration -jagged cut  Comedo –black head (acne)  Vitiligo –localized loss of pigmentation  Abscess –collection of pus at the site of an infection

24 Business 86, Medical Terminology  Erythema –redness of skin  Cellulitis - inflammation of connective tissue  Cyanosis - condition of blueness  Nevus - birthmark, mole  Onychomalacia - softening of the nails

25 Business 86, Medical Terminology  Diaphoresis - abnormal sweating due to shock  Dermatomycosis –infection caused by fungi  Melanoma - black tumor; A very aggressive type of skin cancer

26 Business 86, Medical Terminology Melanoma

27 Business 86, Medical Terminology  Incision -surgical cut  Hematoma –(blood tumor)n large collection of blood in the tissues  Eschar –dead matter that is sloughed off from skin  Lentigo –small brown macules (sun exposure-age)  Contusion -bruise

28 Business 86, Medical Terminology Medical Procedures Chemical Peel –chemical removal of the outer layers of skin Debridement – removal of necrotic tissue Dermabrasion –rubbing away skin

29 Business 86, Medical Terminology Surgical Procedures BBiopsy – excision of tissue/fluid for pathological study Frozen Section –frozen at the time of the biopsy

30 Business 86, Medical Terminology  Skin Graft- Autograft- self Allograft- from one person to another Xenograft- foreign donor (usually pig)  Liposuction- removal of fat through suctioning

31 Business 86, Medical Terminology Diagnostic Procedures TTuberculin test- test for tuberculosis (TB) PPatch and Scratch testing- allergy testing

32 Business 86, Medical Terminology Culture and sensitivity testing- laboratory test that grows a colony of bacteria (from a wound) and then determines its sensitivity to antibiotic drugs

33 Business 86, Medical Terminology Medications  Antifungals –against fungus -nystatin  Antipruritic - against itching -benadryl  Anti-inflammatory - against inflammation -hydrocortisone  Keratolytics -destroy and soften the outer layer of skin - Retin-A  Protectives –cover, cool and soothe dry skin -moisturizing lotion and Vaseline

34 Business 86, Medical Terminology Sunscreen and Sunblock –filter and help block the sun’s ultraviolet rays

35 Business 86, Medical Terminology Abbreviations BBx - biopsy SSC/SQ - subcutaneous UUNG - Ointment DDECUB - Decubitus ulcer SSLE - systemic lupus erythematosus FFS - frozen section

36 Business 86, Medical Terminology Medical Terminology Project Guidelines- page 49 DDisease Report- Guidelines PPlagiarism Caution CCreative Writing VVisual Project/Hands on Project

37 Examples CCreative writing story PPoster CCreative game AApron, pillow, t-shirt etc.

38 Review for Quiz Two- page 55

39 Business 86, Medical Terminology 1.List the four main body cavities: 1.Abdominopelvic 2.Thoracic 3.Spinal 4.Cranial 2.Name three body planes and give their anatomical division: 1. Midsagittal- equal right and left sides 2. Transverse/horizontal- superior and inferior 3. Frontal/coronal- anterior and posterior 3.Tell the abbreviations used when dividing up the abdominopelvic and list the organs found in each quadrant cavity 1. RUQ- liver and gall bladder 2. RLQ- appendix and female reproduction 3. LUQ- stomach, pancreas, and spleen 4. LLQ- sigmoid colon and female reproduction

40 Business 86, Medical Terminology 4. DEFINE THE FOLLOWING  Sinistr/o -to the left  Anter/o - front  Inferior - towards the feet  Caudal - tail  Infra – below  Cirrh/o = yellow  Epi - above, upon  Ventral - belly side, front  Inter - between  Ambi - both sides  Endo - within, inside  Abduction - movement away from the midline  Superior - towards the head  Later/o - sidez  Medi - middle

41 Business 86, Medical Terminology DD extro- to the right AA dduction- movement towards the midline DD orsal- back PP roximal- closer to the point of reference AA nterior- front PP seudo- false LL aparo- abdomen DD istal- away from the point of reference CC ephal- head PP osterior- back

42 5. What is physiology? The study of body function 6. What is anatomy? The study of body structure 7. Review Abbreviation set one- page 9 in the syllabus 8. Know the levels of organization from the least to then most complex- cells, tissue, organs, systems, organism 9. Keep studying your suffixes and prefixes

43 Business 86, Medical Terminology  CBC- complete blood count Page 9- syllabus  Stat- immediately  UA- urinalysis  p.r.n.- as needed  ABG- arterial blood gases  bid- two times a day  tid- three times a day  h.s.- hour of sleep/bed time  Q, q- every  p- after  pc- after meals  ac- before meals  c- with  s- without  a- before  ADL- activities of daily living

44 Business 86, Medical Terminology Homework Study for body structure test using pgs. 9, 43, 55 syllabus Complete pgs. 50-54 (syllabus) Complete pgs. 104-117 (book) Term Plus Integumentary-TE and MV study questions for chapter 5 Read pgs. 120-151 (book)

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