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Health vocabulary Illnesses (sicknesses) & remedies (cures)

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2 Health vocabulary Illnesses (sicknesses) & remedies (cures)

3 Sore throat My throat is sore I have a sore throat

4 cough Remedy: cough drops or cough syrup

5 What’s wrong with your Nose? I have allergies: I’m sneezing a lot. My nose itches. I have a cold: My nose is running. My nose is stuffy

6 Bloody nose or Nose bleed Watch this instructional video: w-to-Treat-A- Nosebleed.htm

7 What did the video say to do First: __________________________________ _________________________________ Second: __________________________________ _________________________________ If the bleeding does not stop: __________________________________

8 Head My head hurts I have a headache Migraine : a severe headache ----When did it start? ----It started about an hour ago

9 How often do you get them? ( the pains/aches) (headaches) (stomachaches) (Toothaches) (Earaches) I get them (once) a (month) (twice) a (year) (three times) a (day)

10 Stomach: I have a stomach ache. My stomach hurts, I have cramps (pains) My stomach hurts, I feel nauseous: I’m going to throw up (vomit)

11 Eyes My eyes hurt I can’t see well. You may need glasses If your eyes are red or itchy you may need eye drops

12 Fever High temperature on the thermometer In the US, a fever is above 98.6 ˚ Farenheit (37 ˚ Celsius)

13 Chills Your body feels very cold, but you may have a fever, or your head feels hot Shivering (verb) tiritando

14 Rash Red, itchy bumps Irritated skin

15 Flu Many symptoms: fever, chills, backaches, sore throat, runny nose

16 Dizzy You feel light-headed and may faint

17 Broken bone Patient: I think my leg is broken. Doctor: OK Let’s take some x-rays Cast crutches

18 Sprained ankle or wrist Strained the ligaments in one of your joints Needs to be rested and wrapped in a bandage

19 Cures/Remedies Get an injection/shot Swallow pills, tablets or capsules Rub in a cream or ointment Use drops Drink liquid medicine

20 Cut Needs to be cleaned out, and covered with a bandaid A deep cut may need stitches

21 ankle arm belly- button chest/breast chin hand head heel hip knee toes waist wrist ear elbow eye fingers foot thigh leg mouth nose neck shin shoulder

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