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© ConnectYourCare. All Rights Reserved. Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA) Information.

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1 © ConnectYourCare. All Rights Reserved. Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA) Information

2 2 Who We Are ConnectYourCare is your health care account administrator, offering the most advanced and user- friendly account solution. –Online and mobile account access –Health education tools –Payment card –Easy access to funds © ConnectYourCare. All Rights Reserved.

3 3 What is an HRA? Contributions –Your employer contributes funds to your account Using Your Account –Use the funds for qualified medical expenses (may be limited by your employer) –Use the funds for your spouse’s or your eligible dependents’ qualified medical expenses Funds Forfeiture –Funds may roll over to the next plan year, depending on your employer’s plan © ConnectYourCare. All Rights Reserved.

4 4 Examples of Qualified Medical Expenses Acupuncture Alcoholism treatment Ambulance Artificial limb Automobile modifications for a physically handicapped person Birth control pills Blood pressure monitoring device Braille books & magazines (above the cost of regular printed material) Chiropractic care Christian Science practitioner COBRA premiums (post tax) Contact lenses & related materials Crutches Dental treatment Dentures Diagnostic services Drug addiction treatment Eye examination Eye glasses & related materials Fertility treatment Flu shot Guide dog or other animal aide Hearing aids Hospital services Immunization Insulin Insurance premiums (post tax) Laboratory fees Laser eye surgery Long-term care premiums or expenses (post tax) Medical testing device Nursing services Obstetrical expenses Organ transplant Orthodontia (not for cosmetic reasons) Oxygen Physical exam Physical therapy Prescription drugs Psychiatric care Smoking cessation program Surgery Transportation for medical care Weight loss program to necessary to treat obesity Wheelchair © ConnectYourCare. All Rights Reserved.

5 5 Examples of Qualified OTC Expenses Some over-the-counter items are eligible for purchase with HRA funds. © ConnectYourCare. All Rights Reserved. Eligible without a Prescription:  Band aids  Braces & supports  Catheters  Contact lens supplies & solutions  Denture adhesives  Diagnostic tests & monitors  Family planning items  First aid supplies  Insulin & diabetic supplies  Ostomy products  Reading glasses  Sunscreen & sun block (SPF 15+, broad spectrum)  Wheelchairs, walkers, canes Eligible with a Prescription*: Acid controllers Allergy & sinus medicine Antibiotics Anti-diarrheals Anti-gas products Anti-itch and insect bite Anti-parasitic treatments Baby rash ointments/creams Cold sore remedies Cough, cold & flu Digestive Aids Feminine anti-fungal/anti-itch Hemorrhoidal preps Laxatives Motion sickness Pain relievers Respiratory treatments Sleep aids & sedatives Stomach remedies Dual Purpose Items: These items can be used for a medical purpose or for general health and well being and are eligible only with a prescription, doctor’s directive or letter of medical necessity: Dietary and weight loss supplements Fiber supplements Orthopedic shoes & inserts Snoring cessation aids Vitamins & herbal supplements * A “prescription” means a written or electronic order for a medicine or drug that meets the legal requirements of a prescription in the state in which the medical expense is incurred and that is issued by an individual who is legally authorized to issue a prescription in that state.

6 6 Examples of Not Qualified Expenses Concierge service fees (billed for future services; no treatment actually provided) Cosmetic surgery Exercise equipment Fitness programs Funeral expenses Hair transplants Household help Illegal operations and treatments Maternity clothes Most insurance premiums (COBRA, long term care and retiree medical premiums are allowed) Teeth whitening © ConnectYourCare. All Rights Reserved.

7 Easy Access to Your Account © 2014 ConnectYourCare. All Rights Reserved.

8 8 Online CDH Portal 24 x 7 real-time access to: –Obtain real-time account balances –Check transaction history on accounts – contributions and disbursements –Submit online request for reimbursement, check claim status, and view reimbursement schedule –Add/update personal and direct deposit information –Access a variety of health education and wellness tools © ConnectYourCare. All Rights Reserved.

9 9 Health Education Tools WebMD Hospital Advisor SM — Hospital information and rankings for specific procedures WebMD Medication Advisor SM — Information on less expensive prescription options WebMD Treatment Cost Advisor SM — Cost estimates on 350 of the most common medical conditions, tests, and procedures WebMD Health Topics SM — A to Z medical encyclopedia listing of over 1,500 ailments with information, treatment options, prevention, and more WebMD HealthQuotient SM — State-of-the-art assessment tool that scores participants’ health status, calculates risk levels, and provides recommendations for health improvement and behavior change Symptom Checker — Information about what medical symptoms could indicate and helpful facts before a doctor’s visit © ConnectYourCare. All Rights Reserved.

10 10 Mobile Solutions Mobile App –Available for Android, iOS and Windows devices –View account balance, alerts and transaction history –Submit a new claim –Make payments with Online Bill Pay and Click-to-Pay –Tap to call Customer Service –Upload claim documentation with your device’s camera Mobile Browser –Streamlined version of online account viewable from any mobile device –Access many of the Mobile App’s features without having to download it Mobile Alerts and Two-Way Texting –Request and receive account information and alerts via text message –Sign up for this feature through your online account © ConnectYourCare. All Rights Reserved.

11 11 Accessing Account Funds Payment Card for HRA Use it at locations where Visa is accepted Use it for qualified health care expenses Automatically records purchase online Money comes directly out of your account No need to pay upfront and wait for reimbursement Cannot be used at ATMs Multiple ConnectYourCare accounts are accessible with the same card (if offered by your employer) © ConnectYourCare. All Rights Reserved.

12 12 Reimbursement Requests Pay with personal funds and request reimbursement any HRA purchases made without your card. Pay for a qualified expense using personal funds Enter your claim online or using the mobile app © ConnectYourCare. All Rights Reserved. Upload documentation online or with mobile app Receive reimbursement via check or direct deposit Tip: Set up direct deposit for faster reimbursements!

13 13 Receipts Overview IRS requires all charges to be verified as an eligible expense Some expenses are verified automatically, all others require itemized receipts Payment card will be suspended if itemized receipts are not submitted Receipts must include: –Name of the patient –Date the service was provided –Name of the service provider –Description of the service –Amount/cost of the item or service required Tip: Your health plan EOB typically contains all the required information! © ConnectYourCare. All Rights Reserved.

14 14 Submitting Receipts Many ways to submit receipts: –Mobile upload – snap a picture with your phone! –Online upload – quickly and easily upload a scanned image –Fax – Print out a cover form from your online account. Each bar- coded claim form is unique, be sure to use the one designated for that claim. –USPS mail – Print out a cover form from your online account mail it along with a copy of your receipts. View uploaded images immediately © ConnectYourCare. All Rights Reserved.

15 15 Customer Service Always Available Live Customer Assistance –Available 24/7, 365 days a year –Detailed questions or personal assistance –Trained in adjudication and call assistance Interactive Voice Response –Account information –User name reminder or password reset Online Portal, Mobile App, Mobile Browser and Mobile Alerts –Real-time account balances and transaction information © ConnectYourCare. All Rights Reserved. Best-in-class service to participant through multiple channels

16 16 Frequently Asked Questions How will I be able to access my account funds? –You will receive a payment card from ConnectYourCare to access your HRA funds. You can also pay for eligible expenses with any other form of payment and request reimbursement from your account. When can I request reimbursement from my account? –You have access to the account when your plan becomes effective. How will I know if I need to submit a receipt for substantiation? –If a receipt is needed, you will be notified by email or letter within a week of your payment card swipe. You can also check by logging into your account and visiting the Claim Center. What if I don’t submit my receipts? –You must provide the receipts within the time requested, or the transaction will be deemed ineligible, and you will be required to refund the amount of the transaction. If you fail to submit required receipts, your payment card will be deactivated. If you fail to reimburse the account, the amount of the ineligible expenses may be added to your W-2 or withheld from your pay. © ConnectYourCare. All Rights Reserved.

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